[And When I Look Into His Eyes There's A Feeling Of Something I Can Only Describe As Familiarity, A Sense Of Safety. Like Coming Home.]

Author: Rebecca James Quotes

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Taryn A Taylor Quotes

"I write--because I must write."

Denise Domning Quotes

"I know nothing of being a wife, but I have learned much about the running and maintenance of an estate. It may be that you will find my manner too straightforward for your tastes, but, my lord, it is just that - my manner. Would that I die before I give up that part of me."

Trudy Harris Quotes

"What you give away in life always comes back to you in one way or other."

Jerome Strong Quotes

"Peruse all the sermons of Jesus and you will be sure to find parables, and sometimes allegory. What you will always find, however, is something of keeping our hearts in order."

Samantha Bruce Benjamin Quotes

"It is a dull sensation, your heart breaking, like the sound of a pebble dropping on the sand. Not a shattering, not a tearing apart, there is nothing shrill or grandiose about the sensation. It is merely an internal realization that something treasured you never knew you had is leaving forever."

George Jones Quotes

"Loneliness is lessened when youre lonely by choice."

David Del Tredici Quotes

"I began like all composers, writing for small groups. Chamber groups."

George Duke Quotes

"At the end of 69 I did a gig with Jean Luc Ponty here in L.A. He was an electric violinist."

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes

"Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage."

Thomas Dawson Quotes

"I want to try get rid of this rep."

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Quotes About Externality

"Now all my tales are based on the fundemental premise that common human laws and interests and emotions have no validity or significance in the vast cosmos-at-large.... To achieve the essence of real externality, whether of time or space or dimension, one must forget that such things as organic life, good and evil, love and hate, and all such local attributes of a negligible and temporary race called mankind, have any existence at all." - Author: H.P. Lovecraft

Quotes About Theoretical Physics

"The people who actually make the advances in theoretical physics dont think in these categories that the philosophers and the historians of science subsequently invent for them" - Author: Stephen Hawking

Quotes About Losing A Loved One From The Bible

"Im from Ohio, and I wasnt one of those kids who grew up making movies or whatever, but I always wanted to write. I was probably in high school when I realized the things I was writing werent books; they were movies, they were visual." - Author: David Leslie Johnson

Quotes About Being Easily Distracted

"We are to learn our duty from the Lord, and then we are to act in all diligence, never being lazy or slothful. The pattern is simple but not easy to follow. We are so easily distracted." - Author: Henry B. Eyring

Quotes About Not Using Makeup

"Every photo shoot, Im always asking the makeup artist what theyre using on me, and Ill go out and get it." - Author: Denise Richards

Quotes About Freshman Year Being Over

"Humans have the choice of being reborn, While they have no conscious memory when there reborn, they tend to reconnect with the souls that meant the most to them, again and again. And then those that reach enlightenment are able to at least reunite with their loved ones, with full knowledge of who they are." - Author: Joey W. Hill

Quotes About Daring To Love

"Oh!--and I speak out of later knowledge--Heaven forefend me from the most of the average run of male humans who are not good fellows, the ones cold of heart and cold of head who dont smoke, drink, or swear, or do much of anything else that is brase, and resentful, and stinging, because in their feeble fibres there has never been the stir and prod of life to well over its boundaries and be devilish and daring. One doesnt meet these in saloons, nor rallying to lost causes, nor flaming on the adventure-paths, nor loving as Gods own mad lovers. They are too busy keeping their feet dry, conserving their heart-beats, and making unlovely life-successes of their spirit-mediocrity." - Author: Jack London

Quotes About Teabing

"Langdon turned to Sophie. "Who is that? What... happened?"Teabing hobbled over. "You were rescued by a knight brandishing an Excalibur made by Acme Orthopedic." - Author: Dan Brown

Quotes About Pink Eye

"In a further effort to be helpful, I tried to pry the dentures apart. But Rajkumar had grown impatient and he snatched the tumbler from me. It was only after he had thrust his teeth into his mouth that he discovered that Umas dentures were clamped within his. And then, as he was sitting there, staring in round-eyed befuddlement at the pink jaws that were protruding out of his own, an astonishing thing happened - Uma leaned forward and fastened her mouth on her own teeth. Their mouths clung to each other and they shut their eyes." - Author: Amitav Ghosh

Quotes About Bless

"I am free, you see," she said, "to love or to withhold love. Love and dependence need no longer be the same thing to me. I am free to love. that is why I love you and it is the way I love you. If you have come here, Kit, because you think you owe me something, because you believe I might crumble without your protection, then go away again with my blessing and find happiness with someone else.""I love you," he said again." - Author: Mary Balogh