[A Woman Who Knows That She Doesn't Have To Get All Decked Out To Look Good Is Sexy. A Woman Who Can Make You Feel Smart With Her Conversation Skills Is Also Sexy. I Believe The Sense Of Humor Is Important.]

Author: Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes

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Alexandra Chauran Quotes

"The musician has the most brothers, and the dancer the most sisters."

Maria Amparo Ruiz De Burton Quotes

"Let us cry for the spilt milk, by all means, if by doing so we learn how to avoid spilling any more. Let us cry for the spilt milk, and remember how, and where, and why, we spilt it. Much wisdom is learnt through tears, but none by forgetting our lessons."

Victor Stenger Quotes

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."

Amanda Owen Quotes

"I have a saying: Receive everything—decide later, which reminds me to be open to possibilities instead of closing the doors too quickly before Ive had the opportunity to sit with something new. ~Amanda Owen"

John Powers Quotes

"They hate us because we dont even know why they hate us."

Nedra Reynolds Quotes

"Again, keep everything."

Philip Hammond Quotes

"Let me be absolutely clear: I think it is defeatist to sort of say we want to leave the European Union. Were going to try and change the rules and change the way it works and change the objectives that it has in order to make it something that works for Britain."

Lorelei James Quotes

"Its hard to have a serious conversation with you when youre wearin lighted cocks on your head."AJ defiantly thrust out her chin and the penises bobbled. "We arent having a conversation. Youre give me tough-guy attitude. If you wont acknowledge me in public, you dont have the right to chastise me for anything I do in public or in private. And now you lost the right to do anything to me in private either, bucko.""Quit bein so goddamm childish."Her eyes narrowed to silver slits. "Quit bein such a goddamn dickhead.""Youre the one with dicks on your head, baby doll.""Yeah? I can take mine off any old time I please, but you wear your dickhead like a second skin. Or should I say as a second foreskin?"

Catherine Keener Quotes

"I know many great actors who have small heads."

Regina King Quotes

"We know thats the bottom line: if money is made, the powers that be pay attention."

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Quotes About Birthdays

"The reason I met my husband was because I remembered a friends birthday. The moral of the story is: Remember peoples birthdays." - Author: Julianna Margulies

Quotes About Torments

"You are going to perform a virtuous deed, but you dont even believe in virtue--thats what makes you angry and torments you, thats why youre so vindictive." - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Quotes About Lesbian Love

"Are you a lesbian?" She looked at me with a serious expression. "If you are, its okay. I dont want you to munch my rug or anything, but Ill love you anyway." - Author: L.D. Davis

Quotes About Gulf War

"Nor did these society people add to Elstirs work in their minds eye that temporal perspective which enabled them to like, or at least to look without discomfort at, Chardins painting. And yet the older among them might have reminded themselves that in the course of their lives they had gradually seen, as the years bore them away from it, the unbridgeable gulf between what they considered a masterpiece by Ingres and what they had supposed must forever remain a "horror" (Manets Olympia, for example) shrink until the two canvases seemed like twins. But we never learn, because we lack the wisdom to work backwards from the particular to the general, and imagine ourselves always to be faced with an experience which has no precedents in the past." - Author: Marcel Proust

Quotes About Wind In Your Hair

"We shouldnt have left." Keeley paced the kitchen, stopping at the windows on each pass. Why werent they back?"Darling, youre shaking.Come on now, sit and drink your tea.""I cant.Whats wrong with men? Theyd have beaten that idiot to a pulp.Im not that surprised at Brian,I suppose, but I expected more restraint from Dad."Genuinely surprised, Adelia glanced over. "Why?"As worry ate through her she raked her hands through her hair. "Hes contained. Now you,I could see you taking a few swings..." SHe winced. "No offense," she said, then saw that her mother was grinning."None taken.My temper might be a bit, well say, more colorful than your fathers. His tends to be cold and deliberate when its called for.And it was.The man hurt and frightened his little girl.""His little girl was about to attempt to gut the man with a hoof pick." Keeley blew out a breath. "Ive never seen Dad hit anyone, or look like he wanted to keep right on with it." - Author: Nora Roberts

Quotes About Being Ahead Of The Game

"Damn," Crystal sputtered, looking up from the dictionary in disbelief. "Oenophlygia: the state of being dunk. It really is a word".Johnny gloated unabashedly. "Just wouldnt listen, would you? Just couldnt stand that I might be way ahead of the game. Word to the wise," he added with a superior smirk. "Dont mess with a man of my experience in that arena." - Author: Cindy Gerard

Quotes About Mrs Dubose From Atticus

"The first organised opposition by women to womens suffrage in England dates from 1889, when a number of ladies led by Mrs Ward appealed against the proposed extension of the Parliamentary suffrage to women." - Author: Millicent Fawcett

Quotes About Respect Your Love

"You dont love me, Sebastian. You dont have any idea what love really is. You cant love anyone or anything until you love your own existence, first. Love can only grow out of a respect for your own life. When you love yourself, your own existence, then you love someone who can enhance your existence, share it with you, and make it more pleasurable. When you hate yourself and believe your existence is evil, then you can only hate, you can only experience the shell of love, that longing for something good, but you have nothing to base it in but hatred. You taint the very concept of love, Sebastian, with your corrupted longing for it. You want me only to justify your hatred, to be your partner in self-loathing." - Author: Terry Goodkind

Quotes About The Theory Of Forms

"It is the question that is also asked by modern political theory: Can politics accept truth as a structural category? Or must truth, as something unattainable, be relegated to the subjective sphere, its place taken by an attempt to build peace and justice using whatever instruments are available to power? By relying on truth, does not politics, in view of the impossibility of attaining consensus on truth, make itself a tool of particular traditions that in reality are merely forms of holding on to power?And yet, on the other hand, what happens when truth counts for nothing? What kind of justice is then possible? Must there not be common criteria that guarantee real justice for all—criteria that are independent of the arbitrariness of changing opinions and powerful lobbies? Is it not true that the great dictatorships were fed by the power of the ideological lie and that only truth was capable of bringing freedom?" - Author: Pope Benedict XVI

Quotes About Privileges

"At least one way of measuring the freedom of any society is the amount of comedy that is permitted, and clearly a healthy society permits more satirical comment than a repressive, so that if comedy is to function in some way as a safety release then it must obviously deal with these taboo areas. This is part of the responsibility we accord our licensed jesters, that nothing be excused the searching light of comedy. If anything can survive the probe of humour it is clearly of value, and conversely all groups who claim immunity from laughter are claiming special privileges which should not be granted." - Author: Eric Idle