[Apa Kamu Nggak Bisa Konsisten? Sebenarnya Kamu Menetapkan Hatimu Pada Siapa?]

Author: Laili Muttamimah Quotes

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Whoopi Goldberg Quotes

"Taking action is hard, but know what? Enduring a bad situation can be its own hell."

Rutina Wesley Quotes

"Kristin Bauer is so funny. Half the time Im working with her Im just trying to keep a straight face."

Rob Marshall Quotes

"Id much rather fail than do something like The Chorus Line movie, sanitized and Hollywoodized."

James Nesbitt Quotes

"I spend my money on holidays and eating out, and it allows me to be generous."

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Quotes

"I have to travel a lot, but relaxation to me is when I am at home."

Tara Gilesbie Quotes

"He was so sexy that my body went all hot when I saw him kind of like an erection only Im a girl so I didnt get one you sicko."

Lisa Mangum Quotes

"I believe happiness is always there. Thats why we have to keep looking for it. Because we cant always see it.Because it doesnt always find us."

Mathias Malzieu Quotes

"Questa sera ho deciso di provare un esperimento per tenerla nel mio letto. Bloccherò le lancette e fermerò il tempo. Farò ripartire il mondo solo se me lo chiederà lei. (...) Se Cenerentola avessa avuto un orologio nel cuore avrebbe fermato il tempo a mezzanotte meno un minuto e se la sarebbe spassata al ballo per tutta la vita."

Michael Sheen Quotes

"Hopefully, any character I play has an anchor in reality."

W Scott Lineberry Quotes

"If we deny the grief its right in our lives, then we must question the love for which the grief is supposedly rooted. Gods grief is founded in His love for Himself and His love for us. Looking at God as our model is healthy. Facing the pain means honoring those with whom our love is rooted."

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Quotes About Implode

"I jumped out of the way and Monique skidded across the floor like a drunk monkey on a skateboard and landed face-first in the puke. I hoped that popping sound was just the button on her halter top and not an imploded implant. That was a mess I wasnt about to clean up." - Author: Barbra Annino

Quotes About Foxhole

"First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried letters from a girl named Martha, a junior at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey. They were not love letters, but Lieutenant Cross was hoping, so he kept them folded in plastic at the bottom of his rusack. In the late afternoon, after a days march, he would dig his foxhole, wash his hands under a canteen, unwrap the letters, hold them with the tips of his fingers, and spend the last hour of light pretending." - Author: Tim OBrien

Quotes About Pages In A Book

"A book from a nearby shelf tumbled to the ground and the pages rustled a moment before settling. I bit my lip, debating. If this was a horror movie, I would be yelling at the stupid girl to run - but I ignored my own advice and walked towards the book." - Author: Lani Woodland

Quotes About Freiheit

"Was mich betraf, ich war noch Tage krank vor Trauer und fieberte. Ich nehme an, Burrich erzählte, ich hätte irgendeine Kinderkrankheit und so ließ man mich in Frieden. Als ich wieder nach draußen durfte, war es vorbei mit meiner unbeschwerten Freiheit. Burrich beaufsichtigte mich und achtete darauf, dass ich nicht wieder Freundschaft mit einem Tier schloss. Bis zu einem bestimmten Grad hatte er Erfolg, denn es entstand keine besonders enge Verbindung zu einem bestimmten Hund oder Pferd. Ich weiß, er meinte es gut, trotzdem fühlte ich mich von ihm nicht beschützt, sondern eingeengt. Er war der Wärter, der mit fanatischem Eifer meine Isolation überwachte.Damals wurde das Samenkorn der Einsamkeit in meine Seele gepflanzt, schlug Wurzeln, und gedieh zu einem unausrottbaren Teil meines Lebens." - Author: Robin Hobb

Quotes About Bridges Friends

"He walked on down the dark, empty street. Suddenly an idea came to him. Immediately, with his whole being, he knew it was true. He had glimpsed a new and improbable explanation for the atomic phenomena that up until now had seemed so hopelessly inexplicable; abysses had suddenly changed into bridges. What clarity and simplicity! This idea was astonishingly graceful and beautiful. It seemed to have given birth to itself – like a white water-lily appearing out of the calm darkness of a lake. He gasped, reveling in its beauty…And how strange, he thought suddenly, that this idea should have come to him when his mind was far away from anything to do with science, when the discussions that so excited him were those of free men, when his words and the words of his friends had been determined only by freedom, by bitter freedom." - Author: Vasily Grossman

Quotes About Remembering History

"Were going to meet a lot of lonely people in the next week and the next month and the next year. And when they ask us what were doing, you can say, Were remembering. Thats where well win out in the long run. And someday well remember so much that well build the biggest goddamn steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in it and cover it up." - Author: Ray Bradbury

Quotes About Light Dumbledore

"But you know happiness can be found in the darkest of time, when one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore" - Author: J. K. Rowlings

Quotes About Dying Young

"Names came patterning into the dusk, bodying out the places of their forebears, the villages and towns where the telegrams would be delivered, the houses where the blinds would be drawn, where low moans would come in the afternoon behind closed doors; and the places that had borne them, which would be like nunneries, like dead towns without their life or purpose, without young men at the factories or in the fields, with no husbands for the women, no deep sound of voices in the inns, with the children who would have been born, who would have grown and worked or painted, even governed, left ungenerated in their fathers shattered flesh that lay in stinking shellholes in the beet crop soil, leaving their homes to put up only granite slabs in place of living flesh, on whose inhuman surface the moss and lichen would cast their crawling green indifference." - Author: Sebastian Faulks

Quotes About Critical Writing

"In 1857, Bizet departed for Rome and spent three years there. He studied the landscape, the culture, Italian literature and art. Musically he studied the scores of the great masters. At the end of the first year he was asked to submit a religious work as his required composition. As a self-described atheist, Bizet felt uneasy and hypocritical writing a religious piece. Instead, he submitted a comic opera. Publicly, the committee accepted, acknowledging his musical talent. Privately, the committee conveyed their displeasure. Thus, early in his career, Bizet displayed an independent spirit that would be reflected in innovative ideas in his opera composition.[The Pearl Fishers - Georges Bizet, Virginia Opera]" - Author: Georges Bizet

Quotes About Michigan Football

"You dont treat the so-called little people poorly, because we dont have any little people here! The trainers, the managers, the secretaries, the people who work in the dorms and cafeterias and classroom buildings are all professionals, and theyre all important or they wouldnt be working for Michigan football." - Author: Bo Schembechler