[Above All, Do Not Lose Your Desire To Walk.]

Author: Buddha Quotes

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Barbara Kellerman Quotes

"Most characteristics associated with leaders are masculine: dominance, authority, assertiveness, and so forth."

SLJ Shortt Quotes

"Boy, you are outta line!" Joe yelled. "Im outta line?! Youre screwing a vampire!" "You hypocritical little bastard!" "Yeah, youre a hypocripical-hypocri-hyp-hyp-hyp, I HATE THAT WORD!"

Delilah Marvelle Quotes

"Her unusual upbringing had made her worldly enough to understand that every female, no matter her genus and species, had the ability to physically coerce a male into full cooperation.And yes, she knew just the male to coerce."

Johannes Rand Quotes

"repooping is the purest form of pooping"

Mutannabi Quotes

"People differ to such a degree they agree on nothing,Except death that is, and even on that they disagree.Some say the soul goes on after the death of the bodyWhile others claim the soul, with the body, dies too."

Oswald Spengler Quotes

"There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money - and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact."

William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes

"Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster."

Sune Bergstrom Quotes

"The literature [Nobel] laureate of this year has said that an author can do anything as long as his readers believe him.A scientist cannot do anything that is not checked and rechecked by scientists of this network before it is accepted."

Rusty Blackwood Quotes

"I am what I am, and I dont apologize for being honest."

Paul Guilfoyle Quotes

"Its exciting to think that something Im involved in is touching so many people in so many cultures."

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Quotes About Flo

"I have neither the ability of a poet or the flourish of a dramatist. But I must admit I was floored" - Author: Tushar Raheja

Quotes About My Baby Son

"To speak in a flat voiceIs all that I can do.I have gone every placeAsking for you.Wondering where to turnAnd how the search would endAnd the last streetlight spinAbove me blind. Then I returned rebuffedAnd saw under the sunThe race not to the swiftNor the battle won. Liston dives in the tank,Lord, in Lewiston, Maine,And Ernie Dotys drunkIn hell again. And Jenny, oh my JennyWhom I love, rhyme be damned,Has broken her spare beautyIn a whorehouse old.She left her new babyIn a bus-station can,And sprightly danced awayThrough Jacksontown.Which is a place I know,One where I got picked upA few shrunk years agoBy a good cop.Believe it, Lord, or not.Dont ask me who he was.I speak of flat defeatIn a flat voice. I have gone forward with Some, a few lonely some. They have fallen to death. I die with them. Lord, I have loved Thy cursed,The beauty of Thy house:Come down. Come down. Why dostThou hide thy face?" - Author: James Wright

Quotes About Cloth

"I did discover that if youre interested in low wages, a bookstore ranks below retail clothing sales, except the hours are worse." - Author: Sue Grafton

Quotes About Will Smith

"Will Smith is the biggest movie star Ive ever met, and he couldnt be more gracious." - Author: Todd Lowe

Quotes About Famous

"Dan moved forward and replaced Jonah at the helm. "Ive got a plan!""Thats my man!" The famous grin disappeared as Jonah took in the grim determination in Dans features. His expression was as flat and expressionless as a naked skull.Dan steered the hurtling boat directly toward the rocky shore. "Amy, hang onto that painting!""Thats not a plan!" Jonah shouted. "Thats suicide!" - Author: Gordon Korman

Quotes About Devastating News

"Investigative superstar Jason Leopold spares no one, least of all himself, in this devastatingly accurate first-hand exposé. News Junkie provides the best account so far of how, and why, current American journalism has become so pharisaical, spineless, and detached from the truth" - Author: T.D. Allman

Quotes About Funerals And Death

"Western funerals: black hearses, and black horses, and fast-fading flowers. Why should black be the colour of death? Why not the colours of a sunset?" - Author: Daniele Varè

Quotes About Sake

"Dont try to excuse yourself by saying youre doing it for someone elses sake. - Break" - Author: Jun Mochizuki

Quotes About Grinch Roast Beast

"And he, he himself...the Grinch...carved the roast-beast!" - Author: Dr. Seuss

Quotes About Viewed

"98% of all comedians feel obliged to be funny when interviewed. Less than 2% succeed." - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana