[Actors Look At Life In A Different Way. When I Meet People, I Know That One Day I May Portray That Person Or Someone Like Them. It May Be A Cop Or A Homeless Guy. It Helps You To Pay More Attention To People. Everyone I Meet, I Retain Something From Them, Something From Their Personality. It Helps Me To Portray Realism In My Work.]

Author: Mekhi Phifer Quotes

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"It couldnt be the beer. Donnie McRory was certain of that. If you sent American beer out to be analyzed, the lab would probably phone up and say, Your horse has diabetes."

Dayo Forster Quotes

"A man walks fast along the forecourt of the station towards a gate, moving towards a train thats about to leave. I get shivery all over as I watch the back of his head, which is about Yuans height, with hair and a neckline just like his. My eyes tell me what my mind knows cannot be true. I follow him along seeking the one thing that would confirm him as someone else. The man turns his head slightly to talk to a train official. I can see his nose in profile. My eyes sting."

Denise K Rago Quotes

"Dont you ever wonder if this life has just gotten old and stale? When suddenly faced with my possible demise, I cant think of one thing I would miss, except you." - Vampire, Michel Baptiste"

Dream Theater Quotes

"If I seem superhuman I have been misunderstood"

Loren Weisman Quotes

"Try not to sound like those singer-songwriters that go on and on with ten-minute, barely intelligible stories that everyone endures until the next song starts."

Joan Steinau Lester Quotes

"Funny how an absence can feel like a presence, like that space practically glows with her outline and make me notice how shes not here."

Gordon J Wenham Quotes

"In Jesus the full meaning of peace is revealed: he gave peace, made peace and is our peace (Jn. 14:27; Eph. 2:14f.)."

Becky Andrews Quotes

"Love has no time constraints.There is no time frame for when a person can fall in love with another,it just happens.Its spontaneous, unpredictable, its timeless."

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"By that point, I had started taking singing lessons. And after the first session, I mean, I was surprised that the windows didnt shatter. And after the third session, I really didnt know where this voice had come from."

Ron Conway Quotes

"I never said I enjoy anything about using the Internet. I enjoy helping the entrepreneurs who are building this thing that I dont necessarily like or use."

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"Even the great Van Helsing is not immune from these confusing and cloying vampiric attractions, ‘the fascination of the wanton Un-dead (p. 393). But destroy the vampires though he and the other men indeed do in the end, it is Mina who remains the most important enabling factor for the defeat of Dracula, with the aid, of course, of what she calls ‘the wonderful power of money! (p. 378). And the reason for this is her ambiguous sexuality. In her is to be found something" - Author: Bram Stoker

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"An easily accessible and transparent database of contract information will bring sunshine into the confusing and sometimes shadowy practice of government contracting." - Author: Tom Coburn

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"The challenge of a cathedral is very good for architectural inventiveness." - Author: Oscar Niemeyer

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"The artist glanced at the inflexible image of king, commander, dame, and allegory, that stood around, on the best of which might have been bestowed the questionable praise that it looked as if a living man had here been changed to wood, and that not only the physical, but the intellectual and spiritual part, partook of the stolid transformation. But in not a single instance did it seem as if the wood were imbibing the ethereal essence of humanity. What a wide distinction is here! and how far the slightest portion of the latter merit have outvalued the utmost degree of the former!" - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

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"I would not see our candle blown out in the wind. It is a small thing, this dear gift of life handed us mysteriously out of immensity. I would not have that gift expire... If I seem to be beating a dead horse again and again, I must protest: No! I am beating, again and again, living man to keep him awake and move his limbs and jump his mind... Whats the use of looking at Mars through a telescope, sitting on panels, writing books, if it isnt to guarantee, not just the survival of mankind, but mankind surviving forever!" - Author: Ray Bradbury

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"And he wondered, suddenly, what sort of divide it created between them, that he knew pieces of her that she had never shared with him - facts and stories and moments and memories to which she had no idea he was privy. He had collected them for so long, denying to himself that this acquisition was anything more than casual amusement, when in fact it was zealous, and jelaous besides; diwowning as accidental the fact that he never forgot a single remark she made, or that others made about her, and that he approved of these other people, or disdained them, according to their treatment of her. Such a lopsided intimacy existed between him and her. Inevitably, it created a chasm whose depth neither of them could know until they tried to chart it. Would this chasm prove impossible to bridge?" - Author: Meredith Duran

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"The Secret Garden was what Mary called it when she was thinking of it. She liked the name, and she liked still more the feeling that when its beautiful old walls shut her in no one knew where she was. It seemed almost like being shut out of the world in some fairy place. The few books she had read and liked had been fairy-story books, and she had read of secret gardens in some of the stories. Sometimes people went to sleep in them for a hundred years, which she had thought must be rather stupid. She had no intention of going to sleep, and, in fact, she was becoming wider awake every day which passed at Misselthwaite." - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett

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"Im from Houston. I think I was thirty-seven before I ever set foot in Dallas, and that was just in the airport. So Ive never really been there. Dad grew up in Port Arthur, Texas and all I can ever get out of him is, I wanted my first son to be named Dallas." - Author: Dallas Roberts

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"Honesty and perseverance are the qualities you will find among the highest-caliber professionals. Always give your business to such people, regardless of the fee. You will learn from them and will receive superior service. Follow their example and you will become one of the highest-caliber professionals yourself. Some people hire the lawyer who charges the least; that is a mistake." - Author: Sir John Templeton

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"I guess he sees the mortified look on my face-Can I get a little bedside manner here?-because he awkwardly pats the sides of my arms and tried to smile." - Author: Alecia Whitaker