[After All, The Ultimate Goal Of All Research Is Not Objectivity, But Truth.]

Author: Helene Deutsch Quotes

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Georges Carpentier Quotes

"Attack is only one half of the art of boxing."

Meredith Taylor Quotes

"Three guys and a girl were leaning against a black raised pickup ... I had to do a double take as this group was nothing like I had ever seen before."

Dulara Perera Quotes

"I hate the sound of the world outside. Because everybody here cant wait to come and say goodbye..."

Jean Sasson Quotes

"(All the grief she had suffered over her lifetime had moulded her face into a mask of eternal sadness)"

Eddy Arnold Quotes

"Touring is really a pretty lonely business."

Julie Metz Quotes

"Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, the only truth that saves us from eating ourselves alive and causing damage to everyone we love. I continue to work on forgiveness. I do, not, however wish to forget any of this."

William A Drake Quotes

"A man who is not with a woman is a dead man."

Sabrina Lloyd Quotes

"I am musical and I enjoy theatre, but I never wanted to just do theatre. I always wanted to go into film. I love film. I loved growing up in the theatre, but I always wanted to do film all along. But, I still pursue music separately."

Douglas Sirk Quotes

"These happy endings all express the weak and sly promise that the world is not rotten and out of joint but meaningful and ultimately in excellent condition."

Linda Cardellini Quotes

"Being raised Catholic myself, I think people who are Catholic tend to carry a lot of guilt. Its almost a joke."

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Quotes About Blue Grey Eyes

"Eva seemed to be on some sort of mission to work her evil/cute baby magic on me. Ever since shed started toddling around on those chubby little legs, shed been targeting me, the least enthusiastic baby person in the room. I think she enjoyed the challenge, which proved that we were related.Eva would tug on my pants leg until I picked her up. And then shed basically stare me down with those big blue-grey eyes of hers, daring me not to snuggle her. It was like facing down a tiny, diapered mastermind.And of course, I caved. I snuggled her. I babbled. I read her Where the Wild Things Are until I was hoarse. I actually found myself watching my language. Shudder." - Author: Molly Harper

Quotes About Second Chance To Love

"Growing up means learning what life is. When youre little, you have a set of ideals, standards, criteria, plans, outlooks, and you think that you have to sit around and wait for them to happen to you and then life will work. But life isnt like that, for anybody; you cant fall in love with a standard, you have to fall in love with a person. You cant live in a criteria, you have to live your life. You cant wait for your plans to materialize, because they may never materialize the way you think they will. You cant wait to watch your ideals and standards walk up to you, because you cant know whats yours until you have it. I always say, always take the first chance in case you never get a second one, but growing up takes that even one step further, growing up means that you have to hold on to what you have, when you have it, because what you have- thats yours- and all the ideals and criteria you have set in your head, those arent yours, because those havent happened to you." - Author: C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Starting Afresh

"Having a little boy has taken me to a very deep place. I am starting to realize everything I ever worried about was such a waste of time." - Author: David Caruso

Quotes About Stages In Life

"As the years go by those relationships are tested, and only then do you realize their true nature. Only after theyve been tested through weddings, moves, funerals, divorces, births and other stages in life are you able to judge them. Until then, best friend, good guy, etc are only labels. In the end, its interesting; often surprising to see the results." - Author: Benjamin J. Carey

Quotes About Signs Of Cheating

"The signs accumulated. But I did not respond. I would not wake up. We will not wake up. This terrifying sleep of denial. Is it an underlying belief that we as a human species are not worth it? Do we secretly feel we have lost our right to be here in all our selfishness and stupidity, our cruelty and greed?" - Author: Eve Ensler

Quotes About Home Cooked Meals

"I dont cook - I can cook - but Im not very good. I like being asked over for dinner, because she cant cook either. We would starve if it werent for modern technology. I know how to work a microwave, but love home cooked meals." - Author: Mark Mothersbaugh

Quotes About Kruesi

"I told [John Kruesi] I was going to record talking, and then have the machine talk back. He thought it absurd. However, it was finished, the foil was put on; I then shouted Mary had a little lamb, etc. I adjusted the reproducer, and the machine reproduced it perfectly.[On first words spoken on a phonograph.]" - Author: Thomas Edison

Quotes About Resting Peacefully

"I feel all agitated, like one of those snow globes you see resting peacefully on shop counters. I was perfectly happy being an ordinary, dull little Swiss village. But now Jack Harpers come and shaken me up, and there are snowflakes all over the place, whirling around until I dont know what I think anymore. And bits of glitter, too. Tiny bits of shiny, secret excitement." - Author: Sophie Kinsella

Quotes About Spaniel

"my grief followed you a whimpering spaniel" - Author: Sandra M. Gilbert

Quotes About Cosmonaut

"If we are to send people, it must be for a very good reason - and with a realistic understanding that almost certainly we will lose lives. Astronauts and Cosmonauts have always understood this. Nevertheless, there has been and will be no shortage of volunteers." - Author: Carl Sagan