[An Cinniúnt, Is Dócha: Féach An Féileacán úd Thall Atá Ag Foluain Os Cionn Mo Choinnle. Ní Fada Go Loiscfear A Sciatháin Mhaiseacha: Cá Bhfios Dúinne Nach Bhfuil A Fhios Sin Aige, Freisin?]

Author: Pádraic Ó Conaire Quotes

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Johnny Manziel Quotes

"The thing thats caught me off guard is going to dinner and people asking me for autographs or to take a picture. People coming to my house asking for autographs - thats something I really havent grasped the whole entirety of yet."

JM Coetzee Quotes

"That was why, later on, he began to lose interest in photography: first when colour took over, then when it became plain that the old magic of light-sensitive emulsions was waning, that to the rising generation the enchantment lay in a techne of images without substance, images that could flash through the ether without residing anywhere, that could be sucked into a machine and emerge from it doctored, untrue. He gave up recording the world in photographs then, and transferred his energies to saving the past."

Jeff Moss Quotes

"I got my first computer at, I dont know, when I was 11 years old? 10?"

Charlie Kimball Quotes

"Ive got one of the best health care teams out there as far as diabetes management."

Z Stefani Quotes

"So the little princess thinks she can beat the big bad King for the position", he almost chuckled"I´ll rip through you like a bull shark as I take my prize"."

Joe Coomer Quotes

"Ive come to the end of another book alive. At times like this Im always at a loss for words."

Rosario Castellanos Quotes

"Matamos lo que amamos, lo demas no ha estado vivo nunca."

Gregory Maguire Quotes

"Thats the real power of art, I think. Not to chide but to provoke challenge. Otherwise why bother?"

Karel Capek Quotes

"Art must not serve might."

Jeff Foxworthy Quotes

"Little girls love dolls. They just dont love doll clothes. Weve got four thousand dolls and aint one of them got a stitch of clothes on."

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Quotes About A7x The Rev

"If you dont get in them and rev them up every now and then, they turn in to cranky old bitches who refuse to do a damn thing for you."Connerism from Quinns Need" - Author: S.J.D. Peterson

Quotes About Happy Because Of You

"I read once that you need two things to be happy. Any two of health, money and love. You can cover the absence of one with the other two. I drew comfort from this idea while I was fully bodied, employed, and unloved. It made me feel I wasnt missing much. But now I realized this was unmitigated bullshit, because health and money did not compare with love at all. I had a girl in a hospital bed who liked me and I didnt know where that might go but I could tell it was more important than low blood pressure. It mattered more than a new car. With Lola in the same building, I walked with a spring in my step. That was true literally. But I mean I was happy, happy on an axis I had previously known about only in theory. I was glad to be alive." - Author: Max Barry

Quotes About Day Drinking

"I do not go to church. I dont go to Christian church or Jew church or any other church. I dont go to church at all. Not ever. A perfect Sunday for me is spent drinking green tea while reading the Sunday New York Times. Yikes! Why dont I just turn in my Al-Qaeda membership form and call it a day? As if that wasnt bad enough, not only do I not go to church:I dont believe in God. How can I say the Pledge of Allegiance if I dont believe in God? How can I spend our American currency which pledges "In God We Trust?" How can I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me God? Answer: I cant. Its a real problem. Dont get me wrong – Id like to believe in God. I wish I did, especially if He was the kind of God that thought America was #1. But I dont, which to many people is the same as not believing in America. Up until recently, I thought those people were lunatics." - Author: Michael Ian Black

Quotes About Last Ten Days Of Ramadan

"I love to read. And right now Im on my last hundred pages of The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen, and I really enjoyed it. His writing is just - hes one of those writers where you just go, There are people just meant to be novel writers." - Author: Candice Accola

Quotes About Mow

"My bodyguard was mowing the lawn in a pink bikini when the body fell from the sky." - Author: Charlaine Harris

Quotes About Blackmail

"Emotion resulting from a work of art is only of value when it is not obtained by sentimental blackmail." - Author: Jean Cocteau

Quotes About Capable

"But the poetry of that kiss, the wonder of it, the magic that there was in life for hours after it--who can describe that? It is so easy for an Englishman to sneer at these chance collisions of human beings. To the insular cynic and the insular moralist they offer an equal opportunity. It is so easy to talk of "passing emotion," and how to forget how vivid the emotion was ere it passed. Our impulse to sneer, to forget, is at root a good one. We recognize that emotion is not enough, and that men and women are personalities capable of sustained relations, not mere opportunities for an electrical discharge. Yet we rate the impulse too highly. We do not admit that by collisions of this trivial sort the doors of heaven may be shaken open." - Author: E.M. Forster

Quotes About Airbags

"My father is the most genial Midwestern guy imaginable, but for him, disaster lurks around every corner—financial ruin, squandered health, pyramid schemes, airbags failing to deploy—so he tends to use fear as a parenting tool to try to goad his daughters into being more prepared.When he retired, he reached new levels of preparedness, so his car contained bottled water, hand wipes, a roadside emergency kit with flares, books on tape, a coin dispenser, and two hand towels to use as makeshift bibs so he and my mother could drive and eat without making a mess." - Author: Jancee Dunn

Quotes About Tarrou

"It was well said—by Jean Tarrou in The Plague, I think—that attendance at lectures in an unknown language will help to hone ones awareness of the exceedingly slow passage of time. I once had the experience of being waterboarded and can now dimly appreciate how much every second counts in the experience of the torture victim, forced to go on enduring what is unendurable." - Author: Christopher Hitchens

Quotes About Juliette

"Youve suppressed all your rage and resentment because you wanted to be loved," he says, no longer smiling. "Maybe I understand you, Juliette. Maybe you should trust me. Maybe you should accept the fact that youve tried to be someone youre not for so long and that no matter what you did, those bastards were never happy. They were never satisfied. They never gave a damn, did they?" He looks at me and for a moment he seems almost human. For a moment I want to believe him. For a moment I want to sit on the floor and cry out the ocean lodged in mythroat."Its time you stopped pretending," he says, so softly."Juliette—" He takes my face in his gloved hands, so unexpectedly gentle." - Author: Tahereh Mafi