[Although One Of The Points Of An Integral Approach To Any Problem Is To Language That Issue In A S Large A Number Of Levels As Possible (Magic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, And Super-Integral—and This Includes The "conveyor Belt" Of Spirituality), This Doesn't Mean To Cavalierly Overlook Integral Itself. The Integral Level Is A Prerequisite For "Integral We" Practices (although Anybody Can Be Invited To Those Practices; But Realize That An "Integral" Depth Of The "We" Will Not Be Achieved In Any Group The Majority Of Whose Individuals Are Not Themselves At Integral).]

Author: Ken Wilber Quotes

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"This is a Disney animated feature; its eternal, its history. Whats there to think about"

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"When scientific conversations cease, then dogma rather than knowledge begins to rule the day."

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"Learning is retarded in conditions of high anxiety and low acceptance. For most tasks, people have the intellectual knowledge to perform well; they just have a hard time acting on what they know."

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"The fantastic cannot exist independently of that real world which it seems to find frustratingly finite."

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"You will never convince anyone to do anything unless you believe it should be done."

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"People are so into digital recording now they forgot how easy analog recording can be."

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"Im sorry, but nothing just happens. Stuff happens because either we make it happen or we let it."

John W Thompson Quotes

"Well Web services are nothing more than a way for users to interact with applications."

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"I still have my bad days when I think Im not getting everything I deserve. But those pass quickly once my Mother gets on the phone and says, listen, we used to eat rocks and walk 80 miles a day to school."

Sandip Bantawa Quotes

"Its always beautiful to express without expressions. Its better to feel than touch."

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"She had what it took: great hair, a profound understanding of strategic lip gloss, the intelligence to understand the world and a tiny secret interior deadness which meant she didnt care." - Author: Douglas Adams

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"You have a poem called "Bad Theology." What would you call a bad theology?I guess any theology that presumes to have God in its pocket. Can I explain this without sinning further? Well find out. The community in which I was raised did what they would call theology, but it was always a kind of cranky, brutal reduction of lush and beautiful complexities into the lowest common denominator, the dullest version. But when I went away to school and started reading more, I became increasingly dissatisfied with any theology that replaces the enormous, immeasurable real with very measurable and very calculated replacements. Im not saying this very eloquently, but I guess bad theology articulates as definitive and conclusive that which is unknowable and without end." - Author: Tony Leuzzi

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"-Au fost două persoane excepţionale. -Şi tu eşti la fel. Nu îmi pierd timpul cu prieteni care nu sunt excepţionali, spuse Parker." - Author: Nora Roberts

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"Football spectators appreciate a bit of loyalty, and were seeing that less and less. There are echelons of football, as in society, where some players are clearly mercenaries. I regret in a way that somehow the local identification, the local bonding between the community and its football team has been commercialised to such an extent." - Author: Vincent Nichols

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"Yall reporters like my quotes, dont you. Yeah, my quotes are Shaqalicious." - Author: Shaquille ONeal