[And I Have No Doubt That The American People Generally Believe The World Is Safer, And That We Are Safer, When We Are Stronger.]

Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick Quotes

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Sharon Moalem Quotes

"Why would you take a drug that is guaranteed to kill you in forty years? One reason, right? Its the only thing that will stop you dying tomorrow."

Glen Duncan Quotes

"We stayed like that, him watching me crying, for as long as we could stand it. Then he took a couple of paces away. The room needed a window for him to go to and look out of. I could feel the grammar of the moment demanding it."

Otto Von Bismarck Quotes

"[Government]is cancerous in head and limbs;only its belly is sound, and the laws it excretes are the most strightforward shit in the world."

Jennifer Criswell Quotes

"It certainly wasnt the sensible thing to do. [Referring to her move to Italy.]"

Rona Barrett Quotes

"Its ironic, but until you can free those final monsters within the jungle of yourself, your life, your soul is up for grabs."

Danny Kaye Quotes

"Draw a circle, not a heart, around the one you love because a heart can break but a circle goes on forever."

Harry Reasoner Quotes

"When 25 percent of the population believe the President should be impeached and 51 percent of the population believe in UFOs, you may or may not need a new President, but you definitely need a new population."

Gregory E Ganssle Quotes

"…questioning the existence of God may begin because of ones sense of disappointment rather than because of a line of reasoning. Disappointment can bring disillusionment, and disillusionment can get quite a grip on us. It may be the case that, next to the grip of disillusionment, whatever reasons we can think of to believe that God exists or that God is good will appear weak. So sometimes the reason we do not believe or the reason we stop believing is not the intellectual challenge to believing in God. Sometimes, the grip of disillusionment cannot be matched by things that seem to be only abstract or theoretical."

Kirby Crow Quotes

"I went to them without fear, child, prepared for a pitched battle, expecting the fierce Watchers, famed for their love of Earth, to defend their families. Yet they stood mute and allowed their loved ones to die. I judged them harshly in my heart for that."

Jonah Goldberg Quotes

"You can make a very good argument that society would be much worse off if you let 10 rapists and murderers free rather than put one poor, wrongly accused accountant in prison. And so my only point on that is that it should open up an argument. It should not sort of settle one, because nobody disagrees with it."

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Quotes About Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

"As much as I like it when a book Im writing speeds along, the downside can be that an author becomes too eager to finish and rushes the end. The end is even more important than the first page, and rushing can damage it." - Author: David Morrell

Quotes About Maccon

"That woman," Lord Maccon spat,"is is definitely alpha and most certainly female." - Author: Gail Carriger

Quotes About Miseducation

"Im trying to open up my range and really sing more. With The Fugees initially, and even with Miseducation, it was very hip-hop - always a singing over beats. I dont think people have really heard me sing out. So if I do record again, perhaps it will have an expanded context. Where people can hear a bit more." - Author: Lauryn Hill

Quotes About High Fives

"We walk into the lobby of the hotel and I try not to grin at the man behind the counter. I refrain from screaming, "Im going to have sex! With this gorgeous woman. She want to have sex. I didnt even have to ask, she just want to have sex. With me! Can you believe it?" I take deep breaths and try to downplay that this moment is the highlight of my life. Air kicks and high-fives probably wouldnt be a cool more right now." - Author: Katie Kacvinsky

Quotes About Keene

"Will Graham, the keenest hound ever to run in Crawfords pack, was a legend at the Academy; he was also a drunk in Florida now with a face that was hard to look at, they said." - Author: Thomas Harris

Quotes About Off Days

"And now, once again, I bid my hideous progeny go forth and prosper. I have an affection for it, for it was the offspring of happy days, when death and grief were but words, which found no true echo in my heart." - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Quotes About Difficulty In Life

"She was having some difficulty piecing together exactly why she deserved to be in this place, but she wasnt stupid enough to deny that in the end life was cruel and didnt pay attention to what was fair." - Author: Ted Dekker

Quotes About Legit

"God is with the vanquished, not with the victors! At a time when His Holiness, the infallible Pope of Christendom, is concluding a peace agreement, a Concordat, with the enemies of Christ, when the Protestants are establishing a "German church" and censoring the Bible, we descendants of the old Jews, the forefathers of European culture, are the only legitimate German representatives of that culture. Thanks to inscrutable divine wisdom, we are physically incapable of betraying it to the heathen civilization of poison gases, to the ammonia-breathing, Germanic war god." - Author: Joseph Roth

Quotes About Transparent Communication

"Let me just acknowlege that the function of grammar is to make language as efficent and clear and transparent as possible. But if were all constantly correcting each others grammar and being really snotty about it, then people stop talking because they start to be petrified that theyre going to make some sort of terrible grammatical error and thats precisely the opposite of what grammar is supposed to do, which is to facilitate clear communication." - Author: John Green

Quotes About Home Economics

"[Home Economics Textbook from 1950]: "Prepare yourself. Take fifteen minutes to rest so youll look refreshed when hubby comes home from work. Touch up makeup and put a ribbon in your hair. Hes just been with work-weary people. Be a little gay. His boring day needs a lift."Mama Celia: "Get knee-walking drunk. Youve earned it. Youve been with four kids under the age of seven all day. Put a ribbon in your nose and try to pull it out of your mouth. Youre wasted, after all. Announce youre gay. The look on his face will give you a lift." - Author: Celia Rivenbark