[An Amusing City, Chicago, Any Way You Look At It. I'm Afraid We Are In For The Time Of Our Lives.]

Author: Karen Abbott Quotes

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Alistair Cooke Quotes

"As always, the British especially shudder at the latest American vulgarity, and then they embrace it with enthusiasm two years later."

Antoine Franois Prevost Quotes

"Lying gets all the recompenses, then, while despair and loneliness are the rewards of constancy and fidelity."

J Cornell Michel Quotes

"Im just trying to do my part to save the world."

Septima Poinsette Clark Quotes

"I have great belief in the fact that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a gift."

Eric Hirzel Quotes

"The strength of ones opinion should not exceed their knowledge on the matter."

Mathieu Kassovitz Quotes

"HATE, even if its making money. is an underground movie, thats how it was made. Its a film about police brutality in the largest sense, its about the whole of society and not just about the hood."

Auliq Ice Quotes

"Youre such an idiot like for real!"

Dag Ekeberg Quotes

"Everybody achieves success in life—a blessed few early in their careers, the rest of us when we lower our standards"

Gareth Thompson Quotes

"Granddad once told me that to truly love this life, you need to know its darkest corners. But if you can bring a bit of sunshine to the sunless, it can only be for the good. I mean, what else are we really here for on this earth? Think about it some day, when the spring mornings look so golden and green."

Eddie Johnson Quotes

"Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Only Fools despise wisdom and discipline." Proverbs 1:7 NLT"

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Quotes About Hard Weeks

"She never sent the castle to sleep", said Granny, "thats just and old wifes tale. She just stirred up time a little. Its not as hard as people think, everyone does it all the time. Its like rubber, is time, you can stretch it to suit yourself."Magrat was about to say: Thats not right, time is time, every second lasts a second, thats its job. The she recalled weeks that had flown past and afternoons that had lasted forever. Some minutes had lasted hours, some hours had gone past so quickly she hadnt been aware theyd gone past at all."But thats just peoples perception, isnt it?""Oh yes", said Granny, "of course it is, it all is, what difference does that make?" - Author: Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Robert Redford

"Im thinking, this is Robert Redford. You know, hes won an Academy Award, hes talking to me about directing a movie hes in. So you just think that its Hollywood stuff or whatever." - Author: Barry Levinson

Quotes About Kincaid

"You are the shit, Hopper Kincaid!" - Author: Kristen Ashley

Quotes About Saying Thank You To Teachers

"The author describes megalomania as seen in Chairman Mao by saying that what he was familiar with, he was really familiar with. This zeal moved the megalomaniac with a complete lack of appreciation for what he DID NOT know." - Author: David Halberstam

Quotes About Smes

"La gente si accorge solo di quando te ne vai; se resti non se ne accorgono. E come quando si sente davvero un ronzio continuo solo dopo che ha smesso." - Author: Aimee Bender

Quotes About Adapting

"I want my buildings to take root and look as if theyve always been there. It isnt about pastiche or adapting whats already there. Its about trying to blend the future and the past." - Author: Moshe Safdie

Quotes About Tenzin

"Tenzin said, "More popcorn, my boy."Giovanni ripped the plastic bag open and held the paper bag. "This is ridiculous. Im not a kitchen appliance." - Author: Elizabeth Hunter

Quotes About Helene

"Can you read my thoughts?" she asked them."Are you talking to me?" Lee said."To all of you. Can you read my thoughts?""What are you trying to do - get me sent to seclusion?""Go to hell", Helene said pleasantly."Dont look at me," Miss Coral said, with the genteel horror of a countess visiting an abattoir. "I cant even read my own" - Author: Joanne Greenberg

Quotes About Personal Responsibility

"I look at modern life and I see people not taking responsibility for their lives. The temptation to blame, to find external causes to ones own issues is something that is particularly modern. I know that personally I find that sense of responsibility interesting." - Author: Edward Zwick

Quotes About Transcend

"Id rather come back with a few transcendent memories than an album of snapshots." - Author: Edmund White