[Acting Is About Giving Yourself Away, Like The U2 Song 'With Or Without You.' You Just Don't Stay Behind A Character And Make People Laugh Or Cry. At Some Point You Have To Take Off That Mask, And When You Do, You're A Human Being, Not Just An Actor. After All, I'm Catherine The Person First. You Share That.]

Author: Catherine Hicks Quotes

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Derrick A Bell Quotes

"We live in a system that espouses merit, equality, and a level playing field, but exalts those with wealth, power, and celebrity, however gained."

Sally Kirkland Quotes

"Our church has been legal since late 1960s. Ive been involved since 1972. I was ordained in 1975."

Dan Abrams Quotes

"They can say I have an opinion about something."

Janet MacLeod Trotter Quotes

"Id not sign away my liberty to any man, Alice answered with spirit.Wives have no more rights than servants.But once we women have the vote,well change all that."

John B Hood Quotes

"I knew that if the feat was accomplished it must be at a most fearful sacrifice of as brave and gallant soldiers as ever engaged in battle."

CToni Graham Quotes

"Tonis Talk: When you invest in yourself, you have instant credibility with your biggest critic...you! As soon as you let doubt creep in---you lose that investment. Make a daily commitment to assess your worth with positive affirmations and watch your investment grow."

Bert Lahr Quotes

"After The Wizard Of Oz I was typecast as a lion, and there arent all that many parts for lions."

Anthony Venn Brown Quotes

"Even if you believe the Genesis record of creation youll see that God did not create a black and white world of male and female. Creation is not black and white, it is amazingly diverse, like a rainbow, including sexualities and a variety of non-heterosexual expressions of behaviour, affection and partnering occurring in most species, including humans. The ability to reproduce is only a small part of the creation. Before God created male and female he made an even more important statement; ‘it is not good for mankind to be alone. This is fundamental to all heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Lasting relationships are based on love, trust and commitment, not sex or reproduction. So stop with the ‘God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve quote already. Its boring and an insult to the creator of this incredible universe."

Dottie Walters Quotes

"Failure? I never encountered it. All I ever met were temporary setbacks."

Eva Herzigova Quotes

"But I was very much into sports when I was a child."

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"Ive built an 8-track studio in my house thats virtually identical to what they used at Abbey Road, and I also own the 16-track set-up that Led Zeppelin used to record Houses of the Holy. Im interested in producing, but Im mostly recording my own stuff." - Author: Lukas Haas

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"Im a sucker for gag reels and teaser trailers for new seasons. One of the great parts of panels, especially on a show like Supernatural, which can be so dark, its fun to get up there and laugh and remember were only telling a story. Seeing Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund up there being so funny always makes me laugh." - Author: Jared Padalecki

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"In terms of the feeling of the piece, I cant think about what people are gonna think about it, what are the critics gonna say, Im trying to bring some resolution, and realize that myself. Its a struggle; its a process that gets us this." - Author: Godfrey Reggio

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"I need someone I can count on. Until recently, you were the most reliable of us all. I sincerely hope that hasnt changed for good." "Dont go there, brother.""Over some male not worthy of you."He went there!" - Author: G.A. Aiken

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"Youve got to be responsible for your own happiness - you cant expect it to come flopping through the door like a parcel." - Author: Julian Barnes

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"Rendre visible ce qui, sans vous, pourrait peut-être jamais été vu" - Author: Robert Bresson

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"The books I liked became a Bible from which I drew advice and support; I copied out long passages from them; I memorized new canticles and new litanies, psalms, proverbs, and prophecies, and I sanctified every incident in my life by the recital of these sacred texts. My emotions, my tears, and my hopes were no less sincere on account of that; the words and the cadences, the lines and the verses were not aids to make believe: but they rescued from silent oblivion all those intimate adventures of the spirit that I couldnt speak to anyone about; they created a kind of communion between myself and those twin souls which existed somewhere out of reach; instead of living out my small private existence, I was participating in a great spiritual epic." - Author: Simone de Beauvoir

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"Must I accept the barren Gift?-learn death, and lose my Mastery?Then let them know whose blood and breathwill take the Gift and set them free:whose is the voice and whose the mindto set at naught the well-sung Game-when finned Finality arrivesand calls me by my secret Name.Not old enough to love as yet,but old enough to die, indeed--the death-fear bites my throat and heart,fanged cousin to the Pale Ones breed.But past the fear lies life for all-perhaps for me: and, past my dread,past loss of Mastery and life,the Sea shall yet give up Her dead!Lone Power, I accept your Gift!Freely I make death a part of me;By my accept it is boundinto the lives of all the Sea-yet what I do now binds to ita gift I feel of equal worth:I take Death with me, out of Time,and make of it a path, a birth!Let the teeth come! As they tear me,they tear Your ancient hate for aye--so rage, proud Power! Fail again,and see my blood teach Death to die!" - Author: Diane Duane

Quotes About Making Moves

"What is it, really, that we could lose if we handed ourselves over to the discernment of faith? Would we really lose anything except the illusion of control? This question suggests that there may be an idolatrous project underlying resistance to spiritual discernment: the desire for a decision-making process that we can predict and control.But the obedience of faith offers no certainties, not even that of being certain of our our fidelity. We cannot know if the decision we make here and now are correct. We only know that they are the best we are able to make, and that in the future we might both regret them and need to change them. The reason has nothing to do with our sinfulness and everything to do with the fact that faith has to do with the Living God, who always moves ahead of us in surprising and sometimes shocking ways. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Heb. 10:31)." - Author: Luke Timothy Johnson

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"No, of course not," Belle said, playfully swatting him on the shoulder. "I never, never even once thought I was making a mistake. I was just a bit at odds with myself because my wedding wasnt exactly how I dreamed it was going to be.""Im sorry," John said softly."No, no, dont be. Just because it wasnt what I thought I wanted doesnt mean it wasnt absolutely perfect. Oh, dear, am I making any sense at all.?"John nodded solemnly."I thought that I needed a church and hundreds of guest and music that actually sounded like music, but I was wrong. What I needed was a drunken priest, irreverent guests, and a companion who learned to play piano from a goat.""Then you got exactly what you needed.""I suppose so. But then again, all I really needed was you."John leaned down to kiss her again, and they remained thus occupied for the next hour." - Author: Julia Quinn