[All Obstructions To The Execution Of The Laws, All Combinations And Associations, Under Whatever Plausible Character, With The Real Design To Direct, Control, Counteract, Or Awe The Regular Deliberation And Action Of The Constituted Authorities, Are Destructive Of This Fundamental Principle, And Of Fatal Tendency. They Serve To Organize Faction, To Give It An Artificial And Extraordinary Force; To Put, In The Place Of The Delegated Will Of The Nation The Will Of A Party, Often A Small But Artful And Enterprising Minority Of The Community; And, According To The Alternate Triumphs Of Different Parties, To Make The Public Administration The Mirror Of The Ill-concerted And Incongruous Projects Of Faction, Rather Than The Organ Of Consistent And Wholesome Plans Digested By Common Counsels And Modified By Mutual Interests.]

Author: George Washington Quotes

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