[All Travel Is Circular. I Had Been Jerked Through Asia, Making A Parabola On One Of The Planet's Hemispheres. After All, The Grand Tour Is Just The Inspired Man's Way Of Heading Home.]

Author: Paul Theroux Quotes

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Julie Wilson Quotes

"Public transit situates us so that we are given license to accept whats right in front of us, but will likely arouse our desire to compare our narrative to someone elses, to give ourselves permission to speculate upon a persons private space, or life, with no fear of recourse or punishment."

Jackie Collins Quotes

"Who is ready to settle for five minutes when three hours does nicely?"

Ellen Dawn Benefield Quotes

"What you mons making all the racket about? You wake me again and Ill put the voodoo hex on you. All you only call me Tuberculosis behind my back now. You want the real thing?" Sergeant "T. B" Tinkerbelle Bettina Jones."

Bertsche Quotes

"Im sarcastic and facetious. Its hard to find those people on the first encounter. I can be nice, but I dont want nice friends. I want funny, gregarious, sarcastic, and smart friends. Its so nice to hear youre not alone."

Richard Ben Veniste Quotes

"Only the last two planes, I think, had any shot of being intercepted and taken down on 9/11."

Samaire Armstrong Quotes

"Frankie Muniz is amazing at everything he does. Many people dont know that he can play the piano like you wouldnt believe, and he can bowl and play basketball like you wouldnt believe."

Bob Geldof Quotes

"But I think Prozac is a lethal drug, Ive several friends just havent made it by taking Prozac."

Linda Banana Quotes

"Any chance you might sit on my face?Carnal KnowledgeThats the stuff.No, I mean Carnal Knowledge, the movie. Jack Nicholson says that to Ann Margret when they first meet. Shes a skater.Well, is there?Are you always this direct?"

Rebecca Ann Collins Quotes

"They agreed, however, that they could wish them only as much joy as they had together, refusing to be dislodged from their position as the happiest couple in the world, by anyone."

Bahja Abdurahman Quotes

"the smile of little child can give hope and dream"

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Quotes About Race And Social Class

"Every time I asked a question, that magnificent teacher, instead of giving the answer, showed me how to find it. She taught me to organise my thoughts, to do research, to read and listen, to seek alternatives, to resolve old problems with new solutions, to argue logically. Above all, she taught me not to believe anything blindly, to doubt, and to question even what seemed irrefutably true, such as mans superiority over woman, or one race or social class over another." - Author: Isabel Allende

Quotes About The Eleventh Hour

"There is no eleventh hour with Cosmic Ordering, only the golden hour." - Author: Stephen Richards

Quotes About Sherwood

"...and again she wished for Sherwood, and the dappled roof of leaves that never weighed upon her. She pulled her scarf closer around her and thought, I would rather live in a hut in the woods; a hut like the one of my first memories, with a clean-swept dirt floor, and a brown-eyed boy watching me from behind his mothers skirts as I watched him from behind mine." - Author: Robin McKinley

Quotes About Tutoring

"the child of a supermom who gets lots of extra tutoring and one-on-one support is going to do way better than an average well-loved child. But what Blairs and Evanss research suggests is that regular good parenting—being helpful and attentive during a game of Jenga—can make a profound difference for a childs future prospects." - Author: Paul Tough

Quotes About Silence In The Chosen

"When I did a therapist education in USA 1984, one of the course leaders – who had given personal and spiritual guidance to thousands of seekers of truth from all over the world, and who I consider to be one of the best spiritual therapists in the world – said that I was going to get enlightened, that I would "disappear into the silence". I did not really understand what he meant then, and it was totally absurd for me when other course participants congratulated me afterwards. The thought that I was going to be enlightened was totally absurd for me. For me enlightenment was something that happened to special and chosen persons like Osho, Buddha, Jesus, Lao-Tzu and Krishnamurti. I did not feel either special or chosen. I did not feel worthy of being enlightened." - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten

Quotes About Turning 25 Funny

"Sometimes shed just walk around the city alone. Watch the people, smell the food, the bus exhaust, the smoke coming up through the grating. Shed feel protected somehow, found a sense of belonging in the hectic sprawl. And the next minute shed feel like the one who couldnt break the code, hit the right stride, catch the wave. Potholes and traffic and bums, oh my. With all the honking and the hum of movement, the living, breathing blur of noise gently pressing in on her, the great purr of the Metropolitan Cat turning into a dull roar. Shed feel so silent on the inside, her head as quiet as a stretch of sand, a cathedral silently worshipping the life that was all around her, storing it up for later when she needed some too much to draw upon." - Author: Carrie Fisher

Quotes About Dating Losers

"I guess theres a benefit to dating a bunch of selfish losers...it sure teaches a girl to how to give a good blow job." - Author: Elle Casey

Quotes About Condescend

"If Mr. Blood had condescended to debate the matter with these ladies, he might have urged that having had his fill of wandering and adventuring, he was now embarked upon the career for which he had been originally intended and for which his studies had equipped him; that he was a man of medicine and not of war; a healer, not a slayer." - Author: Rafael Sabatini

Quotes About Foolish Men

"Foolish men always believe that a little knowledge will give them control over the world, but it is no more than a display of their vanity." - Author: J. P. Vinluca

Quotes About Courage In The Hunger Games

"I no longer feel allegiance to these monsters called human beings, despise being one myself. I think that Peeta was onto something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its childrens lives to settle its differences. You can spin it any way you like. Snow thought the Hunger Games were an efficient means of control. Coin thought the parachutes would expedite the war. But in the end, who does it benefit? No one. The truth is, it benefits no one to live in a world where these things happen." - Author: Suzanne Collins