[Alas For Those Girls Who've Refused The Truth: The Sweetest Tongue Has The Sharpest Tooth.]

Author: Jack Zipes Quotes

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Eric Mabius Quotes

"You do have to follow your heart, otherwise youre living a false life."

William Beckett Quotes

"Hold your head high heavy heart."

Piet Hein Quotes

"Hvis man regner med belønning for sin godhed, er det ikke godhed, men beregning."

Maggie Shayne Quotes

"<...> Ivenever believed there is any animal more dangerous than a human being. I never will. Its the intelligence. Its the mind that makes it so."

Jo Bonner Quotes

"Dr. Rice went well beyond offering a helping hand - she went so far as to shed tears and share hugs with those who, in a matter of just a few hours, had lost everything to the rising floodwaters."

Jonathan Winters Quotes

"I dont do jokes. The characters are my jokes."

Diane Capri Quotes

"No matter how offensive shes been to me, she continues to act as if she has some sort of God-given right to keep coming back for more favors."

Nancy S Kyme Quotes

"What you think upon grows." Emmet Fox"

Caroline Mitchell Quotes

"It is my greatest wish that victims of paranormal attack are treated with the respect and compassion they deserve, and that by writing this book, it will encourage others to come forward and share their stories also."

Jawe Querimit Quotes

"Those who stop chasing after their dreams because of what theyre being told are cowards."

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Quotes About Deciding To Marry

"Do the bishops seriously imagine that legalising gay marriage will result in thousands of parties to heterosexual marriages suddenly deciding to get divorced so they can marry a person of the same sex?" - Author: Malcolm Turnbull

Quotes About Being Mistreated

"I think Muslims have become the new Negroes in America. They are being mistreated at airports, by the Immigration - everywhere. Islam is a religion of peace. They are wrong." - Author: Jermaine Jackson

Quotes About Being Bloated

"Its an established fact. Some women cant stand being pregnant, getting big and bloated, and hauling around a giant stomach, and some women, for reasons probably understood by Darwin, love it." - Author: Rich Cohen

Quotes About Being Behind Schedule

"As we pass one step, and as we recognize it as being behind us, the next one already rises up before us. By the time we learn everything, we slowly come to understand it. And while you come to understand everything gradually, you dont remain idle at any moment: you are already attending to your new business; you live, you act, you move, you fulfill the new requirements of every new step of development. If, on the other hand, there were no schedule, no gradual enlightenment, if all the knowledge descended on you at once right there in one spot, then its possible neither your brains nor your heart could bear it." - Author: Imre Kertész

Quotes About Strangled

"every session I had no fewer than sixteen girls with "allergies" to dairy and wheat—cheese and bread basically—but also to garlic, eggplant, corn, and nuts. They had cleverly developed "allergies," I believe, to the foods they had seen their own mothers fearing and loathing as diet fads passed through their homes. I couldve strangled their mothers for saddling these girls with the idea that food is an enemy—some of them only eight years old and already weird about wanting a piece of bread—and I wouldve liked to bludgeon them, too, for forcing me to participate in their young daughters fucked-up relationship with food." - Author: Gabrielle Hamilton

Quotes About Gardening And God

"What was more needed by this old man who divided the leisure hours of his life, where he had so little leisure, between gardening in the daytime, and contemplation at night? Was not this narrow enclosure, with the sky for a background, enough to enable him to adore God in his most beautiful as well as in his most sublime works? Indeed, is not that all, and what more can be desired? A little garden to walk, and immensity to reflect upon. At his feet something to cultivate and gather; above his head something to study and meditate upon: a few flowers on the earth, and all the stars in the sky." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Giving To The Future

"When something drops into your life that seems to threaten your future, remember this: the first shockwaves of the bomb are not sin. The real danger is yielding to them. Giving in. Putting up no spiritual fight. And the root of that surrender is unbelief - a failure to fight for faith in future grace. A failure to cherish all that God promises to be for us in Jesus." - Author: John Piper

Quotes About Chasm

"Every mans work, pursued steadily, tends in this way to become an end in itself, and so to bridge over the loveless chasms of his life." - Author: George Eliot

Quotes About Suffering In Night

"Did I exist before my birth? No. Shall I exist after death? No. What am I? A little dust collected in an organism. What am I to do on this earth? The choice rests with me: suffer or enjoy. Whither will suffering lead me? To nothingness; but I shall have suffered. Whither will enjoyment lead me? To nothingness; but I shall have enjoyed myself. My choice is made. One must eat or be eaten. I shall eat. It is better to be the tooth than the grass. Such is my wisdom. After which, go whither I push thee, the grave-digger is there; the Pantheon for some of us: all falls into the great hole. End. Finis. Total liquidation. This is the vanishing-point. Death is death, believe me. I laugh at the idea of there being any one who has anything to tell me on that subject. Fables of nurses; bugaboo for children; Jehovah for men. No; our to-morrow is the night. Beyond the tomb there is nothing but equal nothingness." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Illegal Activities

"Leahs mouth is open. "Im going to destroy you," she says. Olivia shrugs. I cant believe shes being so calm about this. "You already did. There is nothing more you could do to me. But, I swear to God, if you fuck with Caleb, Im going to put you in prison for one of your many illegal activities. Then you wont see your daughter." - Author: Tarryn Fisher