[Al And Tommy And I Sharing The Biggest Laugh Because It Was Predicted By Everything We Did In The First Three Or Four Records In My Career. It Was Predicted In The Grooves That We Would Be Here Sometime Later On Down The Road.]

Author: Al Jarreau Quotes

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"Until you feel that you achieved, you are a Endless Achiever"

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"Career-wise, I feel very lucky to have always been able to follow my creative path."

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"Kendisi İngilizce bilmediği gibi, Türkçe de bilmiyor. Bir kitabında "imam ikindi namazı saatinde cami balkonuna çıkarak ezan okudu" yazıyor. Bir kere namaz saati olmaz, vakti olur. Cami balkonu yoktur, minare şerefesi vardır. Ezanı da imam değil müezzin okur. Bu örnekle de sabittir ki yaşadığı bir toplumun kültüründen haberi olmayan bir yazar, Nobel de alsa doğru eserler ortaya koymaz." - Orhan Pamuk hakkında"

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"I cant imagine life without singing."

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"For the advice in a joke is sometimes more useful than the most serious teaching."

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"There are politics in sexual relationships because they occur in the context of a society that assigns power based on gender and other systems of inequality and privilege."

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"Its elementary, my dear Winifred."

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"They key of persistence opens all door closed by resistence"

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"We dont have any rules about how we depict violence, or how much violence is in a movie. Its a calibration on a case-by-case basis." - Author: Joel Coen

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