[Adam Was A Super-being When God Created Him.]

Author: Benny Hinn Quotes

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Maggie Pajak Quotes

"That moment when you are standing at the edge of a life decision may be terrifying, but if you dont jump in - youll never know!"

Hugh Ross PhD Quotes

"The optimization of cosmic darkness and of Earths location within the dark universe that sacrifices neither the material needs of human beings nor their capacity to gain knowledge about the universe reflects masterful engineering at a level far beyond human capability- and even imagination. It testifies of a supernatural, superintelligent, superpowerful, fully deliberate Creator."

Peter Kreeft Quotes

"We must pray in order to grow, and we must grow because Infinite Love will not, cannot, settle for less than the greatest joy of which his beloved creature is capable."

Ali Sheikh Quotes

"You know what—gyms make the largest chunk of their profit from clients who pay their monthly dues on auto-pay but never bother to show up and use the gym. The DVD-rental companies make a good chunk of their profits from late fees; the credit-card companies make a fortune on sundry fines and penalties; the airlines margins are highest on ticket changes and cancellations… So, the key to running a successful business in America is to sign up a customer and pray hell somehow screw up…"

Teresa Medeiros Quotes

"Of course not! I knew you would protect me. You swore that you were strong enough to protect Vivienne, didnt you? How can you promise to protect my sister, but not trust yourself to keep me safe?" The music swelled to a crescendo. Although Adrian kept her imprisoned against the muscular length of his body, he gave up all pretense of dancing. "Because I dont lose my wits every time Vivienne walks into a room. I dont toss and turn in my bed every night dreaming of making love to her. She doesnt drive me to distraction with her endless questions, her incessant snooping, her harebrained schemes." His voice rose. "I can trust myself to protect your sister because Im not in love with her!"

Jemima Kirke Quotes

"I have a handful of tattoos that I really want to put on people that I cant find anyone to let me give them to."

Mickey Burrow Quotes

"Taking a photograph is a lot like falling in love. You see a light that captivates you and makes you feel. And you want to see or be in that light forever." - Mickey Burrow"

Sophia Bleu Quotes

"Youre hiding things from me, Jillian, and that hurts." His voice dropped and he moved closer to me, his body inches from mine. "Because I want all of you. The sexy part and the funny part and especially the fucked-up part."

Paul D Miller Quotes

"The times do not call for grassroots political activism, as if the next election might be enough to reverse a massive cultural earthquake. They do not call for working just a little bit harder: a few more speeches, another letter to the editor, another fundraiser, the next vote, the next committee meeting. These noble efforts arent even rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; they are tending the seaweed on its watery grave.The times call for a new generation of book hunters. Like the book hunters of the Middle Ages, the new book hunters take it as their mission to uncover and salvage the best of what came before: to cherish it; hold it up for praise and emulation; study it; above all, to love it and pass it on."

Michael Steger Quotes

"You never play age, you play character."

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Quotes About Bicara

"Aku belum selesai bicara. Paris itu, baiklah, Paris sering dijuluki Kota Cinta. Sedangkan, Yogyakarta adalah kota tempat jatuh cinta dan patah hati. Lalu, jatuh cinta kembali." - Author: Desi Puspitasari

Quotes About Mantras

"Mantras are a great way to accomplish this objective." - Author: Robin S. Sharma

Quotes About Depending On Yourself

"Most travel, and certainly the rewarding kind, involves depending on the kindness of strangers, putting yourself into the hands of people you dont know and trusting them with your life." - Author: Paul Theroux

Quotes About Not Trusting Easily

"Youre not having sex with him. I know these guys, and you dont. Im trusting you with Claudia Reeshman. You need to trust me about Dean Robillard." She wouldnt let him off that easily. "Youre looking for a wife. Maybe Im just looking for a little fun." "If you need fun," he shot back, Ill give you fun." She was stunned." - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Quotes About You Ignore Me

"Pain is a message, and you can choose to ignore that message." - Author: James Patterson

Quotes About Roger Federer

"I am really close friends with Roger Federer and also with Benoit Paire." - Author: Stanislas Wawrinka

Quotes About Effort And Success

"I made a very conscious effort to finish The Cypress House before So Cold the River launched, because I thought that would help build a buffer between my writing and any impact that came from either the success or the failure of that first book." - Author: Michael Koryta

Quotes About Tasting Blood

"What America is tasting now is something insignificant compared to what we have tasted for scores of years. Our nation (the Islamic world) has been tasting this humiliation and degradation for more than 80 years. Its sons are killed, its blood is shed, its sanctuaries are attacked and no one hears and no one heeds. Millions of innocent children are being killed as I speak. They are being killed in Iraq without committing any sins. . . . To America, I say only a few words to it and its people. I swear to God, who has elevated the skies without pillars, neither America nor the people who live in it will dream of security before we live it here in Palestine and not before all the infidel armies leave the land of Muhammad, peace be upon him." - Author: Osama bin Laden

Quotes About Synonymous

"When did speaking your beliefs become synonymous with forcing them upon others?" - Author: Ted Dekker

Quotes About 2pac

"No other rapper in the history of the world can touch your heart like 2pac, you cant even call the rap thats out today music, its garbage compared to pac." - Author: Auliq Ice