[And If The Person Looking Into Someone's Eyes Has A Dark Soul, He Will See Only His Own Ugliness.]

Author: Paolo Coelho Quotes

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Jeanne McDonald Quotes

"Youre not a failure. Youre a survivor. Call me. –Drew"

Cornel West Quotes

"‎"If our world is regulated by reductionist, narrow, sophomoric versions of Darwin; or reductionist, narrow, sophomoric versions of religious dogma; you end up being childishly anti-scientific, and childishly anti-religious, and you miss the very complex interaction [they share]"

Margarida Rebelo Pinto Quotes

"É muito difícil ficar bem, depois do depois, quando tudo se acaba, porque afinal, o que fica quando acaba o amor?"

Nouriel Roubini Quotes

"I believe, unlike people that are totally free-market, laissez-faire fundamentalists, that there is an important role that the government can play - one, in providing public goods, whether its education, health care, or other things, and two, supervising countercyclical policy - stimulus, whether its monetary, fiscal, or otherwise."

Nicola Blake Quotes

"Smart is just time on task, its repetition and support."

Valerie Howard In Avalon Quotes

"Adelaide remembered the first storm Justinius had seen her through. She had seen many storms since then, some milder than others, some worse than the first, and the Prince had been with her, comforting her and protecting her life through each wail of the wind and each crash of thunder. If he could free her from the slave yard and get her through every violent storm with her life still intact, hed see her through the transition into her palace home."

Abigail Padgett Quotes

"The way black women say "girl" can be magical. Frankly, I have no solid beliefs about the survival of consciousness after physical death. But if its going to happen I know what I want to see after my trek toward the light. I want to see a black woman who will smile and say, "Girl...."

Barry Larkin Quotes

"I love boxing. I like to see the strategizing. Watching the warriors go to work. I like that struggle, going out there and fighting."

Kimberly Brockman Quotes

"Something was bleeding… and something was broken. It was my heart… because I had to leave you. (Chase to Rayne)"

Scott McCloud Quotes

"My dad was an inventor, and I think Ive always had a rosy view of technology, or at least its potential."

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Quotes About Anonymity

"The new freedom of expression brought by the Internet goes far beyond politics. People relate to each other in new ways, posing questions about how we should respond to people when all that we know about them is what we have learned through a medium that permits all kinds of anonymity and deception." - Author: Peter Singer

Quotes About Being Enticed

"They [human lives] are composed like music. Guided by his sense of beauty, an individual transforms a fortuitous occurrence (Beethovens music, death under a train) into a motif, which then assumes a permanent place in the composition of the individuals life. Anna could have chosen another way to take her life. But the motif of death and the railway station, unforgettably bound to the birth of love, enticed her in her hour of despair with its dark beauty. Without realizing it, the individual composes his life according to the laws of beauty even in times of greatest distress.It is wrong, then, to chide the novel for being fascinated by mysterious coincidences (like the meeting of Anna, Vronsky, the railway station, and death or the meeting of Beethoven, Tomas, Tereza, and the cognac), but it is right to chide man for being blind to such coincidences in his daily life. For he thereby deprives his life a dimension of beauty." - Author: Milan Kundera

Quotes About Modernity

"Commitment is a word invented in our abstract modernity to signify the absence of any real motives in the soul for moral dedication." - Author: Allan Bloom

Quotes About Halfway Houses

"She was halfway through the second yard when she heard Cyprien fall and curse.No man in the world will turn down a blow job, Alex thought as she dodged through yards and around the houses, putting as much distance between them as she could. And no man, not even Cyprien, could chase a girl with his pans down." - Author: Lynn Viehl

Quotes About One Sided Love Relationships

"You were going to travel for love, without shoes, or cloak, or common sense. This is one of the things a woman can do when her lover leaves her. Its hard on the feet perhaps, but staying at home is hard on the heart, and you werent quite ready to give up on him yet." - Author: Kelly Link

Quotes About City Growth

"These growth hormones, where can I get a bunch of them? Is there some way that, with electricity, you could stimulate your own growth hormones? Plug yourself in for five minutes, thered be a little jolt, but youd get used to it. It wouldnt be bad at all; in fact, youd get to enjoy it, probably. Then away youd go, and youth wouldnt be wasted on the young anymore. Youd be 25, with a 95-year-old mind. Granddad would start breaking into liquor stores and staying out late. Hope we have it soon!" - Author: David Lynch

Quotes About Destined Love

"Jasmine believes in a prophecy that says she is destined to love a man named Josh Toby. Okay, fine. He could believe that. Hell, he had friends who believed carbohydrates were the work of the devil. True love made sense at least." - Author: Diana Holquist

Quotes About Hinting Your Pregnant

"There was a sergeant at a desk. I knew he was a sergeant because I recognized the marks on his uniform, and I knew it was a desk because its always a desk. Theres always someone at a desk, except when its a table that functions as a desk. You sit behind a desk, and everyone knows youre supposed to be there, and that youre doing something that involves your brain. Its an odd, special kind of importance. I think everyone should get a desk; you can sit behind it when you feel like you dont matter." - Author: Steven Brust

Quotes About Battle Of The Sexes

"The battle of the sexes and youre winning hands down." - Author: Margaret Way

Quotes About Bad Ceo

"The Plain Sense of Things"After the leaves have fallen, we returnTo a plain sense of things. It is as ifWe had come to an end of the imagination,Inanimate in an inert savoir.It is difficult even to choose the adjectiveFor this blank cold, this sadness without cause.The great structure has become a minor house.No turban walks across the lessened floors.The greenhouse never so badly needed paint.The chimney is fifty years old and slants to one side.A fantastic effort has failed, a repetitionIn a repetitiousness of men and flies.Yet the absence of the imagination hadItself to be imagined. The great pond,The plain sense of it, without reflections, leaves,Mud, water like dirty glass, expressing silenceOf a sort, silence of a rat come out to see,The great pond and its waste of the lilies, all thisHad to be imagined as an inevitable knowledge,Required, as a necessity requires." - Author: Wallace Stevens