[All Of Science Is Largely Formalized Common Sense.]

Author: Nancy Pearcey Quotes

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Norman Douglas Quotes

"Why always "not yet"?  Do flowers in spring say "not yet"?"

Miguel Serrano Quotes

"Words are really a mask, he said. They rarely express the true meaning; in fact they tend to hide it. If you can live in fantasy, then you dont need religion, since with fantasy you can understand that after death, man is reincorporated in the Universe. Once again I will say that it is not important to know whether there is something beyond this life. What counts is having done the right sort of work; if that is right, then everything else will be all right. The Universe, or Nature, is for me what God is for others. It is wrong to think that Nature is the enemy of man, something to be conquered. Rather, we should look upon Nature as a mother, and should peaceably surrender ourselves to it. If we take that attitude, we will simply feel that we are returning to the Universe as all other things do, all animals and plants. We are all just infinitesimal parts of the Whole. It is absurd to rebel; we must deliver ourselves up to the great current...."

Alexander Skarsgard Quotes

"Im pretty intense when it comes to relationships, platonic ones as well. If I feel a connection with someone, Im willing to go there."

John Hewson Quotes

"The only person you resent is yourself."

MH Van Keuren Quotes

"Even if the sum total of human knowledge is available online, a book is still a powerful thing."

Danny Trejo Quotes

"I love action films. I dont really like drama."

Lee Tergesen Quotes

"But we both came to the decision that the powerful thing is to go into your fear, walk in there with it, dont walk away from it, and to try to be true to it."

Jennifer Handford Quotes

"In so many ways," I tried to explain. "I feel repaired. The old wounds feel repaired, anyway. As if what was taken has been returned. I dont get to be my mothers daughter ever again. But I get to be a mother"

Robert Penn Quotes

"A universal truth of bicycling is this - pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

Anthony Hyde Quotes

"All the real secrets are buried, and only ghosts speak the truth."

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Quotes About Galassi

"Ma nel bene o nel male, avevo legato il mio destino a quello dei terrestri.I terrestri.Violenti ma amanti della pace.Pieni di passione ma cerebrali.Pieni di umanità ma crudeli.Impulsivi ma calcolatori.I terrestri. Complessivamente, una specie contraddittoria e molto imperfetta.Eppure… eppure in qualche modo sapevo che erano proprio loro la speranza per tutta la galassia. [Animorph #52: Il sacrificio]" - Author: K.A. Applegate

Quotes About Continuing Life

"Youve thrown down the gauntlet. Youve brought my wrath down upon your house. Now, to prove that I exist I must kill you. As the child outlives the father, so must the character bury the author. If you are, in fact, my continuing author, then killing you will end my existence as well. Small loss. Such a life, as your puppet, is not worth living.But… If I destroy you and your dreck script, and I still exist… then my existence will be glorious, for I will become my own master." - Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Quotes About Personal Narratives

"One of the most moving narratives of modern history is the story of how men and women languishing under various forms of oppression came to acquire, often at great personal cost, the sort of technical knowledge necessary for them to understand their own condition more deeply, and so acquire some of the theoretical armoury essential to change it. ... There is no reason why literary critics should not turn to autobiography or anecdotalism, or simply slice up their texts and deliver them to their publishers in a cardboard box, if they are not so politically placed as to need emancipatory knowledge." - Author: Terry Eagleton

Quotes About Expatriate

"I think bourgeois fathers – wing-collar workers in pencil-striped pants, dignified, office-tied fathers, so different from young American veterans of today or from a happy, jobless Russian-born expatriate of fifteen years ago – will not understand my attitude toward our child. Whenever you held him up, replete with his warm formula and grave as an idol, and waited for the postlactic all-clear signal before making a horizontal baby of the vertical one, I used to take part both in your wait and in the tightness of his surfeit, which I exaggerated, therefore rather resenting your cheerful faith in the speedy dissipation of what I felt to be a painful oppression; and when, at last, the blunt little bubble did rise and burst in his solemn mouth, I used to experience a lovely relief as you, with a congratulatory murmur, bent low to deposit him in the white-rimmed twilight of his crib." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Hockey Fights

"She loved hockey. Loved the speed, the agility. The fights. The men. Brawny, sweaty, messy. They let their hair grown, though no one would ever accuse them of being feminine, not with perpetual five oclock shadow and bulging muscles. They skated with the grace of ballet dancers and fought at the drop of a glove." - Author: Stephanie Julian

Quotes About Slots

"Any slots at the senior level, including CEO or other slots, will be filled internally." - Author: Kenneth Lay

Quotes About Potok

"Existuje mnoho forem spirituality. Jednou z nich je spiritualita transcendence - tázání se po vznešených vizích, univerzálních morálních principech a osvobození od mnoha omezení lidského života. Ovšem i strom, zvíře, potok nebo lesní hájek, to vše může být v ohnisku náboženské pozornosti. Spiritualita místa může být vyznačena zdí, kresbou na zemi nebo hromadou kamenů. Když na starých bojištích umísťujeme historické památníky nebo pamětní desky na domech, kde se narodily naši předkové či přespal George Washington, konáme ryzí spirituální akt. Uctíváme zvláštního ducha, který je spojen s tímto místem." - Author: Thomas Moore

Quotes About Painful Love And Life

"Martin is always telling me to put all of this behind me, to get on with my life. But the thing is, before Jesse, I never really had a life. I had a routine. I did things. But aside from the accident"—he gestured with his prosthetic arm—"nothing ever happened to me. But she happened. And it was like a train wreck. It was big and painful and beautiful and every second mattered. You know what Beaudelaire said about love? Its ‘an oasis of horror in a desert of boredom. But its still an oasis. Our time together—thats the story of my life. Everything before her was just the boring setup. Like the first hour of a miniseries, the part thats just padding to stretch it out for three nights. And the time since shes gone—thats just been some sort of weird, dragged-out anticlimax. I can feel myself sitting in the audience watching my life and wondering, ‘Why isnt this movie over?" - Author: Phoef Sutton

Quotes About Seeking Revenge

"The enemy is over there and we are still seeking revenge from the nature." - Author: M.F. Moonzajer

Quotes About Yeti

"Dünya uzaklarda - derin bir mezara indirilmiş-, yeri, bir çöl gibi ve yapayalnız. Göğsünün tellerinden derin bir hüznün esintileri yükselmekte. Çiğ taneleriyle birlikte ta aşağılara damlamak ve küllere karışmak istiyorum. -Anıların uzaklığı, gençliğin arzuları, çocukluktaki düşler, bütün bir yaşamın kısacık sevinçleri ve nafile umutları, güneşin ardından etrafı saran akşam sisi gibi, sırtlarında kurşuni giysilerle gelmekteler. Başka yerlerde ışık, neşeli çadırlarını kurmuş. Ya onu masumiyetin inancıyla beklemekte olan çocuklarına bir daha hiç dönmezse?" - Author: Novalis