[Actors Look At Life In A Different Way. When I Meet People, I Know That One Day I May Portray That Person Or Someone Like Them. It May Be A Cop Or A Homeless Guy. It Helps You To Pay More Attention To People. Everyone I Meet, I Retain Something From Them, Something From Their Personality. It Helps Me To Portray Realism In My Work.]

Author: Mekhi Phifer Quotes

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Bob Ainsworth Quotes

"My heroes are the non-commissioned officers. If I had another life thats what Id be - a regimental sergeant major or a similar rank. Thats where the spirit of the armed forces is."

Claire M Charters Quotes

"Getting lost or losing grip gives life meaning and direction. It gives you the opportunity to grow, learn something new and startover. Next time you feel like your failing, slipping or just unsettled in life - take a deep breath - get in the moment of just "being" - feel the life run through your body - stand up and keep going."

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"Lihat dunia dari mata burung atau lihat dari dalam tempurung, yang mana satu engkau pilih?"

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"I wasnt a good student in high school. I mean, I got through it, but unless it had something to do with music, it didnt really interest me."

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"Czy to możliwe, że mówiący po polsku ludzie są zdolni do takiej podłości? Przecież my jesteśmy szlachetni. Nasz naród to samo dobro. Co złe, to nie my. Wszystko co złe, to oni. Tylko oni. My nie, my walczymy tylko w słusznych sprawach. A jak już walczymy, to w sposób szlachetny. Szlachetnie zabijamy, a nie po barbarzyńsku."

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"It is joyous for any actor to enter other grounds of consciousness and thought. At the end of the day, we just all like dressing up and playing around."

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"Look at us, Lazarus, and share our joy. Is there anything stronger than love?"And Lazarus looked. And for the rest of their life they kept on loving each other, but their passion grew gloomy and joyless, like those funeral cypresses whose roots feed on the decay of the graves and whose black summits in a still evening hour seek in vain to reach the sky. Thrown by the unknown forces of life into each others embraces, they mingled tears with kisses, voluptuous pleasures with pain, and they felt themselves doubly slaves, obedient slaves to life, and patient servants of the silent Nothingness. Ever united, ever severed, they blazed like sparks and like sparks lost themselves in the boundless Dark."

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"Vanity is my favourite sin."

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"His dreams were full of bloodshed. He ran and ran, but wherever he fled, his mothers people and his fathers people were in battle with each other. And then Shaftali and Sainnaite both turned on him crying out "No one of your heritage will ever cook for us!""So what?" he replied, absurdly. "At the rate youre killing each other, there soon will be no one to cook for!"

Robert E Sherwood Quotes

"To be able to write a play a man must be sensitive, imaginative, naive, gullible, passionate; he must be something of an imbecile, something of a poet, something of a liar, something of a damn fool."

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"Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel." - Author: Napoleon Hill

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"I became famous so quickly and so young - it was daunting. I was immature and I used to say some really stupid things in interviews. I never smiled on stage so I looked really serious, but it was because I hated my teeth and was incredibly nervous." - Author: Gary Numan

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"Monk worked on his remaining Intertect cases at his dining table while I tried to hone my detecting instincts by reading the Murder, She Wrote novel he bought in Mill Valley.I cant say that I learned much about investigative procedure but I discovered that you should stay far away from Cabot Cove. That tiny New England village is deadlier than Beirut, South Central Los Angeles, and the darkest back alley in Juarez combined. Even though every killer eventually gets caught by Jessica Fletcher, I still wouldnt feel safe there. Im surprised the old biddy walks around town unarmed." - Author: Lee Goldberg

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"Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression." - Author: Dodie Smith

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"A saint is a person who gives of themself without asking for anything in return. Thats how simple it is to be a saint. Try it! Try being a saint." - Author: Edward James Olmos

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"I wrote my graduate thesis at New York University on hard-boiled fiction from the 1930s and 1940s, so, for about two years, I read nothing but Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, James Cain and Chester Himes. I developed such a love for this kind of writing." - Author: Megan Abbott

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"...when we perfect 3-D copiers and they reproduce tissue, well have a million Marilyns walking around with no souls..." - Author: John Geddes

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"It is important you understand how fear affects you and how it drives human behavior so you can start to see situations and people accurately and respond more appropriately. When someone is behaving badly, attacking you, or being defensive, critical, or judgmental, it is not really about you. Fear is the real reason people behave badly. Their fears make them selfish, defensive, mean, and grouchy. Every time someone is behaving badly, step back and ask yourself, "What is this person afraid of? What fear inside me is driving my reaction to their attack? What am I afraid of?" When you can accurately see the fear behind their behavior, and yours, you will see the situation for what it really is." - Author: Kimberly Giles

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"At the beauty of what she had stumbled onto, at the fear that something terrible would happen because she was not vigilant enough. She cried at the fear of something so good that she would not be brave enough to bear it." - Author: Rebecca Wells

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"When I feel threatened, vulnerable, or insecure, whether it from simply walking into a room of unknown people, meeting someone for the first time, an unexpected or expected confrontation, or doing something new, I affirm in my mind (over and over): There is no danger, there is no threat. From there, the discomfort lessens and I become open for discovery and adventure." - Author: Charles F. Glassman