[And I Wasn't Crazy About Hollywood In Those Days.]

Author: Kitty Carlisle Quotes

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Bob Goshen Quotes

"Leaders..should influence others..in such a way that it builds people up, encourages and edifies them so they can duplicate this attitude in others."

Meg Myers Quotes

"Id rather be in my house crying than be sitting with someone talking about shoes, yknow?"

Veronica Roth Insurgent Quotes

"¿Cómo nos conduciremos en este tiempo de conflicto como las personas que buscan la paz?"

Heather Brooke Quotes

"Our printing press is the Internet. Our coffee houses are social networks."

Anne EG Nydam Quotes

"Why is it considered so glorious to kill an enemy, when it is not considered contemptible to create one?"

Ronald Biggs Quotes

"I kicked off... and things went on from there... down and down."

Hannah Nikka Bryan Quotes

"Though the task of opening those doors is in no means difficult, Andria finds herself unable to move her shaking legs, as her ankles tremble in her crystal heels, and her fingers, holding gently onto the length of her gorgeous gown, terribly shake in step with the beat of her precious, precious heart."

Eugenia Rico Quotes

"Ahora sabemos que las cosas buenas ocurren, que los sueños a veces se cumplen, que los deseos pueden hacerse realidad y de nosotros depende no olvidarlo para poder meterle un gol a esa portería invisible del día a día."

Charles S Faddis Quotes

"Rule number one. The good guys always win.Rule number two. If the good guys lose, we play again."

Augusto Lunel Quotes

"Soy lo único que me queda de tí"

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Quotes About What Keeps Me Going

"I am never satisfied with myself and that is what keeps me going - I have no post-satisfaction." - Author: Karl Lagerfeld

Quotes About Smolder

"A black dog, tall and wide as a full grown man, took a couple of steps toward them. It bared sharp, yellow fangs big as Bowie knifes. Drool dripped from them to the dried grass below. Unable to help it, Lee wet his pants when he saw the animals eyes. It had four glowing orbs that burned with a smoldering red light like the fires of Hell." - Author: Pamela K. Kinney

Quotes About Tourists

"Space flight participants, commonly known as space tourists, pay between $20 and $40 million each to leave Earth for 10 days or so and go to the International Space Station (ISS) via Soyuz, the compact Russian rocket that is now the only way for humans to get to the ISS." - Author: Chris Hadfield

Quotes About Getting Off The Merry Go Round

"We found Trent and pulled him off the leggy girl. "Trent, its time to get home before your parents realize we snuck out." I said. "What?" he asked confusedly. "Plus the bouncer found out we were sixteen and he does not look happy." Logan added. The girl froze, "Youre sixteen? What the hell. You little perv, youre going to pay for this." Trent sputtered, "What? No." Logan looked at her all doe eyed innocence and said "Sorry Maam, we have to get home now because its past our curfew." Trent stood open mouthed in shock but his eyes were shooting murderous rays. So many death glares, so little time." - Author: Amanda Kelly

Quotes About Desks

"Dont equate activity with efficiency. You are paying your key people to see the big picture. Dont let them get bogged down in a lot of meaningless meetings and paper shuffling. Announce a Friday afternoon off once in a while. Cancel a Monday morning meeting or two. Tell the cast of characters youd like them to spend the amount of time normally spent preparing for attending the meeting at their desks, simply thinking about an original idea." - Author: Harvey MacKay

Quotes About Exploiting Animals

"When it comes to animal agriculture, there is conventional, which is really hideous, and "compassionate" or "certified humane" or whatever, which *may* be *slightly* less hideous. But its all torture. Its all wrong. These "happy" gimmicks are just designed to make the public feel better about exploiting animals. Dont buy the propaganda of "happy" exploitation. Go vegan and promote veganism." - Author: Gary L. Francione

Quotes About Bayou

"When you get into Louisiana, it really is like a different country in a lot of ways. The plants you see are a little different, like the weeping willows and the cypress trees that come up out of the bayou. And its steamy hot." - Author: Sam Trammell

Quotes About Being A Proud Filipino

"... suffering does not ennoble. It destroys. To resist destruction, self-hatred, or lifelong hopelessness, we have to throw off the conditioning of being despised, the fear of becoming the they that is talked about so dismissively, to refuse lying myths and easy moralities, to see ourselves as human, flawed, and extraordinary. All of us extraordinary" - Author: Dorothy Allison

Quotes About Starting A New Adventure

"Besides," Gwen added, fluffing the dress folds, "this thing took forever, so youre wearing it.""Wait you made this?" Isobel asked, distracted."Altered it," she admitted. She shrugged. "Half off at the Nearly New Shop. By the way, you owe me twenty-five dollars." - Author: Kelly Creagh

Quotes About Remembering Something Special

"Im really not hungry," she repeated, lifting the coffee cup and inhaling the fragrant steam before sipping."Just a few bites," he cajoled, taking his own place beside her. "You need to keep up your strength for tonight."She gave him a heated, slumberous look, remembering her fantasy. "Why? Are you planning something special?""I suppose I am," he said consideringly. "Its special every time we make love." - Author: Linda Howard