[And In The Absence Of Facts, Myth Rushes In, The Kudzu Of History.]

Author: Stacy Schiff Quotes

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Sophie Swetchine Quotes

"We reform others unconsciously when we walk uprightly."

Sir John Eliot Quotes

"Upon this dispute not alone our lands and goods are engaged, but all that we call ours. These rights, these privileges, which made our fathers freemen, are in question."

Alexandre Vinet Quotes

"God has never ceased to be the one true aim of all right human aspirations."

Diane Chamberlain Quotes

"Justice DeniedThousands of women, probably moreI cannot reach them behind justice doorsMany stay silent, barred just like me.Haunted by demons, faces unseen.Still by the hundreds, they continue to serveDuty and country, active and reserve.Thankless, forgotten through Americas warsScarred like their brethren, treated as foes.Volunteered to go to the shores.Died like the others, shamed to the core.Where is the dignity, long since denied? Lost in the White House of Justice DeniedWomen in service since beginning of time Often theyre treated like victims in crime.Where is their voice, silence throughout the years? Its dead in the Senate and House, with their tears!"

Chuck Barris Quotes

"I came up with a new game-show idea recently. Its called The Old Game. You got three old guys with loaded guns onstage. They look back at their lives, see who they were, what they accomplished, how close they came to realizing their dreams. The winner is the one who doesnt blow his brains out. He gets a refrigerator."

Brian Epstein Quotes

"Well, then we got to know each other and eventually worked out a bit of idea of management."

Justin Winsor Quotes

"A collection of good books, with a soul to it in the shape of a librarian, becomes a vitalized power among the impulses by which the world goes on to improvement."

Ruben Studdard Quotes

"I have a greater goal - to empower young people through music education."

John Langdon Quotes

"Language, philosophy, and science are interwoven into the design of words, which are manipulated to create surprising illusions."

Doris Day Quotes

"Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit."

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Quotes About Being Depressed And No One Knows

"Im a light sleeper. Ive never been one of those people who can put their head down and suddenly everything disappears. Nighttime is the time I get most scared, anxious or worried. In those darker moments before waking or sleeping is when I feel most, I dont know, I can turn on myself, and my imagination can take me dark places." - Author: Florence Welch

Quotes About Proces

"What are works of art for? to educate, to be standards. To produce is of little use unless what we produce is known, is widely known, the wider known the better, for it is by being known that it works, it influences, it does its duty, it does good. We must try, then, to be known, aim at it, take means to it. And this without puffing in the process or pride in the success." - Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins

Quotes About Fruit Stands

"Henry looked up and down the empty avenue—no cars or trucks anywhere. No bicycles. No paperboys. No fruit sellers or fish buyers. No flower carts or noodle stands. The streets were vacant, empty—the way he felt inside. There was no one left." - Author: Jamie Ford

Quotes About Tribulation

"You are still young, so you think only of your own self. You do not notice the tribulations that occur all around you, to other people. Do not protest; it is true. I am not condemning you. I was as selfish as you, when I was your age. It is the custom of the young to be selfish... But someday you will understand that nobody passes through this world without suffering--no matter what you think of them and their supposed good fortune." - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Quotes About Love For Funerals

"He had been bored, thats all, bored like most people. Hence he had made himself out of whole cloth a life full of complications and drama. Something must happen - and that explains most human commitments. Something must happen, even loveless slavery, even war or death. Hurray then for funerals!" - Author: Albert Camus

Quotes About Empowerment Pinterest

"I want Pinterest to be human. The Internets still so abstract... To me, boards are a very human way of looking at the world." - Author: Ben Silbermann

Quotes About Baruch

"Oh, you who are! "Ecclesiastes calls you the All-powerful; the Maccabees call you the Creator; the Epistle to the Ephesians calls you liberty; Baruch calls you Immensity; the Psalms call you Wisdom and Truth; John calls you Light; the Books of Kings call you Lord; Exodus calls you Providence; Leviticus, Sanctity; Esdras, Justice; the creation calls you God; man calls you Father; but Solomon calls you Compassion, and that is the most beautiful of all your names." - Author: Victor Hugo

Quotes About Hathaway

"Rose: "I was testing dorm security. It sucks."Dimitri: "You must be freezing. Do you want my coat?"Rose: "Im fine. What are you doing out here? Are you testing security too?"Dimitri: "I am security. This is my watch."Rose: "Well, good work. Im glad I was able to help test your awesome skills."- Rose Hathaway and Dimitri Belikov (Shadow Kiss)" - Author: Richelle Mead

Quotes About Jigsaw Love

"When I first set out to ruin SNL, I didnt think anyone would notice, but i persevered because like you trying to a do a nine- piece jigsaw puzzle, it was a labor of love." - Author: Tina Fey

Quotes About Making Changes In Life

"Well, I guess its all in Gods hands anyway. He has a way of making things turn out," Mattie asserted."Yes, He does. Doesnt He? Thank you for reminding me of that, Mattie." She gave her friend a hug. "Sometimes its hard not to second guess the choices Ive made.""I know what you mean. When life brings changes, I think we tend to do that more." Mattie wiped away a tear. "I miss the old life sometimes, but I know this is Gods will for me. And Gods will is always best, whether we realize it at the time or not." - Author: J.E.B. Spredemann