[An Cinniúnt, Is Dócha: Féach An Féileacán úd Thall Atá Ag Foluain Os Cionn Mo Choinnle. Ní Fada Go Loiscfear A Sciatháin Mhaiseacha: Cá Bhfios Dúinne Nach Bhfuil A Fhios Sin Aige, Freisin?]

Author: Pádraic Ó Conaire Quotes

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Reginald Hill Quotes

"So what to do? . . . She shook her head impatiently. Choice is a largely delusional concept, her tutor used to say. Whether in politics, morals or shopping, we have far less than we imagine. In the end what we have to do often doesnt even figure on our list of pseudo-options."

Pat Burns Quotes

"Coaching the Bruins is like going bear hunting with a butter knife."

Deborah Ann Woll Quotes

"I think its fascinating that theres a whole holiday dedicated to things that we fear and thats so interesting about the nature of humanity."

Lee M Sapp Quotes

"Man determines to dictate your turn, but God determines your time. It was Sauls turn, but it was Davids time. Dont wait for your turn, wait for your time."

Remy De Gourmont Quotes

"If the secret of being a bore is to tell all, the secret of pleasing is to say just enough to be - not understood, but divined."

Dr Ajay Sati Quotes

"Medicine is no exact science...it is art as well...and also commerce."

Louis Jourdan Quotes

"There are actors in this town who made important careers for a long, long period just by taking the parts that Cary Grant turned down."

Raymond Cruz Quotes

"I became fascinated by the fact that you could translate written material into performance."

Bill Lee Quotes

"Most of the managers are lifetime .220 hitters. For years pitchers have been getting these managers out 75% of the time and thats why they dont like us."

CK Kelly Martin Quotes

"But you cant unsee something once youve seen it. Not without a memory wipe anyway."

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Quotes About Accepting Love

"Love isnt about finding the perfect person. A perfect person does not exist. Love is about accepting someone for who they are completely, good and bad. Its about seeing their flaws and understanding that it makes them who they are. Love isnt always going to be easy, in fact it really shouldnt be. If love is easy, it isnt love." - Author: Crystal A. Cordero

Quotes About Disgruntlement

"He made a noise of disgruntlement. "Its a bloody picnic. Sit. Eat. Shut up." - Author: Samantha Young

Quotes About Ignorance In The Bible

"What is a disciple? It is not a mindless follower. A disciple is a student. When Paul prohibits women teaching men, he (in the same breath) requires Christian women to be students of the Word "Let a woman learn..." (1 Tim 2:11).Because biblical learning is required of us, we ought not to be afraid of it. We must overcome our ignorance! We ought to read good, solid books on Christian doctrine. It is good for us! We must cultivate a taste for books that will build s up in the faith- not take us to fantasy land. Just read a page or two at a time if need be, and never at the expense of your Bible reading." - Author: Nancy Wilson

Quotes About Jungles

"...and shes thinking of rage, like an ember or a burning acid swallowing up her knotted viscera. Blindness like the kind that leads men to perpetrate horrors, animal drunkenness, the jungles of the mind." - Author: Alden Bell

Quotes About Best Bodybuilding

"In the passenger seat, Nahil is all questions. Was Kabul safe? How was the food? Did he [Idris] get sick? Did he take pictures and videos of everything? He does his best. He describes for her the shell-blasted schools, the squatters living in roofless buildings, the beggars, the mud, the fickle electricity, but its like describing music. He cannot bring it to life. Kabuls vivid, arresting details--the bodybuilding gym amid the rubble, for instance, a painting of Schwarzenegger on the window. Such details escape him now, and his descriptions sound to him generic, insipid, like those of an ordinary AP story." - Author: Khaled Hosseini

Quotes About Memory And Age

"Just this morning, out of a large memory for songs, and having been obsessed by them since childhood, suddenly, at the age of 84, I thought of a song I hadnt thought of in over 50 years. It came into my head unbidden." - Author: Tom Glazer

Quotes About Anyhow

"Is wicked I is. Is mighty wicked; anyhow I cant help it." - Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe

Quotes About Someone Who Knows You

"Sincere and unspiteful laughter is mirth, but where is there any mirth in our time, and do people know how to be mirthful?... A mans mirth is a feature that gives away the whole man, from head to foot. Someones character wont be cracked for a long time then the man bursts out laughing somehow quite sincerely, and his whole character suddenly opens up as if on the flat of your hand. Only a man of the loftiest and happiest development knows how to be mirthful infectiously, that is, irresistibly and goodheartedly. Im not speaking of his mental development, but of his character, of the whole man. And so, if you want to discern a man and know his soul, you must look, not at how he keeps silent, or how he speaks, or how we weeps, or even how he is stirred by the noblest ideas, but you had better look at him when he laughs. If a man has a good laugh, it means hes a good man." - Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Quotes About Deployed

"The arrogance and brutality of empire are not repealed when they temporarily get deployed in a just cause." - Author: Michael Kazin

Quotes About Attitudes Problem

"Do not blame people and their attitudes: the problem is not corruption or greed, the problem is the system that pushes you to be corrupt. The solution is not, "Main Street, not Wall Street," but to change the system where Main Street cannot function without Wall Street." - Author: Slavoj Žižek