[And Little Girls Went To Charm Schools. Now You've All Got Degrees From The University Of Sarcasm.]

Author: Ian Rankin Quotes

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Charlie Haas Quotes

"Even when Im tired, when I come home and think about catching up on my sleep, Id rather stay up and hold my daughters."

Richard Murdoch Quotes

"Well there are those that you wield and those that you join."

Jim Morris Quotes

"Id like to fly. Then I wouldnt have to wait in airport security lines."

Madeline Miller Quotes

"and when he moved it was like watching oil spread across a lake, smooth and fluid, almost vicious"

Nikola Tesla Quotes

"The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another."

Jude Cole Quotes

"Time goes by at the speed of lifeSlower than a slow danceon a hot summer nightFaster than the skin breakson the edge of a knifeAnd we just go on at the speed of life"

Ion Muresan Quotes

"Facerea lumiiŞi a fost seară.Şi a fost dimineaţă.Dar asta a fost demult.Şi o singură dată."

Gloria E Anzaldua Quotes

"I cant seem to stay out of my own way."

Israel Zangwill Quotes

"Selfishness is the only real atheism; aspiration, unselfishness, the only real religion."

Nick Vujicic Quotes

"Lieber vollkommen lächerlich als vollkommen langweilig."

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Quotes About Messengers

"The ostriches were like messengers who had learned their vital message by heart, but whose vocal chords had been slit by the enemy, so that when they finally reached their goal, all they could do was move their mouths." - Author: Milan Kundera

Quotes About A Real Good Man

"13NOTESShe hesitated. For two years she had kept as far away from Mikael Blomkvist as she could. And yet he kept sticking to her life like gum on the sole of her shoe, either on the Net or in real life. On the Net it was O.K. There he was no more than electrons and words. In real life, standing on her doorstep, he was still fucking attractive. And he knew her secrets just as she knew all of his. She looked at him for a moment and realized that she now had no feelings for him. At least not those kinds of feelings. He had in fact been a good friend to her over the past year. She trusted him. Maybe. It was troubling that one of the few people she trusted was a man she spent so much time avoiding. Then she made up her mind. It was absurd to pretend that he did not exist. It no longer hurt her to see him. She opened the door wide and let him into her life again." - Author: Stieg Larsson

Quotes About Hehe

"Zanes good hand flashed out and smacked Ty upside the back of thehead."Ow! What the hell?" Ty cried as he rubbed his head and huffed."Youre lucky I repress the Instakill for you," he muttered." - Author: Madeleine Urban

Quotes About Optimistic Attitude

"We are swimming upstream against a great torrent of disorganization...In this, our main obligation is to establish arbitrary enclaves of order and system...It is the greatest possible victory to be, to continue to be, and to have been. No defeat can deprive us of the success of having existed for some moment of time in a universe that seems indifferent to us.This is no defeatism...The declaration of our own nature and the attempt to build up an enclave of organization in the face of natures overwhelming tendency to disorder is an insolence against the gods and the iron necessity that they impose. Here lies tragedy, but here lies glory too...All this represents the manner in which I believe I have been able to add something positive to the pessimism of...the existensialists. I have not replaced the gloom of existence by a philosophy which is optimistic in any Pollyanna sense, but...with a positive attitude toward the universe and toward our life in it." - Author: Norbert Wiener

Quotes About Love Taj Mahal

"We have scholars galore, and kings and emperors, and statesmen and military leaders, and artists in profusion, and inventors, discoverers, explorers - but where are the great lovers? After a moments reflection one is back to Abelard and Heloise, or Anthony and Cleopatra, or the story of the Taj Mahal. So much of it is fictive, expanded and glorified by the poverty-stricken lovers whose prayers are answered only by myth and legend." - Author: Henry Miller

Quotes About Brave Hearts

"We describe a person without compassion as "heartless," and we urge him or her to "have a heart." Our deepest hurts we call "heartaches." Jilted lovers are "brokenhearted." Courageous soldiers are "bravehearted." The truly evil are "black-hearted" and saints have "hearts of gold." If we need to speak at the most intimate level, we ask for a "heart-to-heart" talk. "Lighthearted" is how we feel on vacation. And when we love someone as truly as we may, we love "with all our heart." But when we lose our passion for life, when a deadness sets in which we cannot..." - Author: John Eldredge

Quotes About Virtuosity

"To write entire pages of dazzling prose about a tomato -- for Pierre Arthens reviews food as if he were telling a story, and that alone is enough to make him a genius -- without ever seeing or holding the tomato is a troubling display of virtuosity." - Author: Muriel Barbery

Quotes About Geeky Life

"Ive done a lot of geeky things in my life, but I think the geekiest of all was my first effort to build props and cosplay, when I was about twelve years-old." - Author: Wil Wheaton

Quotes About Demos

"E é, em suma, uma forma como outra qualquer de resolver o problema da existência, esta de nos aproximarmos das coisas e das pessoas que de longe nos pareceram belas e misteriosas o suficiente para verificarmos que não têm mistério nem beleza; é uma das higienes entre as quais podemos optar, uma higiene que talvez não seja muito recomendável, mas que nos dá uma certa calma para passarmos a vida, e também para nos resignarmos à morte - pois que permite que não lamentemos nada ao persuadir-nos de que atingimos o melhor, e de que o melhor não era grande coisa." - Author: Marcel Proust

Quotes About Star Performers

"Ive been with certain stars; some are caring and pay attention to their fans and to their fellow performers and some are too busy. Elvis never seemed too busy." - Author: Minnie Pearl