[And I Didn't, That's Why My Career Was Very Short Lived.]

Author: Kitty Carlisle Quotes

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Miller Williams Quotes

"Every word you add dilutes the sentence."

Jefferson Han Quotes

"A lot of data, whether its imagery or other kinds of things, work really well when its geographically laid out. Im talking about imagery, statistics, incidents and other things that happen around the globe."

Alan Sheinwald Quotes

"Life is like butter - when things cool down it can be reshaped"

Tim Holden Quotes

"A variety of national and international studies indicate that the broad-based deployment of information technology can have a substantial impact on our nations economic productivity and growth as well as the educational and social success of our citizens."

Constance Chuks Friday Quotes

"An intelligent foe must be dealt with intelligently."

Jamie Chung Quotes

"I view my career like a rubber-band ball in that every role is a new experience building toward something bigger."

Jim Rash Quotes

"Some people will ruin a movie for you if they enthuse too much."

Penny Watson Quotes

"Ami leaned into his side and inhaled the fresh scent of man. "Uh, no. Sometimes my biological clock threatens to explode like a ticking bomb, thats all. Rachel is so lucky. Nat is a doll. Doug adores them. Dont mind me, Im just wishing my laundry pile was filled with boxer shorts and Cinderella T-shirts. Ill get over it.""Why do you have to get over it," Marcus asked gently. "Sounds like a nice dream to me." ...a few pages laterThings were looking up. If he could just convince her his boxer shorts belonged in her laundry basket, hed be right on board with her six-month plan"

Jameson Currier Quotes

"He was a gay man who had to leave home to find himself, not a gay man who had found himself within his own home."

Charles E Hummel Quotes

"The need itself is not the call."

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Quotes About Peter Van Houten

"Who am I to say that these things might not be forever? Who is Peter Van Houten to assert as fact the conjecture that our labor is temporary? All I know of heaven and all I know of death is in this park; an elegant universe in ceaseless motion, teeming with ruined ruins and screaming children." - Author: John Green

Quotes About Keeping Hope

"He didnt care if Matt made him cuddly or made him hornier than hed ever been or even made him a lovesick fool. James was keeping him. Hopefully Matt would want to keep James too." - Author: Anne Tenino

Quotes About Knives And Love

"Nick and the CandlestickI am a miner. The light burns blue. Waxy stalactitesDrip and thicken, tearsThe earthen wombExudes from its dead boredom. Black bat airsWrap me, raggy shawls, Cold homicides.They weld to me like plums.Old cave of calcium Icicles, old echoer.Even the newts are white,Those holy Joes.And the fish, the fish ----Christ! they are panes of ice,A vice of knives, A piranha Religion, drinkingIts first communion out of my live toes. The candleGulps and recovers its small altitude,Its yellows hearten.O love, how did you get here? O embryoRemembering, even in sleep, Your crossed position. The blood blooms cleanIn you, ruby. The painYou wake to is not yours.Love, love,I have hung our cave with roses, With soft rugs ----The last of Victoriana. Let the starsPlummet to their dark address,Let the mercuric Atoms that cripple drip Into the terrible well,You are the oneSolid the spaces lean on, envious. You are the baby in the barn." - Author: Sylvia Plath

Quotes About Open Doors Closed Doors

"It reminds me to say that staying local should never be about looking at the world through a closed window, but about making a home then throwing the doors open and inviting the world in." - Author: Simon Armitage

Quotes About Getting Over Someone

"Getting over someone is a grieving process. You mourn the loss of the relationship, and thats only expedited by Out of sight, out of mind. But when you walk outside and see them on a billboard or on TV or on the cover of a magazine, it reopens the wound. Its a high-class problem, but its real." - Author: Hank Azaria

Quotes About Working Hard In A Relationship

"Its hard to plan for what comes next when what comes next is not something you planned for." - Author: Rick Yancey

Quotes About John Entwistle

"Technically, Kukla, Fran and Ollie was a kids show, but adults watched almost religiously - and were talking adult adults, celebrated adults - including James Thurber, Orson Welles, John Steinbeck, Adlai E. Stevenson and lyricist Stephen Sondheim." - Author: Tom Shales

Quotes About Literary Classics

""I always read everything when I was a kid-and I do mean everything, from Nancy Drew to Dickens to my dads John D. MacDonald-but then I went to regular school and the English teachers started telling me to read real books, so I tried. And you know, I kinda went off reading for a while. I had already been reading literary novels and the classics mixed in with whatever else, but-" She waved a hand. "So I went back to reading whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to-reading had been my greatest pleasure in all the world. I mean I never really watched all that much television, because we were moving around, never really had solid digs until I was thirteen, so reading was everything." - Author: Barbara ONeal

Quotes About Solitude And Sadness

"The observations and encounters of a devotee of solitude and silence are at once less distinct and more penetrating than those of the sociable man; his thoughts are weightier, stranger, and never without a tinge of sadness. Images and perceptions which might otherwise be easily dispelled by a glance, a laugh, an exchange of comments, concern him unduly, they sink into mute depths, take on significance, become experiences, adventures, emotions." - Author: Thomas Mann

Quotes About Thinkers And Doers

"They were doers and thinkers and lovers and seekers and givers, but dreamers, most dangerously of all.They were dreamer-women.Very dangerous women. Who looked at the world through their wide dreamer-eyes and saw it not as it was, "brutal, senseless," etc., but worse, as it might be or might yet become.So, insatiable women. Un-pleasable women." - Author: Taiye Selasi