[And His Eyes Frighten Me, Too. They're The Eyes Of An Old Man, An Old Man Who's Seen So Much In Life That He No Longer Cares To Go On Living. They're Not Even Desperate... Just Quiet And Expectant, And Very, Very Lonely, As If He Were Quite Alone Of His Own Free Choice.]

Author: Anne Holm Quotes

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John P Kotter Quotes

"Great leaders understand that historical success tends to produce stable and inwardly focused organizations, and these outfits, in turn, reinforce a feeling of contentment with the status quo."

Jeff Hirsch Quotes

"She slipped Glenn into her bed and then her face hung over Glenns for one quiet moment, like a moon."Meera doe branagh, Glennora Morgan."The strange words drifted down from her mothers lips, whispered as light as falling snow."What does it mean, Mommy?"Fingertips grazed Glenns cheek. "It means I love you. It means Ill always love you." She kissed Glenn softly on the forehead, then backed away. "No matter what."She stepped into the bright hallway and closed the door.When Glenn woke the next morning, her mother was gone"

Aziz Nesin Quotes

"Bizim hepimizin içinde zübüklük olmasa, bizler de birer zübük olmasak, aramızdan böyle zübükler büyüyemezdi. Hepimizde birer parça olan zübüklük birleşip işte başımıza böyle zübükler çıkıyor. Oysa zübüklük bizde, bizim içimizde. Onları biz, kendi zübüklüğümüzden yaratıyoruz. Sonra, kendi zübüklüklerimizin bir tek Zübükde birleştiğini görünce ona kızıyoruz. Bu zübükler heryerde var, biz zübükler nerde varsak, onlar da orada..."

Richard Selzer Quotes

"You cannot separate passion from pathology any more than you can separate a persons spirit from his body."

Josh Mandel Quotes

"The more we can get Washington out of the way, the stronger our economy and our country will be."

Joseph C Lincoln Quotes

"At that moment Mr. Clifford, quite unconscious that he and his most personal feelings and aspirations were subjects of discussion, was turning from the main road into the lower road."

Edward Bellamy Quotes

"The folly of men not their hard heartedness was the great cause of the world s poverty."

Rebecca Pepper Sinkler Quotes

"The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius."

Nathan Meyer Rothschild Quotes

"Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!"

Cissy Houston Quotes

"Im very proud of my daughter. She accomplished a whole lot in the short time that she had here... she was a very wonderful person."

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Quotes About Szerelem

"A környezetváltozás olyan hagyományos téveszme, melybe tönkrement szerelemek és tüdők vetik bizalmukat." - Author: Vladimir Nabokov

Quotes About Fists

"Etiquette was so confounding in this country. Still, looking at Mirabella-her fists balled together like small, white porcupines, her brows knitted in animal confusion-I felt a throb of compassion. How can people live like they do? I wondered. Then I congragulated myself. This was a Stage 3 thought." - Author: Karen Russell

Quotes About Rumination

"(For awhile there I was trying to remember the chain of events that precisely landed me doing this activity in this place on this planet at this time but couldnt…. That was scary. I am just *existing* at times, having dropped all extraneous ruminations as to how or why. It seems natural to be on the bus smiling as the two Hindu women chat away while we share butter crackers and look at the rice paddies in the valley below. Goats scatter as the bus slams to a creep. Doesnt everyone do this?)from wordpress blog:http://joeniemczura.wordpress.com/201..." - Author: Joe Niemczura

Quotes About Jala

"Rasa kehilangan itu wajar. Tapi percaya deh, semuanya akan baik-baik aja. Suatu hari, lo akan bangun dan nggak merasakan apa-apa. Semua beban dari masa lalu lo, rasa sedih ini, puff! hilang begitu saja. Dan saat itu, lo akan lebih ikhlas menjalani semuanya, karena lo udah menerima bahwa kenyataan nggak bisa diubah." - Author: Winna Efendi

Quotes About Rude Houseguests

"I think being raised by a single mother put me on the outside, and I would watch my mothers married friends and think, Why does she put him down in public? or, Why is he so rude to her? It seemed to me that there were very few marriages where the couple were genuinely in a supportive, loving partnership." - Author: Cherie Lunghi

Quotes About Herman

"Across the road from my cabin was a huge clear-cut--hundreds of acres of massive spruce stumps interspersed with tiny Douglas firs--products of what they call "Reforestation," which I guess makes the spindly firs en masse a "Reforest," which makes an individual spindly fir a "Refir," which means you could say that Weyerhauser, who owns the joint, has Refir Madness, since they think that sawing down 200-foot-tall spruces and replacing them with puling 2-foot Refirs is no different from farming beans or corn or alfalfa. They even call the towering spires they wipe from the Earths face forever a "crop"--as if theyd planted the virgin forest! But Im just a fisherman and may be missing some deeper significance in their nomenclature and stranger treatment of primordial trees." - Author: David James Duncan

Quotes About Drunken

"Fire is no laughing matter. In a drunken attempt to appear womanly, my neighbor tried to burn her pubes off when she was fifteen, but it hurt too much to get it completely smooth. My friend had sex with her two years later and said her clit looked like a chestnut. Ive been pro-bush ever since." - Author: Brian Celio

Quotes About Lotus Eaters

"I found my mind wandering at games; loved boxing and was good at it; and in summer, having chosen rowing instead of cricket, lay peacefully by the Stour, well upstream of the rhythmic creaking and the exhortation, reading Lily Christine and Gibbon and gossiping with kindred lotus-eaters under the willow-branches." - Author: Patrick Leigh Fermor

Quotes About Indelible

"The stories of childhood leave an indelible impression, and their author always has a niche in the temple of memory from which the image is never cast out to be thrown on the rubbish heap of things that are outgrown and outlived." - Author: Howard Pyle

Quotes About Yourself Attitude

"When you have to pretend to be someone, anyone other than yourself. Then you need to make over every part of you. Because just pretending to be someone, anyone other than yourself, you always will be just you. Make over your attitude, your ways, values and morals. Then you will be free to be just you." - Author: Vanessa Vanney Thompson