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Author: Cesare Pavese Quotes

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Eric Sykes Quotes

"I asked my publisher what would happen if he sold all the copies of my book hed printed. He said "Ill just print another ten."

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes

"I have to travel a lot, but relaxation to me is when I am at home."

Hans Blix Quotes

"Negotiations with Iran, especially, will not be easy under any circumstances, but I suspect that they might be somewhat less difficult if the nuclear-weapon states could show that their requests are part of a broader effort to lead the world, including themselves, toward nuclear disarmament. Preventing further proliferation is essential, but it is not a recipe for success to preach to the rest of the world to stay away from the very weapons that nuclear states claim are indispensable to their own security."

Kitty Carlisle Quotes

"So I got caught up in the same wave as everybody else and went right out to Hollywood, to make movies."

Connor Jessup Quotes

"I cant really fight."

Walid Jumblatt Quotes

"We move sometimes. We send messages to each other. We talk on the phone. Tell me, what can we do?"

Nuala OFaolain Quotes

"But this upland pass was the right place for remembering how, when I was young, I learned to feel for the harshness underneath every soft appearance."

Anthony Hyde Quotes

"All the real secrets are buried, and only ghosts speak the truth."

Andrew Lo Quotes

"If we are able to allow people to earn a decent rate of return, with sufficient scale, we can all do well by doing good."

Paul Palnik Quotes

"Youre never too old to be young."

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Quotes About Cutaneum

"Horned humans are not unknown to medical science as there is a rare skin disease, which goes by the name of ‘Cornu Cutaneum, a cutaneous growth, which resembles a horn and grows from the scalp." - Author: Carole Carlton

Quotes About Math Equations

"At the age of 12, I developed an intense interest in mathematics. On exposure to algebra, I was fascinated by simultaneous equations and read ahead of the class to the end of the book." - Author: John Pople

Quotes About Silent Suffering

"All women speak two languages:
the language of men
and the language of silent suffering.
 Some women speak a third,
the language of queens." - Author: Mohja Kahf

Quotes About Friend Thieves

"Give your false prophet a message for me. Tell him Jesus befriended the whores and the thieves and the sinners. Tell him his Old Testament God is dead. God doesnt punish the wicked and save the righteous. God is love." - Author: Jennifer Bosworth

Quotes About Spallanzani

"That a free, or at least an unsaturated acid usually exists in the stomachs of animals, and is in some manner connected with the important process of digestion, seems to have been the general opinion of physiologists till the time of Spallanzani. This illustrious philosopher concluded, from his numerous experiments, that the gastric fluids, when in a perfectly natural state, are neither acid nor alkaline. Even Spallanzani, however, admitted that the contents of the stomach are very generally acid; and this accords not only with my own observation, but with that, I believe, of almost every individual who has made any experiments on the subject. ... The object of the present communication is to show, that the acid in question is the muriatic [hydrochloric] acid, and that the salts usually met with in the stomach, are the alkaline muriates." - Author: Spallanzani

Quotes About Horror Fans

"I love when you go to a horror film with real horror fans and everybodys there watching, getting involved and screaming. Thats when its most alive and exciting for me." - Author: David Arquette

Quotes About Hot Tempered

"Ernesto Palmer got the name Chili originally because he was hot-tempered as a kid...Now he was Chili, Tommy Carlo said, because he had chilled down and didnt need the hot temper. All he had to do was turn his eyes dead when he looked at a slow pay, not say more than three words, and the guy would sell his wifes car to make the payment." - Author: Elmore Leonard

Quotes About Fortification

"Those eyes, theyve got a history with mine. They were the first things I saw when I came to, after being hit in the skull with a baseball thrown by Patrick at Little League. They were the fortification I needed at sixteen to ride the chairlift at Sugarloaf, although I am terrified of heights. For almost my whole life, theyve told me Im doing all right, during moments when it was not in my own power to answer." - Author: Jodi Picoult

Quotes About Desiree

"Clyde had a theory that women had a book, a homemade, photocopied three-ring binder called "Surprising Things to Do in a Relationship," which they passed around to one another, adding pages from time to time, hiding it under the bed. He figured that Desiree could run home tonight and add a new page." - Author: Neal Stephenson

Quotes About Unfair Justice

"My grandmother and my two aunts were an exhibition in resilience and resourcefulness and black womanhood. They rarely talked about the unfairness of the world with the words that I use now with my social justice friends, words like "intersectionality" and "equality", "oppression", and "discrimination". They didnt discuss those things because they were too busy living it, navigating it, surviving it." - Author: Janet Mock