[And This Tenderness Was Not LikeThat Which A Certain PoetAt The Beginning Of The Century Called TrueAnd, For Some Reason, Quiet. No, Not At All?It Rang Out, Like The First Waterfall,It Crunched Like The Crust Of Bluish IceAnd It Prayed With A Swanlike Voice,And It Broke Down Right Before Our Eyes.]

Author: Anna Akhmatova Quotes

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Lhan Berk Quotes

"Ne zaman ki dinlediğiniz şarkılar size onu hatırlatmaz; işte ancak o zaman hayattan bir tat alabilirsiniz ."

Ron Bloom Quotes

"We kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. And we get it that if you want a friend you should get a dog."

Meena Khan Quotes

"who knows what will happen tomorrow or next"

Arlene Schindler Quotes

"Dinner was served on mismatched plates with paper napkins and silverware that looked like it had been stolen from a school cafeteria. The spaghetti was from a box that was still poking out of the garbage pail, the sauce from a jar that was sitting beside the sink. I got the definite impression that he chose to make dinner because he couldnt afford to take me out."

Zoe Brigley Quotes

"Even after she was gone, he passed her place each day: something white in a high window - not a face,but the white belly of a pigeon beating its wingsagainst the pane in the boarded-up house."

Albert Baylis Quotes

"we all want to be called servants until someone treats us like one."

Janet Lunn Quotes

"Wasnt it more important to be loyal to what was right or to those people you knew and cared about? What was the good of killing people or being hateful to them because someone you didnt know was doing something hateful to someone ekse you didnt know?"

Charles Lewinsky Quotes

"Niets wat je denkt is dom. Alleen niet denken is dom."

Orrin Woodward Quotes

"If were going to make mistakes anyway, we might as well learn from them -- "teachable moments"."

Peter Perret Quotes

"Our musicians in residence carry this belief into the classroom. They dont think of childrens self-esteem as so fragile that it will be shattered by the suggestion that the child guessed wrong or jumped to an invalid conclusion. They make corrections matter-of-factly, with no feeling that a chid is a failure because she has made an error, but with ocnfidence that the feedback will help the child learn and be accurate the next time."

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"For quite some time now, like the foetus inside a womb, a terrible knowledge had been ripening within me and filling my soul with frightened foreboding: that the Infinite Universe is inflating at incredible speed, like some ridiculous soap bubble. I become obsessed with a misers piercing anxiety whenever I allow myself to think that the Universe may be slipping out into space, like water through cupped hands, and that, ultimately—perhaps even today, perhaps not till tomorrow or for several light years—it will dissolve for ever into emptiness, as though it were made not of solid matter but only of fleeting sound." - Author: Tadeusz Borowski

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"Change is such hard work." - Author: Billy Crystal

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