[Age Brings Maturity, Experience Ripens It.]

Author: Vimal Athithan Quotes

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Gordon Willard Allport Quotes

"Given a thimbleful of [dramatic] facts we rush to make generalizations as large as a tub."

Thomas Keating Quotes

"Lent is a time to renew wherever we are in that process that I call the divine therapy. Its a time to look what our instinctual needs are, look at what the dynamics of our unconscious are."

Muhammad Adb Al Rahman Al Arifi Quotes

"The Prophet (SAW) said: Knowledge is only gained through learning and clemency is only gained through perseverance."

Julie Macklowe Quotes

"My view is that you have to take risks. Not everything is going to work out, but its sort of the fun of fashion, right?"

Les Baxter Quotes

"I did the Broadway album unfortunately in a year when there were no hits."

Elizabeth Of The Trinity Quotes

"I have found heaven on earth, since heaven is God, and God is in my soul."

James Kisner Quotes

"Too many writers are trying to write with too shallow an education. Whether they go to college or not is immaterial...a good writer needs a sense of the history of literature to be successful as a writer."

Robert Ghost Wolf Quotes

"Wolf is the Grand Teacher. Wolf is the sage, who after many winters upon the sacred path and seeking the ways of wisdom, returns to share new knowledge with the tribe. Wolf is both the radical and the traditional in the same breath. When the Wolf walks by you - you will remember."

Jazlyn Roehl Quotes

"Smile and the world smiles with you...Weep and you weep alone."

Omar Bin Laden Quotes

"Life can be very perplexing."

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Quotes About Exposes

"The withdrawal of the king from the narrative exposes the king as an irrelevance. The one with all the power can do nothing to save. Because it is only "my God who saves." - Author: Walter Brueggemann

Quotes About Precious Stones

"Now her eyes meet mine like green lightning-they are green, these eyes of hers, whose power is so indescribable-green, but as are precious stones, or deep unfathomable mountain lakes." - Author: Leopold von Sacher Masoch

Quotes About Bars Drinking

"Johnny liked being with Iona; it made him feel like a man. She was petite - a good five inches shorter than him - but it was more than that. She let him pay for her, patronise her, made no demands on his time other than what he was already willing to offer. She made him feel nineteen as well, in her bed with sheets that smelt like cheap laundrette detergent, in bars drinking Snakebite from pint glasses still warm from the dishwasher." - Author: Erin Lawless

Quotes About The Winding Road

"The past is buried deep within the ground in Rabat, although the ancient walls in the old city are still standing, painted in electrifying variations of royal blue that make the winding roads look like streamlets or shallow ocean water." - Author: Raquel Cepeda

Quotes About Household

"It really is quite remarkable that Darfur has become a household name. I am gratified thats the case." - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof

Quotes About Breeding Horses

"If theres a zeppelin, its alternate history. If theres a rocketship, its science fiction. If there are swords and/or horses, its fantasy. A book with swords and horses in it can be turned into science fiction by adding a rocketship to the mix. If a book has a rocketship in it, the only thing that can turn it back into fantasy is the Holy Grail." - Author: Debra Doyle

Quotes About Speaking Kind Words

"I need Thee, O Lord, for a curb on my tongue; when I am tempted to making carping criticisms and cruel judgements, keep me from speaking barbed words that hurt, and in which I find perverted satisfaction. Keep me from unkind words and from unkind silences. Restrain my judgements. Make my criticisms kind, generous, and constructive. Make me sweet inside, that I may be gentle with other people, gentle in the things I say, kind in what I do. Create in me that warmth of mercy that shall enable others to find Thy strength for their weakness, Thy peace for their strife, Thy joy for their sorrow, Thy love for their hatred, Thy compassion for their weakness. In thine own strong name, I pray. Amen." - Author: Peter Marshall

Quotes About History And War

"... truth, whose mother is history, who is the rival of time, depository of deeds, witness of the past, example and lesson to the present, and warning to the future." - Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Quotes About Fender Amps

"None of us mattered to her, not me, or her critics or defenders. No more than bugs on a lampshade." - Author: Alice Munro

Quotes About August 15

"My brother Keith begged to go with us as usual. Hell turn thirteen in a few days - August 14 - and the thought of waiting two more years until hes 15 must seem impossible to him. I understand. Waiting is terrible. Waiting to be older is worse than other kinds of waiting because theres nothing you can do to make it happen faster." - Author: Octavia E. Butler