[Amazing What Humans Could Do To One Another When Their Survival Instinct Kicked In.]

Author: Jason M. Hough Quotes

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Calderon De La Barca Quotes

"Love that is not madness is not love."

Juan Benet Quotes

"Sólo la minúscula mutación de un acontecimiento puede poner fin a toda la serie cíclica de muchos iguales"

Barbara Goldsmith Quotes

"I am guilty of using dollar signs as proof of a work of arts longevity."

Vincent J Guihan Quotes

"I am not well-versed in theory, but in my view, the cow deserves her life. As does the ram. As does the ladybug. As does the elephant. As do the fish, and the dog and the bee; as do other sentient beings. I will always be in favor of veganism as a minimum because I believe that sentient beings have a right not to be used as someone elses property. They ask us to be brave for them, to be clear for them, and I see no other acceptable choice but to advocate veganism. If these statements make me a fundamentalist, then I will sew a scarlet F on my jacket so that all may know Im fundamentally in favor of nonviolence; may they bury me in it so that all will know where I stood."

John Burnside Quotes

"He was someone who had to live alone, someone who found it difficult to be with others for any length of time, because he only had one mode - that discreet art of withdrawal which had, no doubt, taken him years to perfect. He had no other strategies for getting along with people and, though his colleagues probably saw this as the mark of a gentle, erudite, considerate soul, I was suddenly able to see right through it. Not because I was so very perceptive, but because I was so like him. He had been living in that one mode for so long, he had almost forgotten about it, but I was a near-beginner, and for me it was painfully obvious."

Bernard DeVoto Quotes

"The mind has its own logic but does not often let others in on it."

Donald Tusk Quotes

"Politics itself is not sacred any more."

Brett Davern Quotes

"I love memoirs and autobiographies in general."

Sam Brownback Quotes

"I believe in the sanctity of marriage."

Abu Abbas Quotes

"I do not feel remorse. Everybody makes mistakes in war."

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Quotes About The Jungle In Heart Of Darkness

"Although harmony with nature is of considerable importance in planning a garden, it must never be allowed to obscure what lies at the heart of the design;the salvation of the human spirit. In creating a garden, we acquire, by force, a patch of land from the jungle; we mould it so that it becomes an oasis amid the wilderness. It is an endless struggle. Turn our backs for a moment and the darkness of the forest begins its insidious invasion of our tiny haven. The plants that we insert -- artificially, it must be noted, for no garden is a work of Mother Nature -- must not only provide shelter for the soul, they must be able to absorb and then disperse the creeping darkness of the jungle around us. The decorations do not merely adorn, they protect. They create a place where, at the end of our lives, we may find peace." - Author: Tash Aw

Quotes About Mind Body Spirit Connection

"Going beyond our ordinary concept of self is what always brings us the greatest sense of joy in life. Going beyond our own boundaries brings us an ecstatic awareness of how we are truly created in connection with all that is." - Author: Cynthia Sue Larson

Quotes About Hardness

"I continue to wonder, he said, glancing down at Min, why you all assume that I am too dense to see what you find so obvious. Yes, Nynaeve. Yes, this hardness will destroy me. I know. ...You all claim that I have grown too hard, that I will inevitably shatter and break if I continue on. But you assume that there needs to be something left of me to continue on. ...Thats the key, Nynaeve. I see it now. I will not live through this, and so I dont need to worry about what might happen to me after the Last Battle. I dont need to hold back, dont need to salvage anything of this beaten up soul of mine." - Author: Brandon Sanderson

Quotes About Chistopher

"Christopher flushed, gaped, and then laughed. I gave him credit for that. Lots of guys can laugh at someone else. Chistopher could laugh at himself. You see a lot less of that." - Author: Katherine Applegate

Quotes About Reality

"Political prisoners describe:- extreme physical and emotional torture- distortion of language, truth, meaning and reality- sham killings- begin repeatedly taken to the point of death or threatened with death- being forced to witness abusive acts on others- being forced to make impossible "choices"- boundaries smashed i.e. by the use of forced nakedness, shame, embarrassment- hoaxes, set ups, testing and tricks- being forced to hurt othersRitual abuse survivors often describe much the same things." - Author: Laurie Matthew

Quotes About Become A Man

"Our first endeavors are purely instinctive prompting of an imagination vivid and undisciplined. As we grow older reason asserts itself and we become more and more systematic and designing. But those early impulses, though not immediately productive, are of the greatest moment and may shape our very destinies. Indeed, I feel now that had I understood and cultivated instead of suppressing them, I would have added substantial value to my bequest to the world. But not until I had attained manhood did I realize that I was an inventor." - Author: Nikola Tesla

Quotes About Literatur

"The important task of literature is to free man, not to censor him, and that is why Puritanism was the most destructive and evil force which ever oppressed people and their literature: it created hypocrisy, perversion, fears, sterility." - Author: Anaïs Nin

Quotes About Freezing Food

"...my mind drifted to my family. I thought about how I had the opportunity to serve them. I didnt have to carry them across a freezing river in the middle of a snowstorm or give them my food when they didnt have enough. There would be other streams they would need help to cross, and Id be there for them, always and in whatever way they needed me." - Author: Mike Ericksen

Quotes About Twists And Turns In Life

"Life can take so many twists and turns. You cant ever count yourself out. Even if youre really afraid at some point, you cant think that theres no room for you to grow and do something good with your life." - Author: Portia de Rossi

Quotes About Easily Influenced

"I am a person who always tries not to be easily influenced by position or achievement. I thank God for the fact that I can share more kindness and a good quality of life through the popularity. Not for the popularity itself." - Author: Mario Teguh