[America Faces A Fundamental Choice: Either The Blessings Of Liberty Or The Servitude Of Liberalism. In The Political Struggle For Survival, One Or The Other Is Headed For Extinction.]

Author: Nancy Pearcey Quotes

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Diana Athill Quotes

"To me it was plain silly. It is so obvious that life works in terms of species rather than individuals. The individual just has to be born, to develop to the point at which it can procreate, and then to fall away into death to make way for its successors, and humans are no exception whatever they may fancy."

Isobel Irons Quotes

"I know what youre thinking. ‘How the hell does this broke ass piece of trailer trash know words like caveat, right? Well guess what? Ive read every single book on the New York Times list of Top 100 Literary Classics, not to mention every Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath or Bronte sisters book ever written. And fuck you very much for judging me, by the way."

George Montgomery Quotes

"Democracy in China is like Viagra; no such thing as free elections."

CL Stone Quotes

"Good afternoon, class," he said.I said a soft good afternoon, but no one else in the class joined me.Dr. Green laughed. "I think my class is missing. Did no one show up today? Ill have to mark everyone as absent. I believe I said good afternoon."The room chorused a low murmuring of good afternoon in reply."This wont do," Dr. Green said. "Im here to teach you Japanese. I cant very well teach you English, too."

Michael Paterniti Quotes

"At first, you fall in love. You wake in the morning woozy and your twilight is lit with astral violet light. You spelunk down into each other until you come to possess some inner vision of each other that becomes one thing. Us. Together. And time passes. Like the forming of Earth itself, volcanoes rise and spew lava. Oceans appear. Rock plates shift. Sea turtles swim half the ocean to lay eggs on the mother island; songbirds migrate over continents for berries from a tree. You evolve--cosmically and geologically. You lose each other and find each other again. Every day. Until love gathers the turtles and the birds of your world and encompasses them, too."

Cheryl Hamada Quotes

"Listening to ones self as well as to others is a sacred act of healing. There is a higher octave of listening that hears the wisdom within the words."

Sanya Richards Ross Quotes

"My favorite healthy foods are Jamaican chicken soup, Jamaican chicken stew peas, Jamaican brown stew chicken, plantains and banana chips."

Phil Anselmo Quotes

"Im a bad pessimist. I dont think about how successful any record Ive ever done is going to do before it came out."

Colley Cibber Quotes

"Tea! Thou soft, thou sober,sage and venerable liquid ...to whose glorious insipidity,I owe the happiest moments of my life,let me fall prostrate."

John Anderson Quotes

"But my point is that you design something in the end that precludes any unhealthy trading practices that are not going to serve your environmental or your economic objectives but now is not the time to do it."

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Quotes About French Horn

"The Violins waltzed. The Cellos and Basses provided accompaniment. The Violas mourned their fate, while the Concertmaster showed off. The Flutes did bird imitations…repeatedly, and the reed instruments had the good taste to admire my jacket. The Trumpets held a parade in honor of our great nation, while the French Horns waxed nostalgic about something or other. The Trombones had too much to drink. The Percussion beat the band, and the Tuba stayed home playing cards with his landlady, the Harp, taking sips of warm milk a blue little cup."But the Composer is still dead." - Author: Lemony Snicket

Quotes About Teni

"If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk." - Author: Robert Baden Powell

Quotes About Carousel

"Under wandering stars, in the carousel of your dreams; there where the moon is listening in your life - and gentle face, mysterious Emeralds, shone into my heart." - Author: Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Quotes About Jane Bennet

"As blue chips turn into penny stocks, Wall Street seems less like a symbol of Americas macho capitalism and more like that famous Jane Austen character Mrs. Bennet, a flibbertigibbet always anxious about getting richer and her poor nerves." - Author: Maureen Dowd

Quotes About Destruction Of Coral Reefs

"An argument ensued about abundance, leisure, work, nature, and what a second girl kept calling the American way. When I asked her what she meant by the American way, she said, Basically the destruction of everything--the world, your happiness, your soul, everything. The complete package. Evil and war. Thats who we are, Mr. Countryman." - Author: David Guterson

Quotes About Levity

"For you?" Her gaze was solemn. "Ive been waiting for years." Levity bled into a fresh wave of hunger so intense that it shoved him across that final line. He shook as the truth tore from him, a promise or an admission or maybe a plea for forgiveness. "Me too. Christ, me too." - Author: Kit Rocha

Quotes About George Harrison

"George Harrison was also a pleasure to work with. He was one of the most famous people Ive ever known, but in spite of that fame, he was such a nice and friendly guy." - Author: Alvin Lee

Quotes About Situationists

"The real enemy" is the totality of physical and mental constraints by which capital, or class society, or statism, or the society of the spectacle expropriates everyday life, the time of our lives. The real enemy is not an object apart from life. It is the organization of life by powers detached from it and turned against it. The apparatus, not its personnel, is the real enemy. But it is by and through the apparatchiks and everyone else participating in the system that domination and deception are made manifest. The totality is the organization of all against each and each against all. It includes all the policemen, all the social workers, all the office workers, all the nuns, all the op-ed columnists, all the drug kingpins from Medellin to Upjohn, all the syndicalists and all the situationists." - Author: Bob Black

Quotes About Vigour

"After the alarm clock, it is the turn of Mr Kellogg to shame us into action. Rise and Shine! he exhorts us from the Corn Flakes packet. The physical act of crunching cornflakes or other cereals is portraied in TV advertising as working an amazing alchemy on slothful human beings: the incoherent, unshaven sluggard (bad) is magically transformed into a smart and jolly worker full of vigour and purpose (good) by the positive power of cereal. Kellogg himself, tellingly, was a puritanical health-nut who never had sex (he preferred enemas). Such are the architects of our daily life." - Author: Tom Hodgkinson

Quotes About London Marathon

"I might have to do the London Marathon. I like crowds, so that is why I like the big marathons." - Author: Cara Buono