[Americans Are Six Times More Likely To Suffer Than Citizens Of Shanghai (China) And Nigeria. In General, Citizens Of English-speaking Nations Are Twice As Likely To Suffer As Those In Mainland Europe. This Is Extremely Unlikely To Be Anything To Do With Genes Since They Share The Same Genetic Stock, And I Have Argued Elsewhere That The Reason Is Selfish Capitalist Governance. Likewise, If You Compare Rates In Singapore And China, The Populations Of Which Also Share Genes, They Are Far Higher In The (Americanized-Anglicized) Singapore.]

Author: Oliver James Quotes

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"Life is priceless dont waste it while you still breathing"

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"But what would happen if I put on the ring?" the boy asked."There is only one way to find out."

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"Much of the international unease with the Sochi Games has focused on the threat of terrorism, Putins domestic repressiveness, and the Russian campaign of anti-gay propaganda."

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"Girls arent supposed to see wieners, Aunt Dee.  And Daddys wiener was mad that Mommy saw.  It was so mad, it was pointing at her!"

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"Live and learn from fools and from sages."

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