[Again, "Pray Without Ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17), And Here The Word To Pray Does Not Mean To Beg Or To Plead As If God Were Unwilling To Give--but Simply To Expose By Faith Every Situation As It Arises, To The All-sufficiency Of The One Who Indwells You By His Life.]

Author: W. Ian Thomas Quotes

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"I was once fired as opening act for Seals and Crofts because I got loaded and introduced them as Arts and Crafts."

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"Every discussion with a girl is an argument, and when you think you are right suddenly you realize that your trapped."

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"A friend and I started a band together. I am kind of learning how to play instruments. We write stuff over Skype or e-mail. I send one part and he writes another."

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"My parents are aging and there are difficult issues. Its strange to have children at the beginning of life and parents nearing the end."

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"Bila kita berpisahke mana kau aku tak tahu, sahabatatau turuti kelok-kelok jalanatau tinggalkan kota penuh merah flamboyanhanya bila kau lupaIngat...pernah aku dan kausama-sama daki gunung-gunung tinggihampir kaki kita patah-patahnapas kita putus-putustujuan esa, tujuan satu:Pengabdian dan pengabdian kepada......Yang Maha Kuasa..."

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"None of us could choose our birth, but we could still chose our family, and only those who love you are your true family."

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"Henry, at last said one, again dipping the spoon into the flaming spirit, hast thou read Hoffman?I should think so, said Henry.What think you of him?Why, that he writes admirably; and, moreover, what is more admirable - in such a manner that you see at once he almost believes that which he relates. As for me, I know very well that when I read him of a dark night, I am obliged to creep to bed without shutting my book, and without daring to look behind me.Indeed; then you love the terrible and fantastic?I do, said Henry. ("The Dead Mans Story"

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"I used to size people up to see whether they were a good advert for meditation. Then at some point it clicked that there wasnt a type of person they were going to become. They were each just more and more themselves. Jim was very Jim, Isaac was unique in his Isaac-ness and Debbie was increasingly Debbie. That was a great relief - that I could relax into being Tessa."

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"I was not the most attractive child. I had two really big buck teeth. I was horrendous - long, lanky and gangly."

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"I was free to appreciate the quiet and the way the yellowish-gray light of the rising sun entered the room, turning everything from black and white to color. The journey from Kansas to Oz right in my own kitchen."

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"I can lie about my name, I can lie about my school, but how am I going to lie about this fucking nose? "You seem like a very nice person Mr. Porte-Noir, but why do you go around covering the middle of your face like that?" Because suddenly it has taken off, the middle of my face! Because gone is the button of my childhood years, that pretty little thing that people used to look at in my carriage, and lo and behold, the middle of my face has begun to reach out towards God. Porte-Noir and Parsons my ass, kid, you have got J-E-W written right across the middle of your face..." - Author: Philip Roth

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