[Any Two Philosophers Can Tell Each Other All They Know In Two Hours.]

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Quotes

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Paul Harvey Quotes

"In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these."

Adebowale Ojowuro Quotes

"The terrible error in the course of human civilization is undoubtedly the defective judgment that allowed religious authorities usurp the foundation of societal morality, in which all collective ethics of humankind must take a cause. This appalling blunder is comparable only to assigning the leper exclusive franchise to run beauty clinics in the society; this can only lead to cycles upon cycles of common infection syndrome."

Michael Feinstein Quotes

"Hes a world-famous name to people who care about his music, but there are many people who have never heard of George Gershwin and those numbers increase."

Nancy Jo Sales Quotes

"Were so very focused on ourselves and on self-promotion. It goes on all day with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram."

Kyo Maclear Quotes

"You can make change or it can make YOU. Change is to keep us on our toes. Change is to make us look more closely. What doesnt change are the arms you use to hug with. Those stay the same."

Beverly Lowry Quotes

"The materials out there, a calm lake waiting for us to dive in."

Breaking Benjamin Quotes

"Somewhere far beyond this world,I feel nothing anymore"

Joe Morton Quotes

"There are lots of stories about my culture that I think bring a whole other perspective to who we are and where we have been and how we got here that I think need to be done."

Shusaku Endo Quotes

"Christianity, to be effective in Japan, must change."

Mick Farren Quotes

"Just because it makes no sense doesnt mean its not good advice."

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Quotes About Bubbles And Life

"And the bubbles of light again rose and fell, and in their disordered, irregular, turbulent maze, mingled with the wan moonlight. And now from these globules themselves as from the shell of an egg, monstrous things burst out; the air grew filled with them; larvae so bloodless and so hideous that I can in no way describe them except to remind the reader of the swarming life which the solar microscope brings before his eyes in a drop of water - things transparent, supple, agile, chasing each other, devouring each other - forms like nought ever beheld by the naked eye. As the shapes were without symmetry, so their movements were without order. In their very vagrancies there was no sport; they came round me and round, thicker and faster and swifter, swarming over my head, crawling over my right arm, which was outstretched in involuntary command against all evil beings. ("The House And The Brain")" - Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton

Quotes About Motivating Yourself

"Theres always ways of motivating yourself to higher levels. Write about it, dream about it. But after that, turn it into action. Dont just dream." - Author: Dan Gable

Quotes About Beautiful Pics

"Vienna wasnt just a city, it was a tone that either one carries forever in ones soul or one does not. It was the most beautiful thing in my life. I was poor, but I was not alone, because I had a friend. And Vienna was like another friend. When it rained in the tropics, I always heard the voice of Vienna. And at other times too. Sometimes deep in the virgin forests I smelled the musty smell of the entrance hall in Hietzing. Music and everything I loved was in the stones of Vienna, and in peoples glances and their behavior, the way pure feelings are part of ones very heart. You know when the feelings stop hurting. Vienna in winter and spring. The allés in Schönbrunn. The blue light in the dormitory at the academy, the great white stairwell with the baroque statue. Morning ridings in the Prater. The mildew in the riding school. I remember all of it exactly, and I wanted to see it again..." - Author: Sándor Márai

Quotes About Feinberg

"I do work half time as a historian of medicine at Northwestern Universitys Feinberg School of Medicine, and I started my career with work in the 19th century." - Author: Alice Dreger

Quotes About Loving Anyone

"Life must be rich and full of loving--its no good otherwise, no good at all, for anyone." - Author: Jack Kerouac

Quotes About Minister

"Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him,And all their ministers attend on him." - Author: William Shakespeare

Quotes About Luxury Design

"All brands, whether high-ticket luxury ones such as Cartier or Rolls-Royce or masstige ones with luxe-y overtones but altogether more affordable, all want to grow. Even brands that may have started in a modestly niche design and lifestyle fashion can find themselves under pressure to go global or to sell out at the top." - Author: Peter York

Quotes About Retain

"Monod proposed an analogy: Just as the biosphere stands above the world of nonliving matter, so an "abstract kingdom" rises above the biosphere. The denizens of this kingdom? Ideas. Ideas have retained some of the properties of organisms. Like them, they tend to perpetuate their structure and to breed; they too can fuse, recombine, segregate their content; indeed they too can evolve, and in this evolution selection must surely play an important role. Ideas have "spreading power," he noted—"infectivity, as it were"—and some more than others. An example of an infectious idea might be a religious ideology that gains sway over a large group of people. The American neurophysiologist Roger Sperry had put forward a similar notion several years earlier, arguing that ideas are "just as real" as the neurons they inhabit. Ideas have power, he said." - Author: James Gleick

Quotes About Perch

"Perché piangi? Perché ti butti per terra? Perché ti manca i fiatto? [...] Perché da qualche parte in me intuisco unarmonia e una luce immense, e da questa luce e da questa armonia mi sto allontando come una nave che prende il largo; cioè che allinizio era il senso di ogni respiro con il tempo diventa il lampeggiare di un faro lontano." - Author: Susanna Tamaro

Quotes About Dream Becoming Reality

"The survivors ran through the fields, escapingFrom themselves, knowing they wouldnt returnFor a hundred years. Before them were spreadThose quicksands where a tree changes into nothing,Into an anti-tree, where no borderlineSeparates a shape from a shape, and where,Amid thunder, the golden house of isCollapses, and the word becoming ascends." - Author: Czesław Miłosz