[After All, A Woman Didn't Leave Much Behind In The World To Show She'd Been There. Even The Children She Bore And Raised Got Their Father's Name. But Her Quilts, Now That Was Something She Could Pass On.]

Author: Sandra Dallas Quotes

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Nicanor Parra Quotes

"La primera pregunta de la nocheSe refiere a la vida de ultratumba:Quiero saber si hay vida de ultratumbaNada más que si hay vida de ultratumba"

Kate Millett Quotes

"Listening to the sound of the water, her sound, her lovely body glistening through the room a moment from now. There are only moments. Live in this one. The happiness of these days."

RW Van Bemmelen Quotes

"An example of such emergent phenomena is the origin of life from non-living chemical compounds in the oldest, lifeless oceans of the earth. Here, aided by the radiation energy received from the sun, countless chemical materials were synthesized and accumulated in such a way that they constituted, as it were, a primeval "soup." In this primeval soup, by infinite variations of lifeless growth and decay of substances during some billions of years, the way of life was ultimately reached, with its metabolism characterized by selective assimilation and dissimilation as end stations of a sluiced and canalized flow of free chemical energy."

Linda Evans Quotes

"If theres no inner peace, people cant give it to you. The husband cant give it to you. Your children cant give it to you. You have to give it to you."

Anihyr Moonstar Quotes

"He shrugged, "...my conscience rests easiest if I do only what I see as best in the moment..."

NightBits Quotes

"Sound is a different frequency"

Jorge Ortiz Quotes

"I am taken to the police station and they place me in an interrogation room. I am there for about thirty minutes before someone walks in."

Laura Taylor Quotes

"When a man finds a woman who is capable of accepting him for himself, hed be a fool to let her get away. When a man discovers a woman who believes in him and who is strong enough to understand and forgive his past, hes finally able to stop wrestling with his conscience and his self–doubt. He welcomes that woman into his life and his heart, and he thanks God that they found each other in time to make a life together. And when a man loves a woman whos that unique, he damn well marries her."

David Deida Quotes

"Your woman knows your weaknesses better than anybody. She knows where you will falter and give up. She knows the degree of mediocrity you will settle for. And, she knows your true capacity as a full man, a man of free consciousness and love. Her gift, if she is a good woman, is to test you with her darkest moods, over and over and over, until your consciousness is unperturbed by feminine challenge, and you are able to pervade her with your love, just as you are here to pervade the world. In response to your fearless consciousness, she will drench your world in love and light."

Ann Marie Frohoff Quotes

"Be careful who you allow into your bed, and more importantly your heart."

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"Dont mind me," breathed miss Pettigrew. "Please dont mind me. I love it. No ones ever taken an interest in my face before.""Obviously not, said miss Dubarry sternly. "Not even yourself.""Ive never had any time," apologized miss Pettigrew."Nonsense. Youve had time to wash, havent you? Youve get time to get a bath. Youve time to cut your nails. A womans first duty is to her face. Im surprised at you." - Author: Winifred Watson

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"It was a wild, tempestuous night, towards the close of November. Holmes and I sat together in silence all the evening, he engaged with a powerful lens deciphering the remains of the original inscription upon a palimpsest, I deep in a recent treatise upon surgery. Outside the wind howled down Baker Street, while the rain beat fiercely against the windows. It was strange there, in the very depths of the town, with ten miles of mans handiwork on every side of us, to feel the iron grip of Nature, and to be conscious that to the huge elemental forces all London was no more than the molehills that dot the fields. I walked to the window, and looked out on the deserted street. The occasional lamps gleamed on the expanse of muddy road and shining pavement. A single cab was splashing its way from the Oxford Street end." - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

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"Les escarmouches avec les théologiens avaient eu leur charme, mais il savait fort bien quil nexiste aucun accommodement durable entre ceux qui cherchent, pèsent, dissèquent, et shonorent dêtre capables de penser demain autrement quaujourdhui, et ceux qui croient ou affirment croire, et obligent sous peine de mort leurs semblables à en faire autant.(Lacte daccusation)" - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar

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"There was time before organisms experienced consciousness, and there will be time after. And if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it." - Author: John Green

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"I dont enjoy being a celebrity, I dont want any part of that or any part of that fame for fame... id actually rather die than be a celebrity slime!!!" - Author: Marc Almond

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"A nations path to greatness lies in its economic prowess and that militarism, empire, and aggression lead to a dead end." - Author: Fareed Zakaria

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"I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring." - Author: Tila Tequila

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"Simon shook his head. ‘The Nazis in Germany…the Japanese here in Shanghai…Treating people as less than human because of the shape of their faces or the sound of their names. Sometimes it feels like the whole damn world is unraveling." - Author: Daniel Kalla

Quotes About Northern

"Farewell sweet earth and northern sky,for ever blest, since here did lieand here with lissom limbs did runbeneath the Moon, beneath the Sun,Lúthien Tinúvielmore fair than Mortal tongue can tell.Though all to ruin fell the worldand were dissolved and backward hurled;unmade into the old abyss,yet were its making good, for this―the dusk, the dawn, the earth, the sea―that Lúthien for a time should be." - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Quotes About Apostle Paul

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