[And Every Night Before I Went To Bed, My Mother Would Stroke My Forehead, Pat The Dog Who Was Cuddled In The Crook Of My Knees, And Ask, ‘Rikki, What Are You Thankful For Today?' And Each Night I Would Have To Give That Question Some Thought And Find An Answer.]

Author: Rikki Klieman Quotes

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"A dream in the night is but an untold story begging to be written."

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"Dont take personally what you cannot control. Focus in the good in others and let the bad pass by."

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"You know what, Im probably one of the most blessed people theres ever been, and I thank God for it."

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"medicine I know. you tell me what a pulsar is and Ill tell you whatever you need to know about the organ of Zucker-kandl."Sulu made a polite scoffing noise and explained anyway,..."

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"Where utopianism is advanced through gradualism rather than revolution, albeit steady and persistent as in democratic societies, it can deceive and disarm an unsuspecting population, which is largely content and passive. It is sold as reforming and improving the existing societys imperfections and weaknesses without imperiling its basic nature. Under these conditions, it is mostly ignored, dismissed, or tolerated by much of the citizenry and celebrated by some. Transformation is deemed innocuous, well-intentioned, and perhaps constructive but not a dangerous trespass on fundamental liberties."

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"I wish he hadnt gone and cut his hair.He looks about eight years old.His ears have tripled in size.Everyones started calling him Dumbo.Which wouldnt be so bad,except theyve started calling meMrs. Dumbo.You cant even tellhes got curly hair anymore.Theres nothing leftto run my fingers through.Just this weirdblond AstroTurfsprouting out of his skull."

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"A loss never bothers me after I take it. I forget it overnight. But being wrong - not taking the loss - that is what does damage to the pocketbook and to the soul."

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"We cant learn in a bubble."

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"I think that part of being a good journalist, part of being an awake member of the world youre in, is to view yourself as an outsider, and I always have, to some degree."

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"You are not insane if you believe in things that dont exist. You are insane if you are the only one believing in it. This is the difference between religion and insanity."

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"Mientras mi cuerpo sabía qué anhelaba, mi espíritu rechazaba cada clamor de mi cuerpo. De pronto me sentía avergonzado, atemorizado; de pronto tenía un optimismo febril. Los tabúes me estrangulaban." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

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"Truth must be sought at all costs, but separate isolated truths will not do. Truth is like life; it has to be taken on its entirety or not at all. . . . We must welcome truth even if it reproaches and inconveniences us -- even if it appears in the place where we thought it could not be found." - Author: Fulton J. Sheen

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"A poem is never a put-up job, so to speak. It begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It is never a thought to begin with." - Author: Robert Frost

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"Marriage is a contract. Love is non-negotiable." - Author: Jessica Zafra

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"Moja istraživanja trajala su čitavu godinu i najzad sam zaključio da samo reljef boje, znalački stavljen na platno, može da da oku pravi utisak. To je bio period koji su moji roditelji nazvali „kameno doba". Upotrebljavao sam kamenje da bih dobio, na primer, veoma blistav oblak. Lepio sam kamenje na platno, a zatim ga bojio. Jedan od mojih najvećih uspeha u ovom žanru je bio zalazak sunca sa kao krv crvenim oblacima. Nebo je bilo prepuno kamenja svih dimenzija, od kojih su neki bili veliki kao pesnica. Ova slika je dugo visila na zidu porodične trpezarije i sećam se da nas je često, u tišini posle večere, iznenađivao šum kamena koji bi, odlepivši se sa slike, padao na pod. Moja majka bi prestala da šije, a otac ju je uvek umirivao rečima: -Nije ništa, to je samo još jedan kamen pao sa neba našeg deteta." - Author: Salvador Dalí

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"Liking and Loves for the Sub-Human"Need-love cries to God from our poverty; Gift-love longs to serve, or even to suffer for, God; Appreciative love says: "We give thanks to thee for thy great glory." Need-love says of a woman "I cannot live without her"; Gift-love longs to give her happiness, comfort, protection – if possible, wealth; Appreciative love gazes and holds its breath and is silent, rejoices that such a wonder should exist even if not for him, will not be wholly dejected by losing her, would rather have it so than never to have seen her at all." p.17Friendship"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself (for God did not need to create). It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival." p.71" - Author: C.S. Lewis

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"But clearly an economy thats growing and expanding like this one - and it certainly is doing that with high GDP output, employment numbers strong, capacity utilization strong - thats an environment in which the Fed needs to continually be alert to early signs of inflation." - Author: John W. Snow

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"Ploutons eyes narrowed coldly, and he grinned because he counted the result of this conversation as a tremendous and absolute victory over his older brother. Abbadon never saw his younger brother as competition or even as an enemy, but Plouton hated his brother from the bottom of his heart. He was controlled and possessed by his own negative thoughts, that his father, King Apollyon, loved and trusted Abbadon more and that he disliked and rejected him. Plouton was jealous… very jealous.He raised his eyebrows and opened his silvery eyes as wide as they could go. Diabolic sparkles appeared in his eyes. He grinned again when he thought about the Titans, the cave, the iron chains, the vultures, and the unforgiving ocean at the Rock of Mukane. (Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir)" - Author: Gloria Tesch

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