[Ampere Was The Newton Of Electricity.]

Author: James C. Maxwell Quotes

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Retshepile Kenneth Mongali Quotes

"Whoever said there are many girls in the world lied.There is only one"

Jane Wagner Quotes

"A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?"

Stephen A Schwarzman Quotes

"I love picking people. I started Blackstone, and we had no people, and now we have with our portfolio companies about 750,000 people all over the world. Everybody who is at a senior level has ultimately been picked by me."

Jim Rohn And Chris Widener Quotes

"The best motivation is self-motivation. the guy says, "I wish someone would come by and turn me on." What if they dont show up? Youve got to have a better plan for your life."

Jason Fried David Heinemeier Hansson Quotes

"Dont make up problems you dont have yet. Its not a problem until its a real problem. Most of the things you worry about never happen anyway.The decisions you make today dont need to last forever. If circumstances change, your decisions CAN change. Decisions are temporary.Pay attention to today and worry about later when it gets here. Otherwise, youll waste energy, time and money fixating on problems that may never materialize."~ An excerpt from the awesome book, "Rework"

Carol K Carr Quotes

"Yes, women have always had secrets and always will. Im afraid men would be very distressed to learn what their darlings were thinking. Frankly, I dont think men are strong enough to bear the shock."

Gary Cole Quotes

"You can go out in a good movie and look bad as well."

Michael Kinsley Quotes

"They cant take your house and give it to the mayors mistress, even if they pay you for it. But they can, apparently, take your house and tear it down to make room for a development of trendy shops and restaurants, a hotel and so on."

Otto Weininger Quotes

"Every true, eternal problem is an equally true, eternal fault; every answer an atonement, every realisation an improvement."

Margaret George Quotes

"Heart of my heart, bone of my bone, spirit of my spirt, we cannot be held."

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"Indeed Not. Stop kicking me, Daine. You understand, she is very important to a number of powerful nobles and mages in Tortall." Numairs voice was quiet, almost friendly; his eyes were hard. "Their majesties. Lady Alanna and her husband, the baron of Pirates Swoop. Me. All of us would take iit amiss if we thought for a moment she was being trifled with, particularly by a young man who wasnt free to do the right thing by her.""Numair," Daine growled. "Can I speak to you privately for a moment?"No. Stepping on my foot wont work either. Do I make myself clear, Prince Kaddar?" - Author: Tamora Pierce

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"Imaginings and resonances and pain and small longings and prejudices. They mean nothing against the resolute hardness of the sea. They meant less than the marl and the mud and the dry clay of the cliff that were eaten away by the weather, washed away by the sea. It was not just that they would fade: they hardly existed, they did not matter, they would have no impact on this cold dawn, this deserted remote seascape where the water shone in the early light and shocked her with its sullen beauty. It might have been better, she felt, if there had never been people, if this turning of the world, and the glistening sea, and the morning breeze happened without witnesses, without anyone feeling, or remembering, or dying, or trying to love. She stood at the edge of the cliff until the sun came out from behind the black rainclouds," - Author: Colm Tóibín

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"...with Occams old razor she could slit the throat of that idea." - Author: John Crowley

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"I think they ought to know. You do them a disservice by not confiding something this important to them.""I didnt want —""— to worry or frighten them?" said Dumbledore, surveying Harry over the top of his half-moon spectacles. "Or perhaps, to confess that you yourself are worried and frightened? You need your friends, Harry. As you so rightly said, Sirius would not have wanted you to shut yourself away." - Author: J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Moderns

"Long ago it took a Copernicus to tell a provincial world that this planet was not the center of the universe. Some selfish moderns need a Copernican reminder that they are not the center of the universe either!" - Author: Neal A. Maxwell

Quotes About Interruptus

"Coitus interruptus by SWAT team. At last a form of birth control that was one hundred percent reliable." - Author: Laura Lippman

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"Most misfortunes of life started with greed and hypocrisy, but not from a bite of an apple as we have been told." - Author: Mohammed Abad Alrazak

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"Im going insane. Thats the only explanation for any of this. Im going insane and the men in white coats will be showing up at any moment to tell me this has all been a psychotic delusion. Theyll take me away and lock me up, and Ill be free to drool in the corner of my padded cell for the rest of my life without a care in the world. " "But then youd never see me again," Caleb reminded her with a wink. "Really? Can I get that in writing?" - Author: Mari Mancusi

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"...you want things to remain the same, which they never can, and so youre wounded by your own feelings & resentful others dont seem to care..." - Author: John Geddes

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"He was free, free in every way, free to behave like a fool or a machine, free to accept, free to refuse, free to equivocate; to marry, to give up the game, to drag this death weight about with him for years to come. He could do what he liked, no one had the right to advise him, there would be for him no Good or Evil unless he thought them into being." - Author: Jean Paul Sartre