[And There Has Been No Attempt To Investigate It,' I Said, 'to See What It Really Is?''Eh, Cornel,' Said The Coachman's Wife, 'wha Would Investigate, As Ye Call It, A Thing That Nobody Believes In? Ye Would Be The Laughing-stock Of A' The Country-side, As My Man Says.''But You Believe In It,' I Said, Turning Upon Her Hastily. The Woman Was Taken By Surprise. She Made A Step Backward Out Of My Way.'Lord, Cornel, How Ye Frichten A Body! Me! There's Awful Strange Things In This World. An Unlearned Person Doesna Ken What To Think. But The Minister And The Gentry They Just Laugh In Your Face. Inquire Into The Thing That Is Not! Na, Na, We Just Let It Be.' ("The Open Door")]

Author: Margaret Oliphant Quotes

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"Ah, sweet Content, where doth thine harbour hold."

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"Una mujer mediocre es como un libro malo: hacen dudar de la literatura entera, de lo femenino universal"

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"Juice fasting destroys your metabolic rate. I see a lot of women who are like, Oh, I lost seven pounds and then I gained 10. Thats not what detoxification is about."

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"Both villains and heroes need to have a steadfast belief in themselves."

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"– Io non potrò mai darti quel genere di sensazioni, mi dispiace.– Ed io non le voglio … perché ho capito che è facile innamorarsi di un mito. Chi non sinnamorerebbe di un attore bello e famoso? Chi rifiuterebbe unattrice bella e famosa? Chi non resterebbe senza parole se qualcuno che ha carisma, ed è amato da tutti, decidesse di dargli attenzione?– Chi sa amarsi per quello che è e non per quello che vorrebbe essere."

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