[America And Its Allies Are Engaged In A War Against A Terrorist Movement That Spans All Corners Of The Globe. It Is Sparked By Radical Ideologues That Breed Hatred, Oppression, And Violence Against All Of Their Declared Enemies.]

Author: Kenny Marchant Quotes

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Boy George Quotes

"Theres this illusion that homosexuals have sex and heterosexuals fall in love. Thats completely untrue. Everybody wants to be loved."

Corinne Demas Quotes

"If you didnt want to know things, you didnt have to know them. Things didnt become facts until someone actually spoke them. Until then, you could just go on acting just the way you had been acting and even if you suspected there was something that would change everything, you didnt have to acknowledge it; you didnt have to let it in."

Berthe Morisot Quotes

"A love of nature is a consolation against failure."

Rick Danko Quotes

"When I used to play nightclubs, you had to play Top 40 or favorite oldies that maybe people could relate to."

Jane Lynch Quotes

"I never went through a biological clock experience. I never even heard it ticking."

Albert J Nock Quotes

"Useless knowledge can be made directly contributory to a force of sound and disinterested public opinion."

Joko Ono Quotes

"To find out if you really are friends with someone, consider what you can sacrifice to help him."

Silius Italicus Quotes

"Take the word of experience, I speak the truth: inaction is safest in danger."

Joelle Charbonneau Quotes

"Almost all the United Commonwealth presidents have been female. It has been argued that women are less aggressive, more maternal, and thus more focused on the well-being of the countrys people. Less focused on politics or power."

Sheila Stubbs Quotes

"The midwife considers the miracle of childbirth as normal, and leaves it alone unless theres trouble. The obstetrician normally sees childbirth as trouble; if he leaves it alone, its a miracle."

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Quotes About Addition To Family

"Chrissie tried all the chairs, the armchairs, the high chairs, the spindle-back chairs, "Is that apple wood, is that tulip wood, is that rosewood, Pascal?" People pitying her with her limp, in a yellow summery dress with a wide green sash as if she was entering a dance competition. Remarking on the holly to be so rich with berries, she said a good crop of berries always meant an addition to the family," - Author: Edna OBrien

Quotes About Player Man

"Marla dug her fingernails into the palms of her hands as she watched the Coyotes struggle, without success, to make up the twelve-point deficit. It was hot in the arena, and the players were perspiring heavily. Neal was substituting often in order to give them water, but the heat was wearing them down, and the Cougars managed to outscore the Coyotes seventeen to two at the opening of the second half." - Author: Barbara Casey

Quotes About Untermensch

"But the public did not know the truth about what happened to the people in the trucks; they believed the stories from the government, who said that these people, known as Untermensch (non-people or ‘lower people), were simply moved to open spaces in the east and settled on farms, away from Germany, so as not to ‘contaminate the German race. This is an example of people not wishing to know the facts behind the rumours in which were whispered between trusted friends. The general belief was that the rumours were rubbish anyway, for how could a civilized country do such things? Our leaders would never allow anything bad to happen to these people; after all, we were not barbarians! And so nothing was said, or done, and the public developed a collective blindness to the truth." - Author: Alfred Nestor

Quotes About Resistir

"No sé adonde voy, pero sé con quién voy.No sé dónde estoy, pero sé que estoy en mi.No sé qué es Dios, pero Dios sabe lo que soy.No sé lo que es el mundo, pero sé que es mio.No sé lo que valgo, pero sé no compararme.No sé lo que es el amor, pero sé que gozo tu existencia.No puedo evitar los golpes, pero sé como resistirlos.No puedo negar la violencia, pero puedo negar la crueldad.No puedo cambiar al mundo, pero puedo cambiarme a mi mismo.No sé lo que hago, pero sé que lo que hago me hace.No sé quién soy, pero sé que soy el que no sabe." - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Quotes About Where You Came From

"I waited, hesitant to go out into the cold again. It was one of those days that have no mercy on your toes, that are oblivious to the suffering of your ears, that are mean and determined to take a chunk of your nose. It was a day to remind you that you can shiver all you want, sniff all you want, the universe is still oblivious. And if you ask why the inhumane temperature, the universe will answer you with tight lips and a cold tone and tell you to go back where you came from if you do not like it here." - Author: Rawi Hage

Quotes About Brutus Portia

"Brutus: Kneel not, gentle Portia.Portia: I should need not, if you were gentle Brutus. Within the bond of marriage, tell me, Brutus, Is it excepted I should know no secrets That appertain to you? Am I yourself But, as it were, in sort or limitation, To keep with you at meals, comfort your bed, And talk to you sometimes? Dwell I but in the suburbs Of your good pleasure? If it be no more, Portia is Brutus harlot, not his wife." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Friend Love

"The brain is an organ of aggression, and there are many roads to this Rome of imagined conquests — so many that mental disorders, regardless of their particulars, often result in a derangement of our aggressive drive. Schizophrenics stand on the streetcorner screaming obscenely at passersby; depressives lie in their beds screaming mutely at themselves. Our gentle aggressions, the drive to be, prods us out of bed in the morning and draws us toward each other. And in each other we find what our aggressive brain desires: love. As we are wired for aggression, so we are wired to love. We are a lavishly loving species, aggressively sentimental. We are tirelessly in pursuit of fresh targets for our love. We love our children so long that they come to despise us for it. We love friends, books... We love answers. We love yesterday and next year. We love gods, for a god is there when all else fails, and God can keep all conduits of love alive — erotic, maternal, paternal, euphoric, infantile." - Author: Natalie Angier

Quotes About Berber

"The keen Saracen blade sliced through the archbishops shield down to his arm, but Turpins aim was truer. Corsabliss turbaned head rolled in the dust as the prelate swung his mighty weapon. The Berbers steed raced on, bearing a headless rider who soon toppled from his mount. Turpin, galloping on to where the press was thickest, turned in his saddle and addressed the head where it lay: Scoundrel pagan, youve met your end! So be it always with the enemies of Christ!" - Author: Mario Andrew Pei

Quotes About Everything Is Connected

"Life is like that." papa turned once again to the Mekong. "Everything is connected, and sometimes we, like little fishes, are awept up in these big and powerful currents. Carried far from home..." - Author: Vaddey Ratner

Quotes About Hot Messes

"It occurred to Susan that men were always waiting for something cataclysmic--love or war or a giant asteroid. Every man wanted to be a hot-headed Bruce Willis character, fighting against the evil foreign enemy while despising the domestic bureaucracy. Men just wanted to focus on one big thing, leaving the thousands of smaller messes for the women around them to clean up." - Author: Bonnie Jo Campbell