[Anyone Who Watches A Lot Of Television, Or Listens To Pop Music, Is Familiar With A Certain Vision Of America. If Not Exactly Colorblind, This America Is One In Which Different Races Easily Interact, In Which A White Person Might Have An Asian Boss, Hispanic Stepson, Or African-American Frenemy.]

Author: Wesley Morris Quotes

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Gene Rodenberry Quotes

"Can all this just be an accident? Or could there be some alien intelligence behind it?"

Wayne Elise Quotes

"And yet I wasnt sure what his weakness was. We all do that as we get to know someone. Like a tabloid editor, we search for both greatness and weakness, jotting down notes in our heads for future exploitation. We are never comfortable with those who have no visible flaw."

David J Pollay Quotes

"Dont take personally what you cannot control. Focus in the good in others and let the bad pass by."

Clara Barton Quotes

"An institution or reform movement that is not selfish, must originate in the recognition of some evil that is adding to the sum of human suffering, or diminishing the sum of happiness."

Miroslav Penkov Quotes

"Its yad that propels us, like a motor, onward. Yad is like envy, but its not simply that. Its like spite, rage, anger, but more elegant, more complicated. Its like pity for someone, regret for something you did or did not do, for a chance you missed, for an opportunity you squandered."

Umar Inuwa Saeed Kibiya Quotes

"Sometimes to comprehend ones message you have to use mirror or a water."

Saurio Quotes

"UNA PREGUNTITA:¿Usted entraría a un sitio donde, bajo una estatua de un tipo desnudo y muerto en un instrumento de tortura, se celebra un ritual cuyo punto culminante es la ingestión simbólica de la carne y la sangre del muerto representado?"

Gloria Allred Quotes

"As my father would have said, I went through the college of hard knocks."

Sophie Lowe Quotes

"Although it sounds cliche, the main thing I want to do is touch people with what I do. I want everything I do to be meaningful, and I want it to be about more than just myself, or the money."

Annie Gottlieb Quotes

"Respect... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique."

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"So he sat and listened to pigeons talking, till it seemed to him they were trying to lull the restlessness of Earth, and thought that they might by drowsy incantation be putting some spell against time, through which it could not come to harm their nests; for the power of time was not made clear to him yet and he knew not yet that nothing in our fields has the strength to hold out against time." - Author: Lord Dunsany

Quotes About Little Birds

"When we first arrived at Auschwitz there were birds. I didnt know what kind, just brown birds, like the finches. They came for about a week and then the Nazis electrified the fences. I was out early the first morning they had the power on. A whole flight of these little birds came in and as they settled on the wire they made quick bright bursts of flame and smoke. The others did not know what was happening and they kept coming in and getting incinerated. The next day the birds did not come close to the camp. We saw them in the distance for a few days, but they never came close. At first I thought they had just naturally learned a lesson, but then I realized they had become sensitive to evil." - Author: Lawrence Thornton

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"There are more than 300,000 families in the Gulf region that lost their homes and are waiting for peace of mind. The hurricane exposed the sad reality of poverty in America. We saw, in all its horrific detail, the vulnerabilities of living in inadequate housing and the heartbreak of losing ones home." - Author: Harry Connick Jr.

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"Even the most outspoken of the critics must admit that long before we had print and film media to "spread the word," mankind was engaged in all forms of cruel and despicable behavior. To attribute war, killing, and violence to film, TV, and role-play games is to fly in the face of thousands of years of recorded history." - Author: Gary Gygax

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"Nos guiamos por promesas idílicas de bienestar económico individual: un trabajo estable, ropa de calidad, una familia pequeña y agradable, buena comida, vacaciones tres veces al año.Nuestros intereses y nuestro sentido de la responsabilidad se han trasladado claramente al ámbito de lo privado, en detrimento de la política. Las aspiraciones de mi generacionen tienen más que ver con la seguridad, la tradición, la calidez de los afectos y el conocerse a uno mismo, que con la experimentación, las rupturas, la aventura y la solidaridad: así lo exige la llamada "sociedad de la competencia". […] Ya decimos que sí a hacer carrera y rendir profesionalmente ¿cómo podríamos acceder también a abrazar una posición política o asumir una responsabilidad pública?" - Author: Meredith Haaf

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"If I were you, Mr Lascelles," said Childermass, softly, "I would speak more guardedly. You are in the north now. In John Uskglasss own country. Our towns and cities and abbeys were built by him. Our laws were made by him. He is in our minds and hearts andspeech. Were it summer you would see a carpet of tiny flowers beneath every hedgerow, of a bluish-white colour. We call them Johns Farthings. When the weather is contrary and we have warm weather in winter or it rains in summer the country people say that JohnUskglass is in love again and neglects his business. And when we are sure of something we say it is as safe as a pebble in John Uskglasss pocket." - Author: Susanna Clarke

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"Shed been there for a few hours when Sawyer showed up. It was after midnight, but there he was, walking around the track. The moon was out and he was wearing white shorts and a white polo, so she could see him very clearly from her seat. She didnt move, so she didnt know what made him look up. But he did, and her breath caught, as it did every time he looked at her in school. They stared at each other for a long moment. Then he crossed the track and walked up the bleachers towards her. Sawyer had never approached her before, but he had always watched her at school. A lot of people watched her, so that in itself wasnt unusual. But he was always so deliberate about it. Shed often wondered if that was why she had these strange feelings for him, because she thought he really saw her." - Author: Sarah Addison Allen

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"I knew that Sundays in England arent just ordinary dull Sundays, the same the world over, which demand that one simply tiptoe through without disturbing them or paying them the least attention, they are vaster and slower and more burdensome than anywhere else I know." - Author: Javier Marías

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"Tolerance isnt about not having beliefs. Its about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you." - Author: Timothy Keller

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"Instinct tells me to go to Hannahs, but she doesnt live there anymore and thats when I realize the major difference between my mother and Hannah. My mother deserted me at the 7-Eleven, hundred of kilometers away from home.Hannah, however, did the unforgivable.She deserted me in our own backyard." - Author: Melina Marchetta