[And In Doing This I Advise You To Send To The Best Manors Of Your Lands Those Of Your Household In Whom You Place Most Confidence To Be Present In August At The Leading Of The Corn, And To Guard It As Aforesaid.]

Author: Robert Grosseteste Quotes

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Sybil MacBeth Quotes

"As a prayer popper, I stay in touch with God. I send lots of spiritual postcards. Little bits and bytes of adoration, supplication, and information attached prayer darts speed in Gods direction all day long."

Marilyn Ferguson Quotes

"Fear is a question: What are you afraid of, and why? Just as the seed of health is in illness, because illness contains information, your fears are a treasure house of self-knowledge if you explore them."

Otto Bauer Quotes

"A nation is a totality of men united through community of fate into a community of character."

Rosario Castellanos Quotes

"Matamos lo que amamos, lo demas no ha estado vivo nunca."

Rejean Ducharme Quotes

"Je ne me suicide pas parce que jai envie de partir. Quand on a envie de quelque chose on est sauf. Je ne pars pas parce quune fois partie je naurais plus envie de rien et quil faudrait que je mextermine. Ma logique meffraie."

Raymond Williams Quotes

"To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing."

William Watson Quotes

"The thirst to know and understand, a large and liberal discontent."

Angus T Jones Quotes

"Even though its my job to be an actor, I have given my life to God."

Mike Bouchard Quotes

"Although the reasons for Michigans malaise are varied, one big reason is our states almost uniquely uncompetitive tax structure, which one General Motors official called the costliest of all jurisdictions where GM operates."

Herbie Mann Quotes

"To most jazz critics I was basically Kenny G."

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Quotes About Development And Learning

"Simply put, the best teachers believe that learning involves both personal and intellectual development and that neither the ability to think nor the qualities of being a mature human are immutable. People can change, and those changes--not just the accumulation of information--represent true learning." - Author: Ken Bain

Quotes About Gallons

"Megan almost pouted at the reappearance of the black T-shirt covering his body, but a chuckle bubbled out at the sight of two bowls, two spoons, and four half gallons of ice cream lined up on the kitchen counter. "What do you want for breakfast?" she deadpanned. His brow furrowed. He looked from her to the ice cream and back. "I thought..."She patted his arm. All solid muscle. "Just teasing. Dig in." - Author: Laura Kaye

Quotes About Couples Falling In Love

"I think real life couples on screen are kind of deadly. For the most part, theyre kind of deadly. Youd be surprised. Unless theyre falling in love onscreen for the first time, you dont have quite the same energy for some reason." - Author: Amy Poehler

Quotes About Deceptive Behavior

"My aim is not to provide excuses for black behavior or to absolve blacks of personal responsibility. But when the new black conservatives accent black behavior and responsibility in such a way that the cultural realities of black people are ignored, they are playing a deceptive and dangerous intellectual game with the lives and fortunes of disadvantaged people. We indeed must criticize and condemn immoral acts of black people, but we must do so cognizant of the circumstances into which people are born and under which they live. By overlooking these circumstances, the new black conservatives fall into the trap of blaming black poor people for their predicament. It is imperative to steer a course between the Scylla of environmental determinism and the Charybdis of a blaming-the-victims perspective." - Author: Cornel West

Quotes About Rewarding

"Life isnt supposed to be easy. Generally speaking, the harder something is the more rewarding the results will be." - Author: C.C. Hunter

Quotes About Axl Rose

"There was a very obnoxious phase for Axl Rose. Im sure if I had experienced as much success as he had, I would probably be a third as obnoxious. Id probably be obnoxious, too. But not that much." - Author: Britt Daniel

Quotes About Having A Child With Cancer

"The town is mobbed out with Saturday shoppers looking for Christmas bargains. You can almost breathe in the raw greed which hangs in the air like vapour. As the late afternoon darkness falls, the lights look tacky and sinister." - Author: Irvine Welsh

Quotes About Abusing A Child

"Here is what the end of the world looks like:It looks like a child running out into the road, eyes focused only on some destination ahead - the future, which is on the other side - and the child fails to notice the speeding truck that is there, on that same road, in the present.This is what the end of the world looks like.All roads cross here." - Author: Andrew Smith

Quotes About Hector Of Troy

"He was close enough so that I could see his face clearly, even with his helmets cheek flaps tied tightly under his bearded chin. I looked into the eyes of Hector, prince of Troy. Brown eyes they were, the colour of rich farm soil, calm and deep. No anger, no battle lust. He was a cool and calculating warrior, a thinker among these hordes of wild, screaming brutes. He wore a small round shield buckled to his left arm instead of the massive body-length type most of the other nobles carried. In it was painted a flying heron, a strangely peaceful emblem in the midst of all this mayhem and gore." - Author: Ben Bova

Quotes About Suzan

"The thing about girls? Suzanne said. Is we are more content-driven." - Author: George Saunders