[All Obstructions To The Execution Of The Laws, All Combinations And Associations, Under Whatever Plausible Character, With The Real Design To Direct, Control, Counteract, Or Awe The Regular Deliberation And Action Of The Constituted Authorities, Are Destructive Of This Fundamental Principle, And Of Fatal Tendency. They Serve To Organize Faction, To Give It An Artificial And Extraordinary Force; To Put, In The Place Of The Delegated Will Of The Nation The Will Of A Party, Often A Small But Artful And Enterprising Minority Of The Community; And, According To The Alternate Triumphs Of Different Parties, To Make The Public Administration The Mirror Of The Ill-concerted And Incongruous Projects Of Faction, Rather Than The Organ Of Consistent And Wholesome Plans Digested By Common Counsels And Modified By Mutual Interests.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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"We lose ourselves in things we love. We find ourselves there, too."

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"Im simpley one hell of a butler."

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"When things get bad enough, then something happens to correct the course. And its for that reason that I speak about evolution as an error-making and an error-correcting process. And if we can be ever so much better - ever so much slightly better - at error correcting than at error making, then well make it."

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"Playing nuts is a game like any other, neither better than tops, nor worse than cards. The game is played in various ways. There are holes and bank and caps. But every game finishes up in the same way. One boy loses, another wins. And, as always, he who wins is a clever fellow, a smart fellow, a good fellow."

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"Thank you for not growing to hate humans."

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"There is no time to plan, there is no space to think. No respite. No forgiveness. There is only war."

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"Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects."

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"Somehow she always seems blurred, as though to focus on anything that exists beyond a canvas might prove too difficult for her tiny frame to handle. When I was a very little girl, whenever she made me angry, I would imagine a strong wind simply blowing her away."

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"Life moves fast, in an undesired harmony with time. The moment one blinks, one doesnt know where the next view may take them."

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"No one is only one thing, my dear."

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"New York! I say New York, let black blood flow into your blood.Let it wash the rust from your steel joints, like an oil of life Let it give your bridges the curve of hips and supple vines. Now the ancient age returns, unity is restored, The recociliation of the Lion and Bull and Tree Idea links to action, the ear to the heart, sign to meaning. See your rivers stirring with musk alligators And sea cows with mirage eyes. No need to invent the Sirens. Just open your eyes to the April rainbow And your eyes, especially your ears, to God Who in one burst of saxophone laughter Created heaven and earth in six days, And on the seventh slept a deep Negro sleep." - Author: Léopold Sédar Senghor

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