[Aku Cuma Nggak Mau Menyakiti Kamu Lebih Dalam Lagi. Kenapa Kamu Bertahan Selama Ini?]

Author: Laili Muttamimah Quotes

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Baz Luhrmann Quotes

"I dont have fights with actors. In absolute honesty, Ive never fought with any actor ever."

Stephen Spender Quotes

"Great poetry is always written by somebody straining to go beyond what he can do."

Stephen Chbosky Quotes

"No sé si alguna vez te haz sentido así. Que quisieras dormir por miles de años. O simplemente no existir. O no estar consciente de que existes."

Rob Woodall Quotes

"To be fair, Republicans are not blameless. The deficit began to spiral out of control on President Bushs watch."

Arthur Symons Quotes

"As perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me: all things leave me: You remain."

G Gyarmati Quotes

"Happiness and success are not something that we can attain or possibly loose, but rather inside qualities that we have forgotten about during the very process of reaching them."

Annie Caulfield Quotes

"It takes time to see the desert; you have to keep looking at it. When youve looked long neough, you realise the blank wastes of sand and rock are teemming with life. Just as you can keep looking at a person and suddenly realise that the way you see them has completely changed: from being a stranger, theyve gradually revealed themselves as someone with a wealth of complexities and surprising subtleties that youre growing to love."

Dexter Palmer Quotes

"Storytelling--thats not the future. The future, Im afraid, is flashes and impulses. Its mode up of moments and fragments, and stories wont survive."

Jiang Rong Quotes

"The grassland is a big life, but its thinner than peoples eyelids. If you rupture its grassy surface, you blind it, and dust storms are more lethal than the white-hair blizzards. If the grassland dies, so will the cows and sheep and horses, as well as the wolves and the people, all the little lives."

Willow Shields Quotes

"Its not a struggle, but sometimes when youre gone for a month or two, you start to miss your friends. I love acting so much that it fills that gap of being sad about not being able to see my friends."

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Quotes About Friends Vs Lovers

"His face set in grim determination, Richard slogged ahead, his fingers reaching up to touch the tooth under his shirt. Loneliness, deeper than he had never known, sagged his shoulders. All his friends were lost to him. He knew now that his life was not his own. It belonged to his duty, to his task. He was the Seeker. Nothing more. Nothing less. Not his own man, but a pawn to be used by others. A tool, same as his sword, to help others, that they might have the life he had only glimpsed for a twinkling.He was no different from the dark things in the boundary. A bringer of death." - Author: Terry Goodkind

Quotes About Genetic Mutations

"If we didnt have genetic mutations, we wouldnt have us. You need error to open the door to the adjacent possible." - Author: Steven Johnson

Quotes About Botanists

"The new country lay open before me: there were no fences in those days, and I could choose my own way over the grass uplands, trusting the pony to get me home again. Sometimes I followed the sunflower-bordered roads. Fuchs told me that the sunflowers were introduced into that country by the Mormons; that at the time of the persecution when they left Missouri and struck out into the wilderness to find a place where they could worship God in their own way, the members of the first exploring party, crossing the plains to Utah, scattered sunflower seeds as they went. The next summer, when the long trains of wagons came through with all the women and children, they had a sunflower trail to follow. I believe that botanists do not confirm Jakes story but, insist that the sunflower was native to those plains. Nevertheless, that legend has stuck in my mind, and sunflower-bordered roads always seem to me the roads to freedom." - Author: Willa Cather

Quotes About Newborn Life

"As a newborn baby breathes and cries, so the signs of life in a newborn Christian are faith and repentance, inhaling the love of God and exhaling an initial cry of distress. And at that point what God provides, exactly as for a newborn infant, is the comfort, protection, and nurturing promise of a mother."If God is our father, the church is our mother." The words are those of the Swiss Reformer John Calvin ... it is as impossible, unnecessary, and undesirable to be a Christian all by yourself as it is to be a newborn baby all by yourself." - Author: N.T. Wright

Quotes About Insure Domestic Tranquility

"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society, for modernity, and for prosperity. The wealthy pay more because they have benefitted more. Taxes, well laid and well spent, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare. Taxes protect property and the environment; taxes make business possible. Taxes pay for roads and schools and bridges and police and teachers. Taxes pay for doctors and nursing homes and medicine. During an emergency, like an earthquake or a hurricane, taxes pay for rescue workers, shelters, and services. For people whose lives are devastated by other kinds of disaster, like the disaster of poverty, taxes pay, even, for food." - Author: Jill Lepore

Quotes About Inability To Love

"The shame and the downfall of a modern materialistic society is her inability to treasure, care for, admire, adore, cherish, value, revere, respect, uphold, uplift, protect, shield, defend, safeguard, treasure and love her children. I praise all the cultures of this world that naturally harbor and actively manifest these instincts. If a nation or if a population of people fails to recognize the excellent value and distinction of the lives of her children and is defective enough to have lost the capability of expressing and acting upon these instincts then there is nothing that can save that nation or those people. The prosperity of a people is not measured in banks, financial markets, economy and the death of its humanity is evident not through the loss of life but in the loss of love for its children." - Author: C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Anyone Can Be A Leader

"Impartial, compassionate, brave, and understanding…these are the traits that come with putting the Noble Eightfold Path into practice. By following this path, anyone can become the kind of leader the Buddha hoped to see—a leader of peace." - Author: Victoria Stoklasa

Quotes About Headhunter

"Wait, go back to that Southern Baptist part," Julia said, interrupting, as she does. "Are you a born-again?" articulating her question as if she were asking me if I were really a headhunter or a Martian. "Yes," I said, "but Im not an asshole. At least not theologically speaking." - Author: Cathleen Falsani

Quotes About Optimisme

"- Vous êtes plus pessimiste quautrefois ?- Pessimisme et optimisme, encore deux mots que je récuse. Il sagit davoir les yeux ouverts. Le médecin qui analyse le sang et les selles dun malade, mesure sa fièvre et prend sa tension, nest ni optimiste ni pessimiste : il fait de son mieux à partir de ce qui est. Mais, si lon peut employer ce misérable mot, je me sens pessimiste quand je constate combien la masse humaine a peu changé depuis des millénaires. Les plus grands réformateurs se sont généralement heurtés à cette quasi-impossibilité de changer lhomme, et leur leçon sest généralement perdue après eux. (p.240)" - Author: Marguerite Yourcenar

Quotes About Being A Real Lady

"It seemed like he could never figure out which Trudie he loved the best, the docile church basement lady in the moon boots or the rebellious chick with the sexy lingerie. I imagine that both of those extremes were just poses and that the real Trudie fell somewhere in between. But thats the thing about this town - theres no room for in between. Youre in or youre out. Youre good or youre bad. Actually, very good or very bad. Or very good at being very bad without being detected." - Author: Miriam Toews