[Along With The Concept Of American Dream Runs The Notion That Every Man And Woman Is Entitled To An Opinion And To One Vote, No Matter How Ridiculous That Opinion Might Be Or How Uninformed The Vote. It Could Be That The Borderer Presbyterian Tradition Of "stand Up And Say Your Rightful Piece" Contributed To The American Notion That Our Gut-level But Uninformed Opinions Are Some Sort Of Unvarnished Foundational Political Truths. I Have Been Told That This Is Because We Redneck Working-class Scots Irish Suffer From What Psychiatrists Call "no Insight".Consequently, We Will Never Agree With Anyone Outside Our Zone Of Ignorance Because Our Belligerent Borderer Pride Insists On The Right To Be Dangerously Wrong About Everything While Telling Those Who Are More Educated To "bite My Ass!]

Author: Joe Bageant Quotes

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"To every dreamer, you direct the light of all the world!"

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"Genius is an overused word. The world has known only about a half dozen geniuses. I got only fairly near."

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"Sure. But if an undead creature or whatever comes out to eat our brains or suck out our blood, dont blame me."

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"fellows are just naturally interested in a good piece of work and have no unnatural restrictions in looking it over. Perhaps, and may the sahibs of the Fogg forgive me for thinking it, this simple, curious outlook of healthy men is more important than some of the monuments themselves."

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"Religion without morality is a superstition and a curse, and morality without religion is impossible."

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"Its not about something i have felt, Its about my life;its not about something that i have not, Its about something inside me;Its not about that i am gonna cry Its about something that i have no tears left;Its not about something that i love you, Its about you dont.."

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