[And I Wasn't Crazy About Hollywood In Those Days.]

Author: Kitty Carlisle Quotes

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Salihin Quotes

"Ich schäme mich,auch wenn Du mir verzeihst, oh Herr."

George Miller Quotes

"I was once fired as opening act for Seals and Crofts because I got loaded and introduced them as Arts and Crafts."

Rita Moreno Quotes

"When was the last time you saw a musical about people at war with each other?"

Rhys Chamberlain Quotes

"Listen, we got two stiffs and a river of red in a villa in Herne Bay..."

Bill Toomey Quotes

"One of the key elements is the ability to be honest with yourself."

Aneta Cruz Quotes

"Your mind is your greatest power. Use it well."

Kalashatra Govinda Quotes

"Every day you face two important decisions: what effect you want your speech and actions to have on the world around you, and what impressions and vibrations you want to be receptive to."

Jennifer DeLucy Quotes

"Listen, Nicole, Ive had all I can take of you telling me what I need. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe youre exactly what I need? That maybe, in the middle of all this miserable neck-snapping and repelling and crossing the bloody hell over, all I really want is someone…someone good who will let me be a fucking man? Just a fucking human being with flaws and unenlightened days? Is that too much to ask? That you let me fucking love you, Nicole? Because thats what I need! Thats all Id ever need from you. Just to love you. Can you deny me that? - Christian Wright (Whisper of Light)"

Doug Hutchison Quotes

"Life is unpredictable and you need to live every day to the fullest."

Rhona Mitra Quotes

"I used to go to raves, but I was never into the whistles and white gloves."

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Quotes About Throwing Rocks

"It was guarded by a few demons, but most of Sets forces were running towards our boat, screaming and throwing rocks (which tended to fall back down and hit them, but no one says demons are too bright)" - Author: Rick Riordan

Quotes About Finishing Cancer Treatment

"At that time the only treatment of angelism, that is, excessive abstraction of the self from itself, was recovery of the self through ordeal." - Author: Walker Percy

Quotes About Evasion

"Collins and Morales represent a segment of society which, if attacked with the weapons society sanctions, one finds buffered by innumerable layers of law, bureaucracy, lies, evasions. They rest secure within their palaces, confident that they possess defenses against all possible attacks within the rules of the game, yet willing to violate those rules themselves. ... We both know that although it is not listed in the rules, a player can end the game by kicking over the board and throttling his opponent." - Author: Roger Zelazny

Quotes About Influencial

"Self-leaders do not look for followers because they are busily pursuing their influencial dreams that followers will trace and ask for. Followers look for influence and that can be obtained from self-leaders." - Author: Israelmore Ayivor

Quotes About Fighters Heart

"Its interesting when I jog, how much the music makes a difference. You can pretty much count on the Foo Fighters to get your heart rate up." - Author: Sheryl Crow

Quotes About Carbs

"When you are doing endurance swimming you just need to take in as many carbs as possible to put on as much weight as you can. Basically you can eat whatever you want, which can be quite fun. Everything is guilt-free." - Author: David Walliams

Quotes About Fleas

"Do all of you think we have fleas?" Decebel asked as he looked at Jen and Sally. "I think we just make an assumption because of the hair and what not, that you, ya know, might have a problem with the little buggers when you in your wolf form." - Author: Quinn Loftis

Quotes About How Funny Life Is

"Its funny how life moves in a complete circle sometimes. There might be lots of bumps in the road and maybe even a few cliffs, but its a journey, and sometimes it can bring you to the most wonderful places." - Author: Nyrae Dawn

Quotes About Stolen Ideas

"I have stolen ideas from every book I have ever read." - Author: Philip Pullman

Quotes About Peer

"Most of us have participated in the trust exercise in which one person falls back and is caught by a peer. Even if the catch is made a hundred times in a row, the trust is broken forever if the friend lets you fall the next time as a joke. Even if he swears he is sorry and will never let you fall again, you can never fall back without a seed of doubt." - Author: Rafe Esquith