[And We Ask The American People To Play An Important Part Of Our Layered Defense. We Ask For Cooperation, Patience And A Commitment To Vigilance In The Face Of A Determined Enemy.]

Author: Janet Napolitano Quotes

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Hilary Winston Quotes

"I hadnt done any fooling around in so long, I didnt know what to do. I sort of wanted to lose weight and take up piano before I got into another relationship."

William Zinsser Quotes

"Editors are licensed to be curious."

Joanie Schirm Quotes

"May my mind be clear and my heart pure."

Ian Ziering Quotes

"My most famous commercial was for Fruit Of the Loom underwear. I took a lot of razzing from my classmates."

Bernadette Jiwa Quotes

"what differentiates a good anything from a great anything you care to think about (business, movie, hotel, product, blog, book, packaging, design, app, talk, school, song, art… keep going) is that the great stuff, the things we give a damn about, have the heart left in them."

Thaisa Frank Quotes

"Stay the night, said the officer, patting a confiscated couch. Ill keep my hands off you. I promise.You have more than hands, said Elie.My feet are safe, too, said the officer. He pointed to a hole in his boots, and they laughed."

Ho Chi Minh Quotes

"You will kill ten of us, we will kill one of you, but in the end, you will tire of it first."

Gore Vidal Quotes

"Life will be wonderful when men no longer fear dying. When the last superstitions are thrown out and we meet death with the same equanimity as life. No longer will childrens minds be twisted by evil gods whose fantastic origin is in those barbaric tribes who feared death and lightning, who feared life. Thats it: life is the villain to to those who preach reward in death, through grace and eternal bliss, or through dark revenge."

Edwin V Mitchell Quotes

"One kind of walking which I do not recall seeing mentioned anywhere in the literature of the subject is imaginary walking."

Arlene J Chai Quotes

"Fate, no doubt, had a hand in it."

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Quotes About Uplift

"You really did uplift me. You gave me the perspective and point of view and focus I needed to become truly conscious. Without you, I wouldnt exist." - Author: Robert J. Sawyer

Quotes About Bhang

"Wir sehen Menschen, die wir lieben, meist nur so, wie wir sie im Kopf haben. Hin und wieder aber erhaschen wir zufällig einen Blick darauf, wie sie in Wirklichkeit aussehen, und in den Sekundenbruchteilen, die unser Gehirn braucht, um sich auf die neue Realität einzustellen, kommen kleine Dinge in uns vom Weg ab und wirbeln schreiend irgendeinen Abhang hinunter." - Author: Jonathan Tropper

Quotes About Being Okay With Life

"Its more than that. Its about being able to look at yourself every day and be okay with who you see."Terrys fingers twitched. Fergus wondered if he would retract his hand."Its about making a life worth living.""This is the last time I ever let you get drunk with Guillory," Terry muttered. Fergus stared up at him, unblinking. "Hes not always wrong. The worlds full of messed up, angry people, but everyone who decides not to be one of them makes it suck a little less for everyone else. Its gotta pay off somewhere along the line." - Author: Addison Lane

Quotes About Marsh

"We are not fit to lead an army on the march unless we are familiar with the face of the country -- its mountains and forests, its pitfalls and precipices, its marshes and swamps." - Author: Sun Tzu

Quotes About White Panties

"Thomas has the kind of whiter-than-white boyish grin that makes womens panties spontaneously evaporate." - Author: Jim Butcher

Quotes About Pretty Little Liars

"Id love to go to fashion week! Im learning more about designers, thanks to Pretty Little Liars costume designer, Mandi Line." - Author: Lucy Hale

Quotes About Being Bonded

"Every lesson I learned as a kid was at the dinner table. Being Greek, Sicilian and Ruthenian - we are an emotional bunch. It is where we laughed, cried and yelled - but most importantly, where we bonded and connected." - Author: Michael Symon

Quotes About Peace Love And Freedom

"Dont try to change the world; just change yourself. Why? Because the whole world is only relative to the eyes that are looking at it. Your world actually only exists for as long as you exist and with the death of you, includes the death of your world. Therefore, if there is no peace in your heart; you will find no peace in this world, if there is no happiness in your life; you will find no happiness anywhere around you, if you have no love in your heart; you will not find love anywhere and if you do not fly around freely inside your own soul like a bird with perfectly formed wings; then there will never be any freedom for you regardless if you are on a mountaintop removed from all attachments to all of mankind! Even the mountaintop cannot give you freedom if it is not already flying around there inside your own soul! So I say, change yourself. Not the world." - Author: C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Underestimate

"Scent is often underestimated, when it can be the most evocative." - Author: Erin Morgenstern

Quotes About Exes Downgrading

"Ressentiment is always to some degree a determinant of the romantic type of mind. At least this is so when the romantic nostalgia for some past era (Hellas, the Middle Ages, etc.) is not primarily based on the values of that period, but on the wish to escape from the present. Then all praise of the "past" has the implied purpose of downgrading present-day reality." - Author: Max Scheler