[Aku Nggak Peduli Dengan Rasa Sakit Yang Aku Rasain Kemarin. Intinya Sampai Sekarang Perasaanku Ke Kamu Tetap Sama.]

Author: Laili Muttamimah Quotes

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Simon Zingerman Quotes

"This story inspires me to contribute with something unique and exciting for my time."

Mark Helprin Quotes

"To be mad is to feel with excruciating intensity the sadness and joy of a time which has not arrived or has already been. And to protect their delicate vision of that other time, madmen will justify their condition with touching loyalty, and surround it with a thousand distractive schemes. These schemes, in turn, drive them deeper and deeper into the darkness and light (which is their mortification and their reward), and confront them with a choice. They may either slacken and fall back, accepting the relief of a rational view and the approval of others, or they may push on, and, by falling, arise. When and if by their unforgivable stubbornness they finally burst through to worlds upon worlds of motionless light, they are no longer called afflicted or insane. They are called saints."

Wendy Shalit Quotes

"A society which sees her modesty or her "hang-ups" as a problem is necessarily a society which will not be able to get him to commit. Conversely, a society which respected modesty, or what now goes by "hang-ups", was one in which men were obligated."

Augustus Cileone Quotes

"Man, do you ever feel its just the hope of things we live for? I asked. I mean, its like the things themselves are just a big disappointment, you know? We like the searching, the dreaming. Its sort oflike the way previews for a movie are better than the film itself sometimes. What was that line I heard from Spock on Star Trek? He says Having is not as good as wanting or something like that. Like, reality is the ultimate letdown."

Deena Metzger Quotes

"Beauty appears when something is completely and absolutely and openly itself."

Sylvester Stallone Quotes

"I am making a correction to one of the quotes you guys have for Sly Stallone; Its not ethical to put " " around words saying a person said something and did not. Hence the meaning of quoting someone; means that person said exactly what youre putting quotes around-Verbatim. Heres the real quote by Sly Stallone in Rocky Balboa; "It aint about how hard you can hit its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. Thats how winning is done." Under your quote guidelines should read only enter quotes if you without a doubt are in fact quoting something someone said verbatim."

Randy Thurman Quotes

"A penny saved is worth two pennies earned . . . after taxes."

Monty Halls Quotes

"I swiftly discovered that there are few things in DIY (and possibly life) that cant be solved with a large mallet, a bag of ten-centimetre nails and some swearing."

Sandip Bantawa Quotes

"Its always beautiful to express without expressions. Its better to feel than touch."

Matthew Rohrer Quotes

"Im charming andhandsome. They take my pen.I buy the poem from the gardenof bees for one euro. A touchon the arm. A mystery word.The sky has two faces.For reasons unaccountablemy hand trembles.In Roman times if they werehorrified of bees they kept it secret"

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"It was around the summer of 1982 when the drug problem really impacted. It became a lifestyle rather than a recreation. When you start lying and stealing, you cannot con yourself youre in control any more." - Author: Irvine Welsh

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"The world had ended, so why had the battle not ceased, the castle fallen silent in horror, and every combatant laid down their arms? Harrys mind was in freefall, spinning out of control, unable to grasp the impossiblity, because Fred Weasley could not be dead, the evidence of all his senses must be lying -" - Author: J.K. Rowling

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"Life itself has an incomparable ability to test your wits that you wont require anything extra or dont have to go anywhere outside your space to get them tested. – Aniruddha." - Author: Aniruddha Sastikar

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"Don Bradman will bat no more against England, and two contrary feelings dispute within us: relief, that our bowlers will no longer be oppressed by this phenomenon; regret, that a miracle has been removed from among us. So must ancient Italy have felt when she heard of the death of Hannibal." - Author: R.C. Robertson Glasgow

Quotes About Terbaik

"Optimisme yang sesungguhnya adalah menyadari masalah serta mengenali pemecahannya. Mengetahui kesulitan dan yakin bahwa kesulitan itu dapat diatasi. Melihat yang negatif, tetapi menekankan yang positif. Menghadapi yang terburuk, namun mengharapkan yang terbaik. Mempunyai alasan untuk menggerutu, tapi memilih untuk tersenyum." - Author: Zig Ziglar

Quotes About Worship Music

"Always the seer is a sayer. Somehow his dream is told; somehow he publishes it with solemn joy: sometimes with pencil on canvas, sometimes with chisel on stone, sometimes in towers and aisles of granite, his souls worship is builded; sometimes in anthems of indefinite music, but clearest and most permanent, in words." - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quotes About Hop

"I heard a story about her once, said James. She was interviewing a psychopath. She showed him a picture of a frightened face and asked him to identify the emotion. He said he didnt know what the emotion was but it was the face people pulled just before he killed them." - Author: Jon Ronson

Quotes About Partners In Crime

"Your mama finds you like that, shes going to pitch a fit." "The only way shed find out is if you told her Id come out here with you, and then shed be too angry at you to yell at me." "Guess were partners in crime, then." - Author: Jodi Picoult

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"I like reading and all that, but a crave to get back tot he life of my infancy and all its freedom. (Sue Bridehead)" - Author: Thomas Hardy

Quotes About Neoclassical Economics

"Neoclassical economics is precisely the theory one would expect a vastly complex system of international corporations, world markets, and interconnected currencies to create to sustain, justify, explain, and predict "itself." And classical economics, correspondingly, was a predictable expression of an earlier European capitalism." - Author: Roger M. Keesing