[A World In Which Time Is Absolute Is A World Of Consolation. For While The Movements Of People Are Unpredictable, The Movement Of Time Is Predictable. While People Can Be Doubted, Time Cannot Be Doubted. While People Brood, Time Skips Ahead Without Looking Back. In The Coffee Houses, In The Government Buildings, In Boats Of Lake Geneva, People Look At Their Watches And Take Refuge In Time. Each Person Knows That Somewhere Is Recorded The Moment She Was Born, The Moment She Took Her First Step, The Moment Of Her First Passion, The Moment She Said Goodbye To Her Parents.]

Author: Alan Lightman Quotes

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Jack Buck Quotes

"Its such a beautiful sport, with no politics involved, no color, no class. Only as a youngster can you play and as a pro can you win. The game has kept me young, involved and excited and for me to be up here with gems of baseball."

Francois Gautier Quotes

"Being married to a daughter of India is a natural complement of my being in this country for 30 years. My roots are very much in this country, even though I remain a Westerner."

Serge Gainsbourg Quotes

"Lamour est aveugle et sa canne est rose"

Michael Barbarulo Quotes

"Its a fact that youre going to have a different opinion or view on certain topics or issues. You need stand your ground by sharing your view."

Suki Michelle Quotes

"Humankind invented clocks to define eternity just as humankind invented religion to define God."

Benjamin Janey Quotes

"Wed like to believe that by discussing what has occurred will change things. Until now, heres a mental illness that must be dealt with by going to the root."

Jordan MacLean Quotes

"Draw a cart with horses, or push it down a hill...Both move the cart, aye?" -- Daerwin of Brannagh"

Maaya Sakamoto Quotes

"Been a long road to followBeen there and one tomorrowWithout saying goodbye to yesterdayAre the memories I holdStill valid?Or have the tears deluded them..Something somewhere out thereIs calling...Zero Gravity, Whats it like?Is somebody thereBeyond these heavy aching feet?Am I going home?Will I hear someone?Singin solace to the silent moonStill the road keeps on telling meTo go on...Something is pulling me,I feel the gravityOf it all."

Craig Silvey Quotes

"And so I think I got married because I thought that a ring would lock that love in forever, because its very scary when it is just your feelings holding you together"

Mbella Sonne Dipoko Quotes

"one bothers oneself for nothing."

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"I deeply detest social distinction and snobbery, and in that lies my strong aversion to titular honours." - Author: Helen Clark

Quotes About Mercy Otis Warren

"I thank you, God, who lives always, and Who, as i awaken, has in mercy returned my soul to me; we can ever trust in you." - Author: Priscilla Warner

Quotes About Telling A Secret

"Technically, our name, to those who speak science, is Homo sapiens— wise person. But we have been described in many other ways. Homo narrans, juridicus, ludens, diaspora: we are storytelling, legal, game-playing, scattered people, too. True but incomplete. That old phrase has the secret. We are all, have always been, will always be, Homo vorago aperientis: person before whom opens a vast & awesome hole." - Author: China Miéville

Quotes About Goddess Of Beauty

"No longer was she merely the dancing-girl who extorts a cry of lust and concupiscence from an old man by the lascivious contortions of her body; who breaks the will, masters the mind of a King by the spectacle of her quivering bosoms, heaving belly and tossing thighs; she was now revealed in a sense as the symbolic incarnation of world-old Vice, the goddess of immortal Hysteria, the Curse of Beauty supreme above all other beauties by the cataleptic spasm that stirs her flesh and steels her muscles, - a monstrous Beast of the Apocalypse, indifferent, irresponsible, insensible, poisoning." - Author: Joris Karl Huysmans

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"The undersigned pointed out that nothing was required of a pastor except that he intimate in church at the dead mans bier his date of birth and date of death and thereafter say some little prayer or other, even if it were only the Lords Prayer; and finally sprinkle the States three spadefuls of earth with the statutory innocent phrases, Earth to earth, etc., as is the custom. Pastor Jón Prímus: Thats not so innocent as it looks. It derives from those scholastics. They were always doing their utmost to falsify Aristotle, though he was quite bad enough already. They tried to feed the fables with yet more fables, such as that the primary elements of matter first disintegrate and then reassemble to resurrect. They lied so fast in the Middle Ages they hadnt even time to hiccup." - Author: Halldór Laxness

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"The way the Rider flourished his sword afterward- spinning it in a quick circle by his side- suddenly seemed familiar to Eragon, as did all his preceding swordsmanship. He stared with growing horror at his enemys hand-and-a-half sword, then back up at the eye slits of his mirrored helm, and shouted, "I know you! He threw himself at the Rider, trapping both swords between their bodies, hooked his fingers underneath the helm, and ripped it off. And there in the center of the plateau, on the edge of the Burning Plains of Allagaesia, stood Murtagh." - Author: Christopher Paolini

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"I began to perceive more deeply than it has ever yet been stated, the trembling immateriality, the mistlike transience, of this seemingly so solid body in which we walk attired." - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

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"Authority, as you usually think of it, is merely the excuse the strong use to make others conform to what they want." - Author: Wm. Paul Young

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"I do not fear that "future generations will not read novels," etc. It is probably a complete misunderstanding to conceive of serious art in categories of production, market, readers, supply and demand(...)art is not the fabrication of stories for readers but a spiritual cohabitation, something so tense and so separate from science, even contradictory to it, that there can be no competition between them. If someone fine, dignified, prolific, brilliant (this is how one ought to speak of artists this is the language art demands) is born in the future, if someone unique and unrepeatable is born, a Bach, a Rembrandt, then he will win people over, charm and seduce them..." - Author: Witold Gombrowicz

Quotes About Science And Art

"I guess were all, or most of us, the wards of that nineteenth-century science which denied existence to anything it could not measure or explain. The things we couldnt explain went right on but surely not with our blessing. We did not see what we couldnt explain, and meanwhile a great part of the world was abandoned to children, insane people, fools, and mystics, who were more interested in what is than in why it is. So many old and lovely things are stored in the worlds attic, because we dont want them around us and we dont dare throw them out." - Author: John Steinbeck