[As An Actor, You Generally Don't Get To Choose What Projects You Are Part Of, So I've Been Very Fortunate That 'The Book Of Mormon' Was Something I Got To Be Part Of. I Don't Want To Be Lofty, But It Was Groundbreaking, In Many Ways, For Musical Theater, So That Was Really Thrilling To Be Part Of.]

Author: Andrew Rannells Quotes

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John Bartlett Quotes

"I have gathered a posy of other mens flowers and nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own."

Edward Gorey Quotes

"Books, Cats, Life is Good."

Christopher Seufert Quotes

"AuthorZoom- You do the writing, let us do the rest."

Aaron Levie Quotes

"Its unfortunate biologically we have to sleep."

George Saintsbury Quotes

"But the eighteenth century, on the whole, loathed melancholy."

Kate Forsyth Quotes

"Words. I had always loved them. I collected them, like I had collected pretty stones as a child. I liked to roll words over my tongue like a lump of molten honeycomb, savouring the sweetness, the crackle, the crunch."

Amunhotep El Bey Quotes

"In my book an erection constitutes personal growth."

Joseph Fielding Smith Quotes

"Faith has not increased in the world, nor has righteousness, nor obedience to God. What the world needs today is to draw nearer to the Lord. We need more humble, abiding faith in our Redeemer, more love in our hearts for our Eternal Father and for our fellow men. We live in a wonderful age. The great inventions of our day exceed what was known in all former ages. Unfortunately these inventions have failed to bring men nearer to God"

Monique Coleman Quotes

"When I get recognized, every time feels like the first time."

Moira Katson Quotes

"The Duke would later name me a Shadow, and after his naming, life itself wore me away to make his words true. I have been a Shadow for years upon years now. And yet, I think if I were to trace back to the moment I started to fade away from the world, it would not be when I began my training, or when I first killed, or when I first spied upon my King. It would be the moment that I looked around myself, in that cold mountain village, and realized that I might never have been born and no one would ever have missed me."

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"The calming sea reaches out to me. Inviting me to its pure serenity."-Elizabeths Quotes (inspired by a Pablo Neruda quote "I need the sea because it teaches me.")" - Author: Elizabeth E. Castillo

Quotes About Not Responding To Drama

"From the happy-go-lucky days of oil exploration and drilling, when a lot of easy sources were being found and easily managed, were gotten ourselves into this sort of apocalyptic time. Were willing to destroy almost everything, risk almost anything, and go ahead with techniques for which we have no way of responding to the known problems." - Author: Carl Safina

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"Canada has given us John Candy and Martin Short and Bill Shatner and Lord knows how many other wonderful performers." - Author: Jamie Farr

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"I walked along the side with the spray-painted trees, some in white like a starched chemical snowfall, others painted gold, pink, red, even black. The black tree, about three feet high, looked like it had been burnt. I wondered who would want a black tree, but I knew someone would. There was no limit to the ways in which people could be strange." ~ White Oleander" - Author: Janet Fitch

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"[The maid] went on and on about how you and three casks of wine and three women spent the week before our wedding trying to...you know"--Adrienne muttered an unintelligible word--"your brains out.""To what my brains out?""You know." Adrienne rolled her eyes. "Im afraid I dont. What was that word again?""Adrienne looked at him sharply. Was he teasing her? Were his eyes alight with mischief? That half-smile curving his beautiful mouth could absolutely melt the sheet she was clutching, not to mention her will. "Apparently one of them succeeded, because if you had any brains left youd get out of my sight now," she snapped. "It wasnt three." Hawk swallowed a laugh."No?""It was five.""Adriennes jaw clenched. She held her fingers up again. "Fourth--this will be a marriage in name only. Period.""Casks of wine, I meant.""You are not funny." - Author: Karen Marie Moning

Quotes About College Batchmates

"The first dream I had was just to get a college education. I got through college in three years, taking extra classes in summer school." - Author: Eli Broad

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"Its always fun when youre doing the CGI stuff, to actually get to work with someone who is real, whos there." - Author: Breckin Meyer

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"8. You hate the political buisness of nationality. You hate everything, in politics and art and everything else, that is not genuine and deep and necessary. You dont have time for silly trivial things. You live seriously. You dont go to silly films, even if you want to; you dont read cheap newspapers; you dont listen to trash on the wireless and the telly; you dont waste time talking about nothing. You use your life." - Author: John Fowles

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"Goethe died in 1832. As you know, Goethe was very active in science. In fact, he did some very good scientific work in plant morphology and mineralogy. But he was quite bitter at the way in which many scientists refused to grant him a hearing because he was a poet and therefore, they felt, he couldnt be serious." - Author: Stephen Jay Gould

Quotes About Friends Defending You

"Politically, he was a humanitarian who did know right from left and was trapped uncomfortably between the two. He was constantly defending his Communist friends to his right-wing enemies and his right-wing friends to his Communist enemies, and he was thoroughly detested by both groups, who never defended him to anyone because they thought he was a dope." - Author: Joseph Heller