[Are You Decent?" Tick-Tick Called Through The Door.I Said What I Was Supposed To: "No, But I'm Dressed.]

Author: Emma Bull Quotes

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Mitchell Zuckoff Quotes

"Bob Altman got nothing from the TV series M*A*S*H, and the royalties for the theme song went to his oldest son, Michael, who wrote it as a 15-year-old poet!"

Coleen Murtagh Paratore Quotes

"Two princes. Fine men indeed. But neither is the prince of my heart."

James Irwin Quotes

"I felt the power of God as Id never felt it before."

Barbara Ann Kipfer Quotes

"Chinese landscape paintings often include tiny figures - as if to emphasize the grandeur of nature of which humankind is one small part. Think of the world in these terms, as larger in scale than the human. This is a healthy corrective to the commonplace view that people own the land, which exists to serve their purposes. Think big and live small."

John Davies Of Hereford Quotes

"This is the bodys nurse; but since mans witFound the art of cookery, to delight his sense,More bodies are consumed and killd with itThan with the sword, famine, or pestilence."

Donna Quesada Quotes

"Think of the jazz improv artist responding to the musical banter among her fellow players onstage. Aside from whatever training theyve done in advance, as soon as the curtain opens, they move into unknown territory together, creating something new each time by remaining in a state of undivided presence."

Chad Bowen Quotes

"Difficult situations create exploitable opportunities for those strong enough to persevere."

Ambrose Bierce Quotes

"Peace in international affairs: a period of cheating between periods of fighting"

John Searle Quotes

"Where questions of style and exposition are concerned I try to follow a simple maxim: if you cant say it clearly you dont understand it yourself."

Maurice Greene Quotes

"You have got to believe in yourself every time you go out there and race. If you have no faith in your ability all that training has been a waste of time."

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Quotes About Arrogance And Pride

"It is a defeat of the spirit to learn ones arrogance causes such loss and pain. Pride invites you to soar to heights and the footing, tentative. farther, then, is the fall." - Author: R.A. Salvatore

Quotes About You Still Love Her

"I already live like you," Evan lifted his head and looked straight into Christians eyes. "Im living like you right now, without her. If she leaves me when I ask her to marry me, or at the altar, or tomorrow, I could still say I tried. I could still say I loved her, that I kissed her, I held her." Evan inhaled a deep breath, his chest swelling with the intensity of it. "Without her, Ill just rot into nothing." - Author: Allie Burke

Quotes About Three Generations

"Three generations of women out on the front porch, four counting little Emily, trying to put words around a past and a future that could never be explained." - Author: Lalita Tademy

Quotes About Halleck

"Honorius Hatchard had been old Miss Hatchards great-uncle; though she would undoubtedly have reversed the phrase, and put forward, as her only claim to distinction, the fact that she was his great-niece. For Honorius Hatchard, in the early years of the nineteenth century, had enjoyed a modest celebrity. As the marble tablet in the interior of the library informed its infrequent visitors, he had possessed marked literary gifts, written a series of papers called "The Recluse of Eagle Range," enjoyed the acquaintance of Washington Irving and Fitz-Greene Halleck, and been cut off in his flower by a fever contracted in Italy. Such had been the sole link between North Dormer and literature, a link piously commemorated by the erection of the monument where Charity Royall, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, sat at her desk under a freckled steel engraving of the deceased author, and wondered if he felt any deader in his grave than she did in his library." - Author: Edith Wharton

Quotes About Mint Green

"But usually not. Usually she thinks of the path to his house, whether deer had eaten the tops of the fiddleheads, why they dont eat the peppermint saprophytes sprouting along the creek; or she visualizes the approach to the cabin, its large windows, the fuchsias in front of it where Annas hummingbirds always hover with dirty green plumage and jeweled throats. Sometimes she thinks about her dream, the one in which her mother wakes up with no hands. The cabin smells of oil paint, but also of pine. The painters touch is sexual and not sexual, as she herself is....When the memory of that time came to her, it was touched by strangeness because it formed no pattern with the other events in her life. It lay in her memory like one piece of broken tile, salmon-coloured or the deep green of wet leaves, beautiful in itself but unusable in the design she was making" - Author: Robert Hass

Quotes About Paraphrase

"Where commerce and capitalism are invloved, often times, morality and honor sink to the bottom-Oliver Goldsmith paraphrased" - Author: Oliver Goldsmith

Quotes About Despair And Hope

"The response to war is to live like brothers and sisters. The response to injustice is to share. The response to despair is a limitless trust and hope. The response to prejudice and hatred is forgiveness. To work for community is to work for humanity. To work for peace is to work for a true political solution; it is to work for the Kingdom of God. It is to work to enable every one to live and taste the secret joys of the human person united to the eternal." - Author: Jean Vanier

Quotes About Laughter And Family

"She seemed to know, to accept, to welcome her position, the citadel of the family, the strong place that could not be taken. And since old Tom and the children could not know hurt or fear unless she acknowledged hurt or fear, she had practiced denying them in herself. And since, when a joyful thing happened, they looked to see whether joy was on her, it was her habit to build laughter out of inadequate materials....She seemed to know that if she swayed the family shook, and if she ever deeply wavered or despaired the family would fall." - Author: John Steinbeck

Quotes About Adolescencia

"El objetivo de su vida, desde su adolescencia, es el placer con las mujeres, que da y recibe, no con indulgente ligereza sino con el orgulloso poder de un gallo de buen plumaje en un corral de gallinas. De esta satisfecha plenitud derivan todos los cardes secundarios de su vida: amistad con los hombres, humor rudo y directo, amor a la buena mesa y a la buena bebida, al juego, a su coche, a su radio, a todo cuanto posee y lleva por ello la impronta orgulloso del sembrador. Valora las mujeres al primer vistazo, las clasifica sexualmente y les dedica la sonrisa justa." - Author: Tennessee Williams

Quotes About Loving

"Somewhere in the heart of experience there is an order and a coherence which we might purprise if we were attentive enough, loving enough, or patient enough." - Author: Lawrence Durrell