[An Offensive War, I Believe To Be Wrong And Would Therefore Have Nothing To Do With It, Having No Right To Meddle With Another Man's Property, His Ox Or His Ass, His Man Servant Or His Maid Servant Or Anything This Is His.]

Author: Daniel Morgan Quotes

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William Wallace Quotes

"As Governor of my country, I have been an enemy to its enemies; I have slain the English; I have mortally opposed the English King; I have stormed and taken the towns and castles which he unjustly claimed as his own."

Hyrum A Yeakley Quotes

"Not every thought needs to be voiced"

John Dorney Quotes

"LEELA: To be, or not to be, that is the question. That is a very stupid question!THE DOCTOR: Its Shakespeare.LEELA: And that is a very stupid name. You do not shake a spear, you throw it! Throwspeare, now that is a name."

Jason Earles Quotes

"Math and science were my favorite subjects besides theater."

Deborah Kara Unger Quotes

"I was 15 years old at university, studying economics and philosophy, and I saw a retrospective of Australian film. They were very raw. Picnic at Hanging Rock, Gallipoli; they were fantastic."

Luu Quang Minh Quotes

"...Nguyệt không muốn xử tệ với bản thân mà ấm ức nhiều điều. Lâu nay, trong tất cả các câu chuyện cổ tích người lớn kể cho trẻ con nghe, kể cả trên phim ảnh, tại sao luôn là những cô nàng kiều diễm. Từ Lọ Lem, Bạch Tuyết, công chúa ngủ trong rừng... tất cả đều xinh đẹp. Chỉ những người như họ mới hạnh phúc, mới tìm được bạch mã hoàng tử thôi sao? Còn những ai lỡ chẳng được vậy thường đóng vai phản diện, làm điều độc ác, hãm hại người lành và kết cục là gánh chịu đau khổ...Tivi vẫn đang tường thuật chung kết thi hoa hậu.Nàng về, mặc Hương cố giữ. Không hiểu sao hôm nay nàng nghĩ nhiều vậy. Nàng vẫn thường suy tư nhưng không giống đêm nay. Phải chăng vì đêm nay đã thêm một tuổi mới. Trên đường về, khi mở cổng, nàng nhớ cái gia tài tuổi 20 Hương đã nói. Gia tài tuổi 20...Có những đêm khuya khoắt nàng rưng rức một mình. Nước mắt ơi, phải chăng mày cũng là một phần của gia tài?..."

Pamela Sue Martin Quotes

"I tend to worry about the minutiae of life. But living in the mountains of Idaho and having retreated from fame, I am more in tune with life."

Kate Moss Quotes

"I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behavior which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others."

J Tillman Quotes

"I was kind of bored playing drums in a band. Which was depressing, because playing in the band was kind of a golden ticket."

David Dobkin Quotes

"I honestly never thought in my career I was going to do a body-switching movie."

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"Sirrah, my companion chooses to engage you in knightly combat!" Halt said. The horseman stiffened, sitting upright in his saddle. Halt noticed that he nearly lost his balance at this unexpected piece of news.Nightly cermbat?" he replied, "Yewer cermpenion ers no knight!"Halt nodded hugely, making sure the man could see the gesture.Oh yes he is!" he called back. "He is Sir Horace of the Order of the Feuille du Chene." He paused and muttered to himself, "Or should that have been Crepe du Chene? Never mind."What did you tell him?" Horace asked, slinging his buckler around from where it hung at his back and setting it on his left arm.I said you were Sir Horace of the Order of the Oakleaf." Halt said to him, then added uncertainly, "At least, I think thats what I told him. I may have said you were of the Order of the Oak Pancake." - Author: John Flanagan

Quotes About Then And Now

"Am I racially kin to this man? Baynes wondered. So closely so that for all intents and purposes it is the same? Then it is in me, too, the psychotic streak. A psychotic world we live in. The madmen are in power. How long have we known this? Faced this? And - how many of us do know it?" - Author: Philip K. Dick

Quotes About What You Say And Do

"Watch what you say and do because little eyes are watching you." - Author: Reba McEntire

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"Thank you for reminding Canada that Im a disappointment to them. I like hockey, I love it, but Im not an avid hockey - lets face it, true Canadian - fan. Ive always been more into snowboarding and skateboarding and sort of the alternative sports, Im not crazy about hockey - but love it!" - Author: Dustin Milligan

Quotes About Appreciating Yourself

"Desire is like fog on a bathroom mirror -- its presence incites you to wipe the mirror, and see yourself clearly again." - Author: Vera Nazarian

Quotes About Homicides

"Nick and the CandlestickI am a miner. The light burns blue. Waxy stalactitesDrip and thicken, tearsThe earthen wombExudes from its dead boredom. Black bat airsWrap me, raggy shawls, Cold homicides.They weld to me like plums.Old cave of calcium Icicles, old echoer.Even the newts are white,Those holy Joes.And the fish, the fish ----Christ! they are panes of ice,A vice of knives, A piranha Religion, drinkingIts first communion out of my live toes. The candleGulps and recovers its small altitude,Its yellows hearten.O love, how did you get here? O embryoRemembering, even in sleep, Your crossed position. The blood blooms cleanIn you, ruby. The painYou wake to is not yours.Love, love,I have hung our cave with roses, With soft rugs ----The last of Victoriana. Let the starsPlummet to their dark address,Let the mercuric Atoms that cripple drip Into the terrible well,You are the oneSolid the spaces lean on, envious. You are the baby in the barn." - Author: Sylvia Plath

Quotes About Pirate Booty

"Dead pirates didnt get to spend their booty. Dead pirates didnt get to shake their booty, either. Bummer." - Author: Nina Bangs

Quotes About Postulate

"But the Australians, what do the Australians do? How do they structure their landscape? For a start they postulate a primal builder, whose work they presume only to interpret: the mythical animal who was active in the "dreamtime," that is, a primal era, beyond verification, as the name indicates. A time of sleep. The visible landscape is an effect of causes that are to be found in the dreamtime. For example, the snake that dragged itself over this plain creating these undulations, etc., etc. These.. curious Aborigines make sure their eyes are closed while events take place, which allows them to see places as records of events. But what they see is a kind of dream, and they wake into a reverie, since the real story (the snake, not the hills) happened while they were asleep." - Author: César Aira

Quotes About Sending Letters

"The letters were universally complimentary, and we designers loved hearing that our games were being enjoyed, but if they werent sending us a picture of their screens most of those writers would have spent their time playing the game rather than writing letters." - Author: David Crane

Quotes About Beaches And Life

"Youre better looking than me. Youre more intelligent than me. Your personality is more likable than mine. You make more money than me. Your family is nicer than mine. Your religion is better than mine. Youve seen more beaches than me. Youve been to more cities than me. Your automobile is nicer than mine. Your significant other is better looking than mine. Your candidate won. Your home team won. Youre number one. But life is a tie. We all die." - Author: Jason Daniel Chaplin