[As An Actor, I Never Go Back And Look At My Work, Anyway. The Satisfaction Comes In The Doing.]

Author: Hart Bochner Quotes

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Adria J Cimino Quotes

"Life is mundane without the new and unexpected. I guess that has been and continues to be my downfall... Im constantly searching…"

Sydney Smith Quotes

"The thing about performance, even if its only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities."

Tom Skerritt Quotes

"Im currently trying to direct my own material."

Lourd Ernest H De Veyra Quotes

"Show me a filthy public restroom and Ill show you a society where discipline and order have broken down."

Yehudi Menuhin Quotes

"Peace may sound simple - one beautiful word - but it requires everything we have, every quality, every strength, every dream, every high ideal."

Barbara Park Quotes

"Yeah, but what does that even mean... heaven? Because see, I need to be able to put him somewhere, Zo. In my head, I mean. I need to be able to close my eyes and picture him and know hes okay. And just saying the word heaven doesnt help that much. Because like what is heaven, exactly? And where is it? And what do you do there?"

Maureen Rose Muldoon Quotes

"In order to grow you have to let go of all that you are and all that you know."

Bethenny Frankel Quotes

"If they hurt you, you dont need them in your life," he said. "Family is about love, not blood."

Joan Greenwood Quotes

"We used to wash our hair in buckets and survive on toasted sandwiches, chocolates and soup."

Marion Tucker Quotes

"He doesnt look like the kind of person that could kill anyone? She thought. - Immortal Door"

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Quotes About Perplexing

"I know so many words. Its perplexing to come across so many I dont." - Author: Emily Murdoch

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"If God places a child before you, and you are too busy to wield either a positive or negative influence...you just did the later! You communicated that the child doesnt matter and isnt important." - Author: Wess Stafford

Quotes About Work And Personal Life

"Oh that God would give every mother a vision of the glory and splendor of the work that is given to her when a babe is place in her bosom to be nursed and trained! Could she have but one glimpse in to the future of that life as it reaches on into eternity; could she look into its soul to see its possibilities; could she be made to understand her own personal responsibility for the training of this child, for the development of its life, and for its destiny,--she would see that in all Gods world there is no other work so noble and so worthy of her best powers, and she would commit to no others hands the sacred and holy trust given to her." - Author: J.R. Miller

Quotes About Feeling Insulted

"Women have an extraordinary ability to withdraw from the sexual relationship, to immunize themselves against it, in such a way that their men can be left feeling let down and insulted without having anything tangible to complain of." - Author: Doris Lessing

Quotes About Idealization

"Frequently avoidance of the present leads to idealization of the future... When an event does not live up to your expectations you can get out of the depression by idealizing again. Do not let this vicious circle become your life-style. Interrupt it now with some strategic present-moment fulfillment." - Author: Wayne W. Dyer

Quotes About Life Going To Hell

"Ive never been so scared in my life. I thought that shark was going to eat you."TJ hugged me, resting his chin on the top of my head. "It didnt though.""Were going to eat him now, arent we?" I asked."Oh, hell yes," he said, a big grin on his face." - Author: Tracey Garvis Graves

Quotes About Battle Of Gettysburg

"Ive been a soldier all my life. Ive fought from the ranks on up, you know my service. But sir, I must tell you now, I believe this attack will fail. No 15,000 men ever made could take that ridge. Its a distance of more than a mile, over open ground. When the men come out of the trees, they will be under fire from Yankee artillery from all over the field. And those are Hancocks boys! And now, they have the stone wall like we did at Fredericksburg. - Lieutenant General James Longstreet to General Robert E. Lee after the initial Confederate victories on day one of the Battle of Gettysburg." - Author: Michael Shaara

Quotes About People Hurting You Tumblr

"There is quite enough sorrow and shame and suffering and baseness in real life and there is no need for meeting it unnecessarily in fiction. As Police Commissioner it was my duty to deal with all kinds of squalid misery and hideous and unspeakable infamy, and I should have been worse than a coward if I had shrunk from doing what was necessary; but there would have been no use whatever in my reading novels detailing all this misery and squalor and crime, or at least in reading them as a steady thing. Now and then there is a powerful but sad story which really is interesting and which really does good; but normally the books which do good and the books which healthy people find interesting are those which are not in the least of the sugar-candy variety, but which, while portraying foulness and suffering when they must be portrayed, yet have a joyous as well as a noble side." - Author: Theodore Roosevelt

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"Having two-faced friends is like keeping a crap in your life." - Author: jhinang

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"Chill, sister golden hair." -Brian" - Author: Megan Hart