[And I Didn't, That's Why My Career Was Very Short Lived.]

Author: Kitty Carlisle Quotes

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Shiloh Fernandez Quotes

"Innately, there are qualities in human beings that are always repetitive. There are things like love and hate and jealousy that are just going to be there forever."

Rebecca Makkai Quotes

"Id forgotten that all runaway stories end like this. Everyone goes home. Dorothy clicks her way back to Kansas, Ulysses sails his way home to his wife, Holden Caulfield breaks into his own apartment ... Here I was, just like Ian, just like Dorothy and everyone else, heading back home at last ... You think you cant go home again? Its the only place you can *ever* go."

Marina Tsvetaeva Quotes

"The forbidden cabinet. The forbidden fruit. That fruit is—a volume, a huge blue-lilac volume with a gold inscription slantwise: Collected Works of A.S. Pushkin. I read the fat Pushkin in the cabinet with my nose in the book and on the shelf, almost in darkness and almost right up against it and even a little bit suffocated by his weight that came right into the throat, and almost blinded by the nearness of the tiny letters. I read Pushkin right into the chest and right into the brain."

Theognis Quotes

"I heard the voice of that bird, son of Polypas, whose piercing outcryand whose arrival announces to men the season when fieldsare plowed, and the voice of her broke the heart that darkens within me,since other men posess my flourishing acres now,and not for me are the mules dragging the plow through the grainland,since I have given my heart to the restless seafarers life."

Mawde Royden Quotes

"Muhammad introduced the concept of such Glorious and Omnipotent God in Whose eyes all worldly systems are pieces of straw. Islamic equality of mankind is no fiction as it is in Christianity. No human mind has ever thought of such total freedom as established by Muhammad."

Michael Mullen Quotes

"Basically, weve grown up very focused on the institution. The institution tells me what to do. It tells me where to go. It tells me what my career path is, and then I, sort of, attach my own personal desires, my own personal interests. I think were living in a time where were going to have to change - to put people in the center."

Tracy Austin Quotes

"My brother Jeff is now my agent at Advantage International in Washington, D.C."

Jean Ferris Quotes

"Nobody ever gets enough appreciation when theyre behaving themselves, but theres no end to hearing about it when theyre not."

Boris Deulovic Quotes

"Tada sam shvatio dvije stvari: prvo, da ne moraš znati jezik da bi razumio prijatelja, i drugo, da je Ervin Hladnik Milharčić ozbiljan genij."

Agyness Deyn Quotes

"Im not the new anything; Im just Agyness."

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Quotes About Sport Spectators

"Spectacular sporting events are bread & circuses. The Superbowl, for instance, is anything but "super". It is a Petri dish under the lens of mediaocrity, where surveillance of the spectators is just as mind numbing as the incomprehensible homo-erotic beefcake ballet being enacted on the pitch" - Author: Dean Cavanagh

Quotes About Wanting More Out Of A Relationship

"Seamlessly?" Stellas laugh escaped her mouth and it was bitter and hard. "That may be an appropriate statement, because in order to look seamless, you must need to have an entire world of shit going on under the surface. I dont see this seamless outside, but Ill tell you Ive never felt more lost inside." - Author: R.L. Griffin

Quotes About Bearing Your Soul

"Everything you perceive is your presence. Today, look deeply into every moment and perceive divine presence. Recognize each circumstance as having a particular bearing on your soul. Over time, this practice will bring you presence of mind and make manifest your own catalytic presence." - Author: Alexandra Katehakis

Quotes About Close

"He was smiling again, his face alight, and Ivy knew her own expression was a mirror to his. Ivoleyn, he said, softly now, as if testing the word. And she replied, Dashton. Then their hands parted, but only so they might come closer, like two trees twining together to stand as one in a forest of green." - Author: Galen Beckett

Quotes About Teamwork In Business

"Our Business here is not to know all things, but those which concern our conduct." - Author: John Locke

Quotes About Collector

"I am a collector of notes upon subjects that have diversity — such as deviations from concentricity in the lunar crater Copernicus, and a sudden appearance of purple Englishmen — stationary meteor-radiants, and a reported growth of hair on the bald head of a mummy — and Did the girl swallow the octopus?" - Author: Charles Fort

Quotes About Short Dreamers

"Books were seen as a waste of time. What was the point, unless you were reading for information? To lose oneself in a book was to be slightly wacky, a little greedy and ultimately slothful. There was no value. You couldnt make money from reading a book. A book did not clean bathrooms and waxed floors. It did not put the garden in. You couldnt have a conversation while reading. It was arrogant and alienated others. In short, those who read were wasteful and haughty and incapable of living in the real world. They were dreamers." - Author: David Bergen

Quotes About Condemned

"But as a German - and I am German-born - we Germans are condemned once again to be radical revisionists." - Author: Ernst Zundel

Quotes About Imbecis

"É extraordinário! Neste abençoado país todos os políticos têm «imenso talento». A oposição confessa sempre que os ministros, que ela cobre de injúrias, tem, à parte os disparates que fazem, um «talento de primeira ordem»! Por outro lado a maioria admite que a oposição, a quem ela contantemente recrimina pelos disparates que fez, está cheia de «robustíssimos talentos»! De resto todo o mundo concorda que o país é uma choldra. E resulta portanto este facto supracómico: um país governado «com imenso talento», que é de todos na Europa, segundo o consenso unânime, o mais estùpidamente governado! Eu proponho isto, a ver: que, como os talentos sempre falham, se experimentem uma vez os imbecis!" - Author: Eça de Queirós

Quotes About Why History Matters

"Despite centuries of English literature, the most famous split infinitive in all of history comes from Star Trek." - Author: R. Curtis Venture