[As A Child I Was The Best Tree Climber In Our Neighbourhood, I Was Like A Little Monkey. I've Never Been Afraid Of Hurting Myself Or A Little Physical Discomfort.]

Author: Rachel Weisz Quotes

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Julia Devlin Quotes

"The thing is, how do you expect to fuck dirty if you cant even talk it?"

Kara Lindsay Quotes

"I loved Judy Garland. I thought she was such a classic beauty. I thought she was so endearing and charming, and I loved her voice. She was such a dreamer, and I think I was, too - and I am."

John Jordan Jordan Vineyard Winery Quotes

"People of balance age as gracefully as wines of balance."

Amanda Browning Quotes

"You stupid, conceited fool! You know nothing! Youre like a child, blind to everything but its own empty stomach! Well, grow up, Carl, and join the real world. Until you do, for Gods sake leave me be!"

Loren Cunningham Quotes

"To know God and to make Him known."

Adam Kinzinger Quotes

"Americans in general have a lot of compassion, we just dont always have the same view of how that compassion is implemented."

Hiroyuki Sanada Quotes

"Its hard for me to perform in English."

Nin Quotes

"Enriched vocabularies someone had (and used) are produced by a boundless wondrous mind. Sometime with a non mediocre experience also."

Rosa Sophia Quotes

"I was compared to Charles Bukowski yesterday. It was the best and worst compliment Ive ever gotten."

Wood Harris Quotes

"If you overdo something, you end up typecast. You always have to expand."

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Quotes About Treating Patients

"Back in the 1970s, dissidents in the Soviet Union were often hospitalized in mental institutions and given drugs similar to the ones used to treat depression today. The reasoning was that you had to be insane to be unhappy in the Socialist Workers Utopia. When the people treating depression receive status and prestige from the very system that their patients are unhappy with, they are unlikely to affirm the basic validity of the patients withdrawal from life. "The system has to be sound -- after all, it validates my professional status -- therefore the problem must be with you." - Author: Charles Eisenstein

Quotes About Catechesis

"As well as being essential to theological study, philosophy is an indispensable tool for communicating theology, for evangelization and catechesis. A faith based on how warm and comfortable you feel and how "affirmed" you are by your community is pleasant, but there is no guarantee that it is true. Fides et ratio make clear that philosophys central tasks are to justify our grasp of reality, of truth, and to make cogent suggestions as to lifes true meaning. Being able to say something compelling on these topics -- reality, truth, and lifes meaning -- is critical in winning young and old alike to the faith. A theology that incorporates philosophys work in these areas will be faithful to the teaching of the Church and able to stand up to the most rigorous secular arguments and the ideologies of the age." - Author: George Cardinal Pell

Quotes About Tamo

"É o que faz a mente humana, descobre provas para apoiar aquilo em que acreditamos." - Author: Dorothy Koomson

Quotes About Enjoy Every Moment

"It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create her wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. It was such an incredible honor to be asked, and I am so proud of what we and the Alexander McQueen team have created." - Author: Sarah Burton

Quotes About Blindness And Sight

"Tilting her face back, he looked into her eyes. They were unfocused, unable to settle on his face. And the same terrifying feeling stole over him once again. An acute fear—a final, painful realization—that her world was one of utter blackness. At last he realized the magnitudeof her blindness. He couldnt imagine never seeing her again.It was like a death, the inevitable conclusion when someone was gone. Why it should hit him now, after all these years, he could not fathom, but it was there, and finally he understood her private hell. Hed told her he would die without sight. Selfish, arrogant bastard, concernedwith his own needs, his own perversions to watchhimself pleasure her, to study her as she accepted him, to watch their bodies joined. How carelessly he had said that, not thinking of Elizabeth and what she would die for. What she wanted in this life." - Author: Charlotte Featherstone

Quotes About Starting A New Month

"-BDB on the board-VAMPIRES WITH ONE EYEBROW ARE SEXYMay 8, 2006Vishous (Back in the Pit, posting in Rhages room on the board)Hi! My name is Rhage.....:)Im starting a new trend in facial hair. Having one eyebrow is COOL.Having one eyebrow is SEXY.Having one eyebrow is very INTELLECTUAL.Come. Join me. Rhage: (In his bedroom) 1. He immobilized me, the motherfucker. Or I woud have gone to work on the goatee. AND IF HE WERE SO TOUGH HE WOULDNT HAVE HAD TO PUT A WHAMMY ON MY ASS TO GET AT ME.2. My hair grows back VERY fast. I should be BACK TO NORMAL in a couple of days. 3. Even if it takes me the rest of this month...he has SO got it coming for him. Vishous: Rhage! What happened to your eyebrow?Why...its gone.Did you slip while you were shaving?Hey....lemme ask you something...Does your head feel off-kilter? You know, heavier on one side?" - Author: J.R. Ward

Quotes About Defunct

"Filozofia lui Schopenhauer remarcă iraționalitatea voinței, ce trebuie anihilată, pentru a ajunge la liniște și satisfacție. La fel ca filozofia de tinerețe a lui Nietzsche sau ca eseistica lui Cioran, ea pote fi interpretată ca o pledoarie pentru moarte: «Viața este o sarcină ce trebuie îndeplinită. Este un lucru bun să zicem defunctus est: înseamnă că omul și-a îndeplinit sarcina. [...] De fapt, convingerea că lumea și omul sunt lucruri care mai bine nu existau, sunt constatări care ne trezesc indulgența față de ceilalți.»" - Author: Ştefan Bolea

Quotes About Self Taught

"I celebrate myself," the poet Walt Whitman wrote. The thought is so delicious it is almost obscene. Imagine the joy that would come with celebrating the self — our achievements, our experiences, our existence. Imagine what it would be like to look into the mirror and say, as God taught us, "Thats good." - Author: Joan D. Chittister

Quotes About Losing Yourself In Art

"I think youre the kind of man a girl can count on. You just cant let go of losing your family. You cant let yourself love because you think your heart cant handle it . . . that something bad will happen. But youre wrong. Its true . . . grief is the price for love. But hearts are made to mend. Christ can do wonders with a broken heart, if given all the pieces." - Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher

Quotes About Collapse Of Society

"The West is a civilization that has survived all the prophecies of its collapse with a singular stratagem. Just as the bourgeoisie had to deny itself as a class in order to permit the bourgeoisification of society as a whole, from the worker to the baron; just as capital had to sacrifice itself as a wage relation in order to impose itself as a social relation—becoming cultural capital and health capital in addition to finance capital; just as Christianity had to sacrifice itself as a religion in order to survive as an affective structure—as a vague injunction to humility, compassion, and weakness; so the West has sacrificed itself as a particular civilization in order to impose itself as a universal culture. The operation can be summarized like this: an entity in its death throes sacrifices itself as a content in order to survive as a form." - Author: The Invisible Committee