[Along With The Concept Of American Dream Runs The Notion That Every Man And Woman Is Entitled To An Opinion And To One Vote, No Matter How Ridiculous That Opinion Might Be Or How Uninformed The Vote. It Could Be That The Borderer Presbyterian Tradition Of "stand Up And Say Your Rightful Piece" Contributed To The American Notion That Our Gut-level But Uninformed Opinions Are Some Sort Of Unvarnished Foundational Political Truths. I Have Been Told That This Is Because We Redneck Working-class Scots Irish Suffer From What Psychiatrists Call "no Insight".Consequently, We Will Never Agree With Anyone Outside Our Zone Of Ignorance Because Our Belligerent Borderer Pride Insists On The Right To Be Dangerously Wrong About Everything While Telling Those Who Are More Educated To "bite My Ass!]

Author: Joe Bageant Quotes

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"We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there."

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"I feel that racial profiling may be a very complicated and long-standing problem. It will take a long time even to make tiny progress."

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"So entangled are we in our own designs that the concurrent and often conflicting plots of our families, friends, and enemies may come to us as surprises suddenly unraveled or traps suddenly sprung... If no one can see into anothers heart, it is probably because no one comes close enough, or stays long enough, or listens loud enough over the thump of their own, to see and hear."

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"If you had a national grid with one operator, you had twenty or even a hundred operators, if you dont have the ability to compel people to observe high standards of conduct, then you run a greater risk."

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