[Al And Tommy And I Sharing The Biggest Laugh Because It Was Predicted By Everything We Did In The First Three Or Four Records In My Career. It Was Predicted In The Grooves That We Would Be Here Sometime Later On Down The Road.]

Author: Al Jarreau Quotes

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Nancy Lopez Quotes

"The pressure makes me more intent about each shot. Pressure on the last few holes makes me play better."

Chrissi Sepe Quotes

"I first became aware of death when my father held me up to see the view from the top of the Empire State Building. I thought that if he moved me just one foot over, I would die. But I trusted him to hold me tight. I wouldnt fall over, and he would place me down safely."

Michael Chabon Quotes

"You want to know something? Honestly, I was relieved. What a coward, huh?"I dont think so.""Oh, yes. I am. A big coward. Thats why I just keep daring myself to do things Im afraid of doing."He had a notion. "Such things like?""Like bringing you up here to my room."

Kate Rockland Quotes

"In my family strange is relative."

Stephen Markley Quotes

"There was so little to learn from that conversation, and yet it struck me that the very existence of the conversation itself was the lesson; art has nothing to do with Lifes fickle intentions: write what you want. Draw what you want. Perform what you can. In the end, the unexpected twists -- the mutated cells, the choked arteries, the swerving vans -- will always tell the ending."

Dick Wolf Quotes

"There are other options out there, after all, like read a book, go on the Internet, rent a movie."

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"He knows that kind of love. It is what he feels for Gallicina. It is the world reformed, made new, each time the lover sees the beloveds face. It is the miracle which makes the cosmos dance, which keeps the planets in their courses, which fuels the fire of the stars. It is salvation."

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"All people want is someone to listen"

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"The best way to walk into a nightmare is with a smile."

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"I run upright mostly when I see daylight, so if you watch film youll see I dont get hit in the chest much."

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Quotes About Hassle

"Being a football manager is no fun at all. You have to put up with all the hassle. It is not surprising that so many turn grey or have heart attacks." - Author: Ruud Gullit

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"My dad was a surgeon in Egypt. He was a general surgeon. As a little boy I always admired what he was doing, and I wanted to do surgery." - Author: Magdi Yacoub

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"...I see more pathology in others than I did ten years ago - the older I get, the more insane people seem..." - Author: John Geddes

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"I guess haiku is an inspiration for me. Everyday, simple moments." - Author: Misha Collins

Quotes About Oedipus Rex

"This may not be art as art commonly goes; the lack of discipline, of control, would seem to rule it out of that category. And yet Woolrichs lack of control over emotions is a crucial element in his work, not only because it intensifies the fragility and momentariness of love but also because it tears away the comfortable belief, evident in some of the greatest works of the human imagination such as Oedipus Rex, that nobility in the face of nothingness is possible. And if Woolrichs work is not art as commonly understood, there is an art beyond art, whose form is not the novel or story but the scream; and of this art Woolrich is beyond doubt a master. ("Introduction")" - Author: Francis M. Nevins

Quotes About Meaningful Writing

"And Castle nodded sagely. So this is a picture of the meaninglessness of it all! I couldnt agree more.Do you really agree? I asked. A minute ago you said something about Jesus.Who? said Castle.Jesus Christ?Oh, said Castle. Him. He shrugged. People have to talk about something just to keep their voice boxes in working order, so theyll have good voice boxes in case theres ever anything really meaningful to say.I see. I knew I wasnt going to have an easy time writing a popular article about him. I was going to have to concentrate on his saintly deeds and ignore entirely the satanic things he thought and said." - Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Quotes About Unwilling To Change

"That night I followed him whenever he let me. I had to. Followed him into strange, complicated actions, very far, bad and good actions. But I was never allowed into his world. What was I to him? A fantasy. I gave him another identity. Whenever I lay next to him in a bed and it was night, I was too excited to fall asleep, too unwilling to lose a chance that I might be allowed to enter his life. Since he wanted fantasy, what I wanted didnt matter. I asked myself if there was any chance he would change. No. Change for him was fantastical. Yet I was, and still am, a victim of his charity." - Author: Kathy Acker

Quotes About Attachment And Detachment

"Allowing attachments to people/things create a compulsive addiction in us to be controlling. This "control" (fueled by fear of loss) fools us into a false sense of security and love. At first glance, it is common to confuse the idea of Conscious Detachment with non-feeling or being cold, however learning this skill is a giant leap towards enlightenment. When you consciously detach from an object or a loved one, you empower them to exist at their potential. From this perspective, just being in their presence fosters feelings of love and admiration that far exceed any relationship that is limited with expectations, confinement and control" - Author: Gary Hopkins

Quotes About Barbed Wire

"Then one morning shed begun to feel her sorrow easing, like something jagged that had cut into her so long it had finally dulled its edges, worn itself down. That same day Rachel couldnt remember which side her father had parted his hair on, and shed realized again what shed learned at five when her mother left – that what made losing someone you loved bearable was not remembering but forgetting. Forgetting the small things first, the smell of the soap her mother had bathed with, the color of the dress shed worn to church, then after a while the sound of her mothers voice, the color of her hair. It amazed Rachel how much you could forget, and everything you forgot made that person less alive inside you until you could finally endure it. After more time passed you could let yourself remember, even want to remember. But even then what you felt those first days could return and remind you the grief that was still there, like old barbed wire embedded in a trees heartwood. (51)" - Author: Ron Rash

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"General Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the global media to film the unspeakable hell of the Holocaust. General Eisenhower feared there would come a day when there would be "Holocaust deniers" who would declare it never happened.5 Today, Irans radical Islamic leaders, who have promised to wipe the Jews off the face of the map, are indeed Holocaust deniers.6 Sadly, their venom is gathering international support. From the tears and tragedy of World War II came the rebirth of the State of Israel in May" - Author: John Hagee