[And Freedom? Oh, Freedom. Well That's Just Some People Talking. Your Prison Is Walking Through This World All Alone.]

Author: Jacqueline Woodson Quotes

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James Huneker Quotes

"Great art is an instant arrested in eternity."

Obengbia Leyony Quotes

"We were compatible beyond compare"


"if God spared not His own Son, how much less will He spare you!"

Tanya Moir Quotes

"Our house has its back to the sea, writes Hester in her journal. Below us, the ocean spreads to the sky, twitching wide and blue and hungry. One would think it to be infinite. But we, of course, know better."

Leah Wilson Quotes

"the object was not to stay alive but to stay human."

Guy Debord Quotes

"A la moitié du chemin de la vraie vie, nous étions environnés dune sombre mélancolie, quont exprimée tant de mots railleurs et tristes, dans le café de la jeunesse perdue."

Thomas Henry Huxley Quotes

"To a clear eye the smallest fact is a window through which the infinite may be seen."

Jane Shellenberger Quotes

"My first vegetable garden was in a hard-packed dirt driveway in Boulder, Colorado. I was living in a basement apartment there, having jumped at the chance to come out West with a friend in his Volkswagen Bug, fleeing college and inner-city Philadelphia. I was twenty, hungry for experience, and fully intending to be a ski bum in my new life. But it didnt turn out that way."

Ruth Ellis Quotes

"I did not defend myself. I say a life for a life."

Justin Robinson Quotes

"Being a pumpkinhead is great.""Your HEAD is PUMPKIN."

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"I think when you come to Australia you immediately get the sense of fitness and taking care of yourself and being healthy, and it really shows." - Author: Tinie Tempah

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"let it go -- thesmashed word brokenopen vow orthe oath cracked lengthwise -- let it go itwas sworn togolet them go -- thetruthful liars andthe false fair friendsand the boths andneithers -- you must let them go theywere bornto golet all go -- thebig small middlingtall bigger reallythe biggest and allthings -- let all godearso comes love" - Author: E.E. Cummings

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"You are perfect in your own dysfunctional way. And its exactly what I want." - Fenn" - Author: Candace Knoebel

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"Come little childrenIll take thee away, into a landof EnchantmentCome little childrenthe times come to playhere in my gardenof ShadowsFollow sweet childrenIll show thee the waythrough all the pain andthe SorrowsWeep not poor childlenfor life is this waymurdering beauty andPassionsHush now dear childrenit must be this wayto weary of life andDeceptionsRest now my childrenfor soon well awayinto the calm andthe QuietCome little childrenIll take thee away, into a landof EnchantmentCome little childrenthe times come to playhere in my gardenof Shadows" - Author: Edgar Allan Poe

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"How your heart can possibly find a way to love and trust a man again proves that Ive fallen in love with the bravest woman Ive ever known. I know how much courage it took for you to allow me in after what your father did to you. And I swear I will spend every last breath thanking you for allowing yourself to love me. Thank you so much for loving me, Linden Sky Hope." - Author: Colleen Hoover

Quotes About Coach And Player

"I love sharing my knowledge of hitting with others. Now coaches and players at all levels can learn my systematic approach to hitting a baseball with more consistency, mental strength and accuracy." - Author: Dusty Baker

Quotes About The Angels In The Handmaids Tale

"We ran like young wild furies,where angels feared to tread.The woods were dark and deep.Before us demons fled.We checked Coke bottle bottomsto see how far was far.Our worlds of magic wonderwere never reached by car.We loved our dogs like brothers,our bikes like rocket ships.We were going to the stars,to Mars wed make round trips.We swung on vines like Tarzan,and flashed Zorros keen blade.We were James Bond in his Aston,we were Hercules unchained.We looked upon the futureand we saw a distant land,where our folks were always ageless,and time was shifting sand.We filled up life with living,with grins, scabbed knees, and noise.In glass I see an older man,but this books for the boys." - Author: Robert R. McCammon

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"Tujuan pendidikan itu untuk mempertajam kecerdasan, memperkukuh kemauan serta memperhalus perasaan" - Author: Tan Malaka

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