[And Because Of The Reunion I Think We've Got More Energy And Enthusiasm Than We've Ever Had. And It's Genuine. I Think The Fans Can Detect When You're Genuine, When You Love What You Do, And We Love To Be There On Stage. That's What We Thrive On.]

Author: Glenn Tipton Quotes

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David L Wolfe Quotes

"Surely it is the one who fears he is wrong who avoids criticism. The one who is sure he is right invites it. It only illuminates the strength of beliefs and makes them more available to others."

Aldrich Ames Quotes

"I found that our Soviet espionage efforts had virtually never, or had very seldom, produced any worthwhile political or economic intelligence on the Soviet Union."

Charlotte Ross Quotes

"I would assume most people hate my character. But Im hoping that Im the character you love to hate."

Marlena De Blasi Quotes

"Living as a couple never means that each gets half. You must take turns at giving more than getting. Its not the same as a bow to the other whether to dine out rather than in, or which one gets massaged that evening with oil of calendula; there are seasons in the life of a couple that function, I think, a little like a night watch. One stands guard, often for a long time, providing the serenity in which the other can work at something. Usually that something is sinewy and full of spines. One goes inside the dark place while the other one stays outside, holding up the moon."

Cynthia Russ Ramsay Quotes

"Everywhere I went in the wild corners of Hawaii, I found that the biology was as astonishing as the beauty. The landscapes have value beyond the enchantment of a waterfall or the surreal drama of an expanse of slick rock with bits of green life taking hold. Exploring these islands intrigues the mind and stirs the imagination, for nature in Hawaii is at her most inventive and extravagant best."

George Villiers Quotes

"Make my breast transparent as pure crystal, that the world, jealous of me, may see the foulest thought my heart does hold."

Stella Maeve Quotes

"I am constantly playing younger. I have a baby face. Im only five-foot-one, so I am used to playing younger. I love it."

Jessi Kirby Quotes

"Nothing could be left to chance, because chance, after all, can be dangerous. But what I didnt realize all that time, what I missed all along, is that chance is everywhere. Its also what life is made of. Its all around us, but most of the time we never see it working."

Rosalind Franklin Quotes

"Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated."

Anastasia Wild Quotes

"there always a light at the end of the tunnel but its not about what you find at the end its what you find on the path there"

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"Length of service: one year or duration of war. Duration of war, of course. He didnt want to spend a whole year in the army." - Author: Louisa Young

Quotes About Mothers And Daughters Love

"Prime Minister: Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinions starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I dont see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often its not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but its always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, Ive got a sneaking suspision love actually is all around." - Author: Richard Curtis

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"Gods voice has been reduced to paper, and even that paper had to be moderated and deciphered by the proper authorities and intellects. It seemed that direct communication with God was something exclusively for the ancients and uncivilized, while the educated Westerners access to God was mediated and controlled by the intelligentsia. Nobody wanted God in a box, just a book" - Author: Wm. Paul Young

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"So are you an inmate or a rubbernecker?" she asks."Rubbernecker," I answer without hesitation. "You?""Im a screw. Or on staff, anyway. Used to be an inmate. Repeat offender. Crimes against my body. Puking sickness followed by heroin, which led to more puking sickness." Id be surprised at her forthrightness, but thats addicts for you. The twelve steps crack em open and then they cant shut up." - Author: Lauren Beukes

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"For the standard of Christian life was to be strained to a higher pitch; more fasting was required, and more careful separation from the manners and enjoyments of the world; celibacy and martyrdom had great value set upon them, and second marriages were prohibited." - Author: Robert Rainy

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"It wasnt until Kiffney-Brown, when I met Jason Talbot, that I really thought I might actually have one of those boyfriend kind of stories to tell the next time I got together with my old friends. Jason was smart, good-looking, and seriously on the rebound after his girlfriend at Jackson dumped him for, in his words, a juvenile delinquent welder with a tattoo." - Author: Sarah Dessen

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"One of the fables we live by is that some day the killing will stop. If only we rid ourselves of Chinese, white men will have jobs and white women will have virtue, and then we can stop killing. If only we rid ourselves of Indians, we will fulfill our Manifest Destiny, and then we can stop killing. If only we rid ourselves of Canaanites, we will live in the Promised Land, and then we can stop killing. If only we rid ourselves of Jews, we can build and maintain a Thousand Year Reich, and then we can stop killing. If only we stop the Soviet Union, we can stop the killing (remember the Peace Dividend that never materialized?). If only we can take out the worldwide terrorist network of bin Laden and others like him. If only. But the killing never stops. Always a new enemy to be hated is found." - Author: Derrick Jensen

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"When Josey woke up and saw the feathery frost on her windowpane, she smiled. Finally, it was cold enough to wear long coats and tights. It was cold enough for scarves and shirts worn in layers, like camouflage. It was cold enough for her lucky red cardigan, which she swore had a power of its own. She loved this time of year. Summer was tedious with the light dresses she pretended to be comfortable in while secretly sure she looked like a loaf of white bread wearing a belt. The cold was such a relief." - Author: Sarah Addison Allen

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"The gospel of the kingdom is an invitation to a different reality, a different way of living. The kingdom is a new way of relating as people. Where ordinary human life is based on competitiveness and defensiveness, domination and subjugation, treachery and violence, the kingdom is based on the self-giving love of God." - Author: J.P. Moreland

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"As a father and grandfather, I have witnessed firsthand the joy of new life entering the world. I know the pain and apprehension that goes along with premature births and birth defects." - Author: Solomon Ortiz